Living The Good Life

The Bible plainly tells us that:

  • We will be tested and tried.
  • There will be times of struggle, challenge, and difficulty when we must prove our loyalty, devotion, faith, and trust in the Lord.
  • There is an element of burden and work in our Christian walk with the Lord.
  • There are rare individuals (like the Prophet Jeremiah and John the Baptist) who are called into a ministry of ongoing leanness and/or suffering.

But, the message the Bible emphasizes over and over from front to back…is that it is God’s will for His people to predominately enjoy a blessed, happy, peaceful, joyous, successful, and prosperous life: what we can call “the good life“.

So, let’s have a Biblical look at living “the good life” that God wills for us.

Psalms Chapter 29
11 The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

You must be one of God’s people IF you want His strength, peace, and blessings. God must know you…you must know God…you and God must be in a relationship together through Jesus Christ…if you want God’s blessings.

Psalms Chapter 30
4 Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.
5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Hidden away within these scriptures is one of the great secrets of living life as a Christian.  When we live our life according to the principles and commandments given to us across the entirety of the Bible, we garner the favor of the Lord…and when the Lord favors us, He blesses us with the good life.

Psalms Chapter 16
11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

God WILL reveal to us the good path in life…the way of life that is good, wholesome, healthy, blessed, and prosperous…and all we have to do to get access to the goodness and fullness of life that God has for us is to read our Bible and follow the precepts that it reveals to us across its entirety.

Now, let’s go to this: where is joy found at?

It is found in the presence of the Lord!

So, IF there isn’t much joy in my life, then I am not doing a good enough job of dwelling in the presence of the Lord.

Now, I may actually go to church…or to a private place of prayer…but if all I do is dwell upon my fears, doubts, or problems, then I am NOT dwelling in the presence of the Lord!

In other words, I can “ceremonially” or “figuratively” come before the Lord…and mentally and emotionally still be a million miles away from Him.  So, we must understand that ceremony or figurative does NOT get the job done.

Colossians Chapter 3
1 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.
2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

The reason so many people do not have the favor of God in their life…and they therefore do not have the peace, joy, and blessings of the Lord in their life…is because there is not enough of God in their interests and affections.

If I cut God out of my interests and affections, then I can count on God cutting me off from His blessings.

Psalms Chapter 28
5 Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.

Do I want to be destroyed?

Do I want my life to not work very well for me?

Do I want to block myself from the good life?

If yes, then all I have to do is not regard the Lord.

This is the state of countless people…their life is dissatisfying, unfulfilled, and miserable…all because they have no time or regard for the Lord.

The point is, we either harmonize with God’s laws, works, and precepts, or we get to suffer the consequences of NOT being in God’s favor.

2 Peter Chapter 1
2 Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,
3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:
4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

We want grace to cover us…do we not?  We want peace in our life…do we not?

Well, the way we get these things is by increasing and enhancing our knowledge of God.

With just a little bit of observation, one can easily see that people who know just a little bit about God have far less peace in their life than do those people who have diligently sought and developed a deep relationship with God?

To elaborate on that, if you have ever spent any time with a person who “ceremonially” gets saved…who “ceremonially” makes a confession of being a Christian…but they never really go any farther or deeper in the Lord than that…then you have probably noticed that they generally lack contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life.  Consequently, they frequently bury their self in external activities…in an effort to fill the void they feel internally…to the point these external activities become pretty much the entirety of their life.

In contrast, those who continue to progress in their relationship with the Lord tend to enjoy significant contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life.

The point is, the more you know about the Lord…and the more you relate to the Lord, the greater your happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning in life will be.

John Chapter 6
33 For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world.

It is only through Jesus that we are able to receive true life…the good life…both spiritually and naturally.

However, just because God has given something to us…that is, just because God has made something available to us…does not mean that we have actually received it.

It is God’s part to OFFER His good life unto us…but it is OUR part to do what is required of us to actually RECEIVE His good life!

Psalms Chapter 27
1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

The closer I draw to the Lord, the greater my strength will be.  So, if I find myself lacking strength, then I need to draw closer to the Lord.

Deuteronomy Chapter 4
39 Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.
40 Thou shalt keep therefore his statutes, and his commandments, which I command thee this day, that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days upon the earth, which the LORD thy God giveth thee, for ever.

Deuteronomy Chapter 30
19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:
20 That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.

Notice that the scope is bigger than just our own self. The way we live our life not only affect us personally…but it also affects and impacts our children.

So, not only can we block our self from the good life…we can also hinder or block our children from enjoying the good life too.

Now, let’s go to this: there are conditions and requirements that we each are individually responsible for satisfying in order to have access to the good life. In the preceding scriptures, some of these conditions and requirements are spelled out for us:

1. Love the LORD thy God. When a person genuinely and sincerely does just this one thing, it will immediately chart their course of life on a better and upward trajectory.

2. Obey his voice. God’s way is the good way…and so for our own sake…for our own well-being, God directs us to obey His commandments.

3. Cleave unto him. God will not bless us with goodness if we treat Him like a spare tire that we pull out when things go flat in our life. We will block our own self from the good life…and in fact, we set our self up for destruction…if we treat God like a “genie in the sky” who we mostly disregard…except for when we are in trouble and need help…at which point we call out to our “genie” for magical assistance, protection, deliverance, or provision. The fact is, God expects us to be in a relationship with Him that is current and up-to-date day in and day out.

Now, let’s look at another set of conditions and requirements that we are personally responsible for…that we are individually REQUIRED to obey and satisfy: wisdom, instruction, and knowledge.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 7
12 For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

Inside this verse is one of the great secrets to success in our natural life: the wiser we are, the better our life will be!

If we wish to enjoy the good life, then WISDOM is REQUIRED!

Bluntly, the main reason so many people stay stuck in a life of non-success is because they persistently fail to use wisdom in their choices and actions.

Now, it MIGHT be possible for me to be a saved Christian…but if the only thing I ever eat is donuts and candy bars…if the only thing I ever drink is soda pop…or, if I eat like a glutton day in and day out…then pretty soon my life is NOT going to be good…because my physical body will not be good.

Similarly, if I foolishly waste all the money that comes into my possession on lottery tickets…or shallow entertainment…or frivolous things…well, soon enough, I am NOT going to be enjoying the good life…because my financial situation will not be good.

The point is, in order for me to enjoy the good life that God intended for me to enjoy, I MUST exercise wisdom in EVERYTHING that I do in EVERY area and aspect of my life. I MUST be WISE / SMART / INTELLIGENT in what I do and do not do.

Now, what is wisdom? It can be boiled down to following, obeying, and honoring the principles that God has laid out for us in the Bible.

When a person obeys God’s principles that are spelled out across the entirety of the Bible, there are things they will do…and things they will NOT do…all of which puts that person into the good life.

For example, in following Biblical principles, we will be a diligent learner and worker who exercises discretion in every aspect of our life.

As another example, we will move towards people and activities that are clean, good, and wholesome…and avoid people and activities that are sinful, carnal, or destructive.

Just these two items alone can revolutionize a person’s life for the better…and these are just the start of what the Bible reveals to us.

Let’s take a closer look at what a Christian will do…and not do:

Proverbs Chapter 6
23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

Proverbs Chapter 2
10 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;
11 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:

Proverbs Chapter 4
13 Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life.
14 Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.
15 Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.

20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
21 Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.
22 For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.
23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

The question is: Am I obtaining and holding instruction…and honoring that instruction by using it wisely?

Well, the quality of my life answers that question!

There are some people who graduate from high school…and then vow to never crack another book open…or to ever study again…and any person who is foolish enough to have this mindset WILL suffer…they will NOT get to enjoy the good life.

Ephesians Chapter 5
15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

Once again, we are given the message that wisdom is REQUIRED if we want to enjoy the good life!

Now, take note of this…

Psalms Chapter 31
10 For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing: my strength faileth because of mine iniquity, and my bones are consumed.

Iniquity causes a loss of strength!

In other words, when we fail to obey and honor the principles that God lays out plainly and directly for us across the entirety of the Bible…when we disregard God…when we do not maintain a relationship with God through Jesus Christ…when we are unwise…when we choose not to learn…when we do not work…when we are not diligent and disciplined…and so on…then our strength…our goodness…our success…WILL fail.

In conclusion, when we live our life as a wise Christian, we cannot help but put our self into “the good life”…a life of peace, joy, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, meaning, well-being, success, prosperity, and so on.


Following are some additional scriptures that one can consider…

Psalms Chapter 66
8 O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard:
9 Which holdeth our soul in life, and suffereth not our feet to be moved.

Proverbs Chapter 15
24 The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.

2 Corinthians Chapter 3
6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

Deuteronomy Chapter 5
16 Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Job Chapter 33
4 The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.


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How About A Prosperous Swing Upward?

Over and over in His Holy Word to us, God directs us to embrace one particular state of mind…

And yet, in our perverseness, imprudence, irrationality, silliness, and foolishness, we self-generate states of mind that are totally contrary to and opposite of what God tells us to have.

This is particularly odd considering that what we really want more than anything else is the same state of mind that God wants us to have.

When we embrace, have, and hold this God-ordained state of mind, everything in our life becomes well and promising. On the other hand, without this state of mind, we feel unsettled, disconcerted, flustered and our life becomes not-well and not-promising.

I am talking about peace!

Whether they realize it or not, what people are wanting is peace…because when people possess peace, they also have the things that go along with peace: happiness, hope, optimism, faith, courage, strength, joy, and so on.

When a person possesses peace, then no matter how bad their circumstances may actually be, they can move forward with calmness, serenity, tranquility, and optimism. Conversely, when a person does not possess peace, then no matter how good their circumstances may actually be, they stay stuck in agitation, anxiety, worry, fear, tension, distress, and frustration.

Experience and observation has proven to me that the more peace a person possesses, the more successful they will be…and that the less peace a person possesses, the less successful they will be.

Peace attracts!

NON-peace repels!

Now, I am not suggesting that peace is the only determinant of success…but I am saying that possessing peace IS a VERY important aspect of success.

But really, we sort of already knew this, didn’t we? We more or less knew this because every time we read the Gospels, it reverberates in the back of our mind that “peace” was a word that Christ used often. And now, effective immediately, let’s move the inactive concept of peace out of the back halls of our mind…let’s promote it to more than just a word that Christ stated frequently…and let’s make it a state of mind that we LIVE perpetually.

For many, this will probably be a challenge because they are IN THE HABIT of dwelling upon thoughts that produce NON-peace. Listen to people talk for a few minutes…or even a few seconds…and it becomes obvious what their underlying pattern of thought is. As some examples that I frequently hear:

  • I am all alone with nobody on my side.
  • I am not very good at [fill in the blank]. I never have been…I never will be…and that is why I cannot be successful.
  • I can never have my dream because I am unable to afford it.
  • I could never be successful like some people are.
  • I have a desperate need/problem…and nobody will take care of my need/problem for me.
  • I have a great calling for a great ministry…but nobody will give me what I need to establish it.
  • I have no way out of my troubles…and nobody to help me.
  • I just need a break…but nobody will give me a break.
  • I would like to shine for Christ…I would like to have a good ministry…but I have so many problems that are so big that I cannot even get started.

The question is, how much peace do you think a person looping and maximizing one of these thought-patterns is going to possess? The obvious answer is, little to none!

I have encountered many people who have BURIED their own self in a graveyard of THOUGHTS about what they do not have…what they cannot do…and what is wrong in their life. They are like Legion crying amongst the tombs (Mark 5, Luke 8)…they are people who have forsaken and rejected peace…the “way of peace have they not known” (Romans 3:17).

Now, I am absolutely talking about peace here…but I want to make a couple of important points relative to the above-listed thought-patterns.

The first point is this: people who think these non-Biblical kinds of thought-patterns are SENTENCING their own self to the very conditions and circumstances they do not want…confirmable by MANY, MANY scriptures including this one: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

These people are OBLIGATING God to give them what they do not want…they are OBLIGATING God to hold them in circumstances and conditions that they do not want.

Importantly, whether you realize it or not, you DO have a certain kind of faith…and YOUR faith IS PRODUCING after its kind. It is impossible to not-have faith. You DO have a faith of some kind…and that faith is RELIABLY PRODUCING in your life.

People frequently tell me that they just don’t have faith…but what they do not recognize or understand is that they have DEVOUT faith…ROCK-SOLID faith…POWERFULLY-PRODUCING faith. Lack of faith is NOT the problem. The problem is that they have the wrong kind of faith that IS producing what they do not want.

Over and over again I have encountered individuals whose belief/faith/thought-patterns was along the lines of: “I have a terrible problem…it is [fill in the blank]…and I cannot fix it.” And remarkably, these individuals had been able to support, hold on to, and maintain this same problem beyond anything that was humanly or naturally possible. In the natural, the problem would have LONG AGO dissipated or resolved itself…except these people’s faith was obligating God to hold the problem firmly in place…and yet, they were trying to convince me that they did not have any faith.

Again, the problem was NOT that they did not have faith. The problem was that they had TOO MUCH of the WRONG KIND of faith.

As it applies to you, what kind of faith is your faith?

You absolutely, infallibly have faith…it’s just a question of what TYPE of faith is it?

How are you using your faith?

What are you using your faith to produce in your life and in the lives of others?

Is your faith producing what you want?

Are you using your faith to hold on to problems…or, are you using your faith to see and manifest solutions and blessings?

As you consider these questions, is it perhaps time for you to upgrade and improve the kind of faith that you have and use…so that you can produce more desirable, more enjoyable things in your life and in the lives of others?

Okay…I am still talking about peace…and now, let’s delve into the second point I want to make…

In the list of thought-patterns above, notice how many of these people had FOOLISHLY placed the resolution of their problems, their well-being, and their success into the hands of “somebody else”. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to fix their problems. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to take care of their challenges and their issues for them. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to pick them up and set them onto the path of success.

But here is the thing: if these people do not care about their own problems enough to seriously get up and fix them, then why should anyone else care about them any more than they do? If a person does not care about their own issues enough to get up and constructively do something about them until they are conquered and resolved, then there is no reason for anyone else to care about that person’s issues either. The Bible certainly backs this up. For example, “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

More to the point, how much peace can a person have if they have abdicated responsibility for their own issues? How much peace can a person have if they placed their well-being into the hands of other people? How much peace can a person have if they are stuck waiting in dependency upon someone else? Well again, the obvious answer is little to none!

The Bible plainly tells us: “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil” (Proverbs 16:17). Bluntly, what that means is that IF a person is in a bad situation, then it is time for them to personally put learning, work, and perseverance into “departing” from the “evil” issues in their life.

If you want the same point in different terms, then consider this: “glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good” (Romans 2:10).

Now, we talk of “having” peace…but in reality, peace is NOT something you just “have”. In life, there are certain things that we “have”…and there are things we must “appropriate”. As I described above, faith is something you just “have”…and the only question is one of HOW you are using that faith…of whether you are using your faith for good, bad, or indifference. But, peace is different. Peace is one of those things that we must appropriate…meaning that peace is something we must consciously, purposely take, acquire, seize, and hold for our own use and benefit.

Of course, we sort of already know this because we are all familiar with the scripture that says: “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Similarly, Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “Thou [God] will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

But, are we actively doing what we know to do?

Well, that leads us to this truth: each person HAS DECIDED whether he or she wants the joys and benefits of peace…or if he or she wants to take pleasure in NON-peace.

Huh? What’s that?

That’s right…I said exactly what I meant. There are people who take pleasure in NON-peace. They like the pleasure of attention that their focus on their problems brings them. They like the pleasure of pity directed at them as a result of their troubles. They like the pleasure of emotionally working themselves up into a negative frenzy. They like the pleasure of negative drama stewed up between their self and others.

These people say they want peace…but they are unwilling to let go of their NON-peace “pleasures”.

However, when we become ready for the far-superior pleasures and benefits of peace, we each possess the God-given power to CHANGE our decision and to possess peace instead of non-peace. It is simply a matter of whether we really want to or not.

My advice is choose peace. My advice is appropriate peace. My advice is develop the habit of living in a state of peace. My advice is that in all things…in every area of your life…go for peace…go to peace…go in peace…stay with peace.

Of course, this is the same advice that the Apostle Paul gave us a long time ago: “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace” (Romans 14:19).

My peace I give you“, Jesus tells us. He continues on to say, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27) Jesus GIVES us the opportunity and possibility of possessing His gift of peace. But, we are not required or forced to accept or receive His gift of peace. Again, it is our choice to make.

In order to possess peace, diligence and discipline are required: “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)  Diligence and discipline are required…but the rewards and benefits are well worth it.

Again and again in the Gospels, we read that Jesus “held his peace“. This does NOT mean that He was sitting or standing in silence while negative thoughts ran through his mind. It means literally that He silently HELD his mind on God-thoughts…He HELD his mind on positive faith. Christ understood that He had a purpose and a direction…and He did not allow anything to sway Him from the state of mind that He needed to possess in order to fulfill his purpose and move forward in His direction.

Similarly, again and again, as we read of the miracles of Christ, we find that “peace” was a significant part of the equation. “Peace be still“, “go in peace“, and “peace be with you” were key decrees that corresponded with many miracles.

By appropriating peace…and by possessing peace as your dominant state of mind, you eliminate all possible failure from your life…and the ONLY remaining option is a prosperous swing upward. Sure, troubles and trials may arise…but with peace…you will come through those troubles and trials all the better off for having gone through them.

And, if you cannot seem to muster up the ability to appropriate and possess peace, then bluntly, that means you have given too much space within yourself to the “lusts of the flesh”…to the negative thoughts that produce negative emotions…all of which produces NON-action…and not enough space to proper, Biblically-based, Godly thoughts…which produce good-action. (Acts 10:36)

I’ll close with this…

LORD, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.” (Isaiah 26:12)

Isn’t that a marvelous, beautiful, encouraging verse?

The Lord HAS ordained peace for YOU!  God WANTS you to HAVE peace.  And, good works and good outcomes ARE within you…because God PUT them there!  That means no matter who you are…where you are at…or what you have or do not have…you DO have the ability to learn, work, create, produce, and deliver something that is good, beneficial, useful, helpful, and valuable…which means you have the ability to manifest the blessings and success in YOUR life that God has placed within you.

YOU are like the MIGHTY acorn…everything needed to become a great and MIGHTY oak tree is contained within that acorn…and everything needed to become a great and mighty person for God and for good is contained within you…and all you have to do is IMPLANT yourself with thoughts of peace…with thoughts of goodness and blessings…and start learning and working towards delivering something of value, benefit, or service to some person or group of people.

Of course, before that can happen, you will have to STOP looping NON-peaceful thoughts…you will have to let go of all your NON-peace “pleasures”.  But, the peace and blessings that start coming to you will be well worth stopping and letting go of NON-peace.  I promise you.  More importantly, God’s Word promises you!


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Considerations for 2013


You are to be commended for all the good that you have done … for opening yourself up to be a channel of God’s good and God’s blessings through you … over the course of the past year.

You are to be commended for having impacted certain people in a positive, up-lifting, and encouraging way.  Those people NEEDED that positive impact from you.  They REALLY needed it.  And God’s Spirit flowing through you … and you purposely being your best and most-developed self … enabled you to make that much-needed impact upon them.

You are to be commended for all the positive influences you have had in other people’s lives.  There were people who were going in a direction that was not good for them … but the love of God flowing through you … and your kindness, compassion, consideration, and care for them influenced them in such a way that they changed and began to move in a better direction.

You are to be commended for the important lessons you learned over the past year.  It was smart of you to look back over your successes and your failures … to look back over the good and the bad … and extract out the important lessons … so that you can carry them forward into the next year and use them in a way that makes the rest of your life … and the lives of those you interact with … better.

You are to be commended for all that you achieved and accomplished over the past year.  Achievement and accomplishment does not happen by accident.  It ALWAYS happens as a result of a person doing certain things on purpose.

You are to be commended for all the good choices and decisions you made … and for all the good consequences that have come and will come into your life as a result.

Now, let’s ask ourselves some personal questions and see if we can spot any opportunities for greater good in our lives…


Was 2012 more or less the same as 2011 … which was more or less the same as 2010 … which was more or less like 2009 … and so on?

These are the years of my life.  Am I satisfied with them?

Are they meaningful years?

Do I want more years just like them?

Are they years of growth, development, increase, and value?

Or, are they years of sameness, stagnation, and mediocrity?

To chart a trend, one only needs three “data points”.  What kind of “trend” does the last three years of my life chart?

And, if the trend stays the same, what are the next three years likely to hold for me?

Now, if after considering these questions I feel pleased with how my life’s journey is progressing, then I can acknowledge and appreciate that.

On the other hand, if after considering these questions I feel displeasure over the lack of progress in my life’s journey, then I must ask myself, “When and how will I decide to do things differently and better so that I can get different and better outcomes and results?

When will I make the commitment to invest the effort needed to make a real change in direction?”


The pattern of my life is a function of my meaningful learning’s, my meaningful efforts, my meaningful people-connections, and my meaningful value-offerings.

What have I learned in 2012 that was meaningful?

What effort have I invested in 2012 that was meaningful?

What meaningful people-connections have I earned, developed, and fostered?

What meaningful value-offerings have I created and presented to the world?


I have spent a LOT of money this year.  But the question is, what do I have to show for it?

Here’s another question … how much of that money was an investment in developing myself, my spouse, and/or my children in a meaningful way?

People who do well in life are continuously expanding and increasing what they are aware of, what they know about, what they can do, and the value they can provide.

People who do poorly in life rarely ever expand their awareness in a meaningful way, they rarely learning anything new that’s significant or meaningful, and they rarely offer anything of value to other people.


Time and life are irrevocably linked.  To value my time is to value my life.  To use my time wisely is to bless my life.

Here is an important question…How much of my time … how much of my life … have I wasted creating nothing and earning nothing … while WANTING those to who have created and earned … those who have learned and worked … to give to me?

The strategy of letting other people do the learning and work … of letting other people do the creating and earning … while WANTING them to give THEIR REWARDS to me … is a strategy that will keep me in a state of UNHAPPY WANT.


How well have I nurtured and protected my ability to influence others for God and for good?

There is a way to interact with other people that positions me so I can influence them for good … and there is a way to interact with them that destroys my ability to influence them for good.

If I choose to be the kind of person who holds no influence in the lives of other people … if I choose to live and operate at that level … then I render myself ineffective and I block myself from much good.


When I look at the overall message God conveys to His people in the Bible, I understand that He wants me to be in right relationship with Him.  He wants me to love people.  He wants me to be full of good works and right deeds.  He wants me to be in good health.  And, He wants me to prosper.  The little book of 3 John gives me an excellent synopsis of this truth.

What this means is that God does not want me living a restricted, constricted, limited, ineffective, or non-productive life that is non-fruitful or less than my best before God and man.

The fact is, God WANTS me to be fruitful and prosperous … both in relation to Him and in relation to humankind.

Those who loved me before they passed on … and those who love me now … do not want me living a restricted, constricted, limited, ineffective, non-productive life that is less than the very best that is possible for me.  Actually, they want the very best for me in every area of my life.

And certainly, those who follow along after me in my footsteps do not deserve the harm that would come to them if I were to live my life in a non-fruitful way that is less than my best before God and humankind.

So, in what ways have I been limiting myself?

HOW have I been limiting myself?

What constraints and limitations have I accepted that really do not exist anywhere except in my own mind?

What possibilities have I blocked out of my life because of how I represent things in my mind?

How am I imposing constraints and limitations upon myself that imprison me and hold me back from the greater good that should be a part of my life?

How much good are these self-defined, self-imposed, and/or accepted-from-others limitations costing me personally … and all the others that I love and care about?

What do I need to begin doing differently?

What needs to change so that I am no longer limiting myself?

Also, is there anybody in my life who I have been letting hinder and limit me?

Have I been letting the mindset and behavior of another person hold me back?

If yes, when will I stop giving this other person power over my life and define a new interaction with them that serves me better?


What am I doing that is affecting me adversely?

How am I doing things such that I am costing myself much good?

How am I behaving and operating such that I am blocking myself from the greater good that I want and desire?

Do I like costing myself good so much so that I choose to continue on as I have been?

Or, would I rather have greater good in my life to the point I choose to make the necessary changes?


It’s easy to go through life seeking entertainment and recreation while procrastinating on (or even avoiding) that which is important, meaningful, significant, and life-impacting.

Certainly, entertainment and recreation is needful if one is to be balanced and healthy … but a good thing over-extended … too much of a good thing … becomes unhealthy and destructive.

So, how much of my time, energy, and effort is devoted towards entertainment and recreation … and how much of my time, energy, and effort is devoted towards creating good, providing value, and making a positive difference in people’s lives?

These are important questions because I don’t want to be one of those people who spend and waste their prime years in the pursuit of entertainment and recreation.


How much of my time, energy, effort, and resources am I devoting towards trying to gain the recognition, attention, and approval of certain other people?

When am I going to realize that it is pointless, fruitless, meaningless, and detrimental to live my life in this way?

When am I going to stop giving away my life to other people?

God truly has a purpose for me … He purposely put me on this earth to do certain good works … to affect certain people in a good way … and if I am living my life trying to do what other people assert is right for me … instead of what I know is right between me and God … then I am thwarting God’s plan for my life … and that is NOT a good thing to do.


How, when, and where am I going to develop and foster new win-win, mutually-beneficial relationships?

How, when, and where am I going to contribute to other people’s lives so that other people are inspired to contribute to my life?

How, when, and where am I going to develop and foster new relationships where all of us are encouraged, inspired, and uplifted on a spiritual level, on a financial level, on a health level, and so on?

Here’s a way to find the gaps in my relationships so I know where I need to developing and fostering…

If I had to have 5 people who could and would willingly, enthusiastically, and authoritatively endorse me and vouch for me on a spiritual level, who would those five people be?

If I had to have 5 people who could and would willingly, enthusiastically, and authoritatively endorse me and vouch for me on a business level, who would those five people be?

If I had to have 5 people who could and would willingly, enthusiastically, and authoritatively endorse me and vouch for me on a health level, who would those five people be?

If I do not have at least 5 such people in each of the important areas of my life, then that is a major limiting factor in my life that shows and proves I am not providing sufficient value in other people’s lives … and if I want greater blessings in my life, then I must provide greater value to many people which will in turn attract those key, high-quality, high-value people into harmony with me.


Positive, significant, meaningful, and important experiences with other people are always more valuable and enjoyable than are mere possessions or assets.

There is zero happiness in having and hoarding money and other material possessions.  But, happiness and satisfaction is released when money and material possessions are used and shared for good with people I care about and who care about me.

So, as I go into the next year, what experiences do I want to have with other people?

Who will I use and share my money and assets with so that joy, happiness, and satisfaction is released in my life and theirs?

Having said this, resentment comes from giving to or sharing with those who choose to be users, takers, moochers, and beggars for no legitimate reason.  The ONLY thing one should offer to such people is the opportunity to EARN.


I do not watch others participate in life and wish I could win like they do.   Instead, I am an ongoing learner so I can participate and win.  I am an ongoing worker so I can participate and win.

To participate is to win. To not participate is to lose. That is why I participate … that is why I continuously ratchet up my skill by learning from everything … that is why I ratchet up my value by working intelligently and diligently … I am participating UNTIL I DO win.

I realize that many of the good feelings desired by the masses are on the other side of learning and working … and unlike some, I am willing to learn and work … which is why I enjoy many satisfying feelings.

Similarly, many of the possessions and experiences that the masses wish to enjoy in life are on the other side of learning and working … and my willingness to learn and work is precisely why I enjoy many wonderful possessions and experiences.

Those who are not happy … those who have not … those who are failing and losing in life will think I am weird and crazy for learning and working … and they will be quick to let me know what they think.  But, I pay them no mind because their results are NOT the results I want.  I want different and better results … which means I willingly do what they are not willing to do … and I purposely do what they disdain doing.

Of course, those who fail and lose in life “say” that they “work”.  But a closer analysis of their “work” reveals that they are like a disconnected windmill … the fan blades are turning … sometimes they are REALLY turning … but nothing much is happening in terms of producing something of value.


As I go into 2013, let me keep the following modified quotations in mind:

“I choose to keep a green tree in my heart so that I will always be able to enjoy the cool shade it creates and the music of the songbirds it attracts.”

“Some people will love me for who I am while others will hate me for the same reason.  So, I choose to be all that I can be so that those who love me have even more to love me for … and those who hate me will have even more to hate me for.”

“This is the beginning of a new day and a new year.  I have been given this day and this year to use as I will.  I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.  What I do this year is important because I am exchanging a year of my life for it.  When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever.  When next year comes, this year will be gone forever.  In its place will be something that I have left behind.  I choose to make it be something good.”

“Every single human being is born with an equally incredible potential to do great and awesome things in their life.  I choose to be one of the few who actually does something incredible and great and awesome.”

“Most people look for what is bad, wrong, or offensive … and they usually find it.  I choose to be one of those few who are different.  I choose to look for … and find … what is good, right, and pleasing.”


How much am I appreciating the people who bring money into my life…whether an employer…or customers…or a spouse?

How much do I SHOW them love and appreciation?

It really is quite amazing how many people will despise, disparage, and vilify those who bring money into their life…and any person who does this should become aware that this is a proven strategy for CAUSING those people to STOP bringing money into their life.

So again, those who bring blessings, resources, money, wisdom, and understanding into my life…how much am I expressing and showing my appreciation and gratitude to them?

Is it enough appreciation and gratitude that they are motivated to continue pouring blessings into my life?


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Make a mind-shift and make this year your best year ever…

We get so focused on what we are trying to get…that we forget about all that we have.

We get so focused on what we want…that we have no appreciation for all the good that is ours to enjoy.

We get so busy…we stay in such a rush…that we have no time to notice the smile of a child…the play of a puppy or kitten…the warmth of sunshine on our face…raindrops dancing on our skin…or the millions of other expressions of goodness and joy that surround us every day of our life.

We get so focused upon irritants…that we ignore all the good.

We loop old negative, unpleasant, unwanted incidents from the past in our mind…making the unpleasant and unwanted real to us again in the present…we give ourselves the “gift” of “enjoying” the unpleasant and unwanted again and again.

We imagine negative, unpleasant, unwanted incidents in the future…and thereby ruin the present…and create even more of that which is unpleasant and unwanted.

We have become very good at using our mind in a way that creates fear, anxiety, depression, and other unwanted feelings…and amazingly, we can create these unwanted feelings within our own self while mostly remaining unaware of how we are using our mind to do this to our own self.

This lack of awareness of what we are doing to our own self based on how we are using our own mind causes us to feel helpless and powerless…when actually, all we need to do is simply become aware of how we are using our mind…and choose and commit to using it in a better, more useful, more enjoyable way.

Thoughts ALWAYS precede feelings…feelings are the persistent after-effect of certain thought-patterns…therefore, good or bad, our feelings tell us HOW we are using our mind.

We need only select useful, enjoyable thought-patterns…and we can enjoy all the useful, empowering, pleasant, and wanted feelings we want.

Similarly, we have become very good at feeling sorry for ourselves…we have become very good at magnifying problems, inconveniences, or challenges…we REALLY know how to focus upon what we don’t have…or what we used to have…we REALLY know how to dwell upon certain disadvantages…so that we can justify ourselves in making foolish choices and decisions in the short-term…that will infallibly have painful, expensive consequences in the long-term…and we react to those self-created consequences by feeling even more sorry for ourselves….and justifying even more foolish choices and decisions…and if we don’t get hold of ourselves mentally and emotionally, we will stay stuck in this downward spiral until our life has become a total disaster.

We perpetually want our circumstances, conditions, and affairs to be different from what they are…creating great frustration and unhappiness within ourselves…and if we don’t purposely and consciously make a change, we will spend a lifetime feeling frustration and unhappiness.

Happiness really is pretty simple…

CHOOSE and COMMIT to not being offended at other people…especially your family and friends.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to ignoring the unpleasant and unwanted…and only give attention, interest, and energy to that which is pleasant and wanted.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to keeping your attention upon that which you appreciate and value…while ignoring that which you do not appreciate and do not value.

That which you give your attention, interest, and energy to GROWS in your life. That which you give no attention, interest, or energy to fades OUT of your life.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to enjoying the process of learning, working, and creating greater good…instead of foolishly wanting to skip the process and jump straight to the greater good.

Every GOOD thing you have ever wanted and obtained was the result of a certain process of RIGHT thinking, acting, operating, working, and learning. Every bad thing that has come into your life was the result of a certain process of poor thinking, poor-acting, poor-operating, non-working (or not-smart-working), and non-learning.

Similarly, everything that you ever will obtain…good or bad…will be the result of a good process…or a bad process…carried out by YOU.

And lastly…and most important of all…

CHOOSE and COMMIT to being in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. ALL happiness, contentment, peace, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaningfulness is dependent upon and stems from us keeping our soul, mind, and body right before God.


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Poverty / Failure Mentality versus Prosperity / Success Mentality

What is the mindset…the mentality…of poverty and failure…and how can we make sure we have the mindset of prosperity and success?

Well, the first “operating characteristic” of someone with a poverty mentality is a perpetual FEAR of shortage and lack of money and other resources.

As I write this, we have an unusually high amount of snow on the ground for our area of the country…but before the snow ever came…as the newscasters were forecasting the snow…you could literally SEE and FEEL the FEAR as people thronged stores and purchased “stuff” in near hysteria…you could literally see the FEAR within them feeding off of the FEAR in other people.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being prepared…but these people were not just getting prepared…they were buying without any reason or rationalism…they were buying as if they would NEVER have access to supplies again.

FEAR was what was driving them. What was evidenced and manifested in response to an abnormal weather forecast is nothing more than an expression of the underlying problem…FEAR of shortage and lack. And, the FEAR response that was easily observed in these shoppers in response to the weather is the same FEAR that these people feel and operate from in the area of money.

This leads us to the next thing…

You would think that with all this FEAR, these people would SAVE and STORE UP a little something so they would have a little “breathing room” financially…so they wouldn’t have to feel that FEAR as strongly.

But they don’t!

Oddly, these people with a poverty mentality spend EVERYTHING they have…and often MORE than they actually have…on something that will give them some form of IMMEDIATE fleshly pleasure and gratification.

They are unwilling to delay even the SMALLEST immediate pleasure for a LARGER pleasure later on. They are unwilling to deny themselves ANY immediate pleasure. IF they can come up with A means by which they can obtain an IMMEDIATE pleasure, then they ARE going to do it.

This is why they live paycheck to paycheck. This IS why this week’s paycheck is gone before next week even gets here.

And actually, that is part of why they feel so much FEAR…they KNOW in their heart-of-hearts that they are NOT being WISE in the LONG-TERM. They KNOW they are not LEARNING wisely…they KNOW they are not WORKING wisely…they KNOW they are not USING RESOURCES wisely…and therefore, FEAR AND GUILT underlies everything they do…which drives them to continue using their resources unwisely so they can feel better NOW…which means their situation keeps on getting worse and worse.

Then, they look around for some person who IS learning wisely, working wisely, and using their resources wisely…and they want THAT person to “bail” them out of their ever worsening “mess” that THEY are creating for themselves.

It is a destructive, unhappy, self-esteem-destroying cycle they keep themselves in.

There’s more…

The Bible tells us, it rains on the just and on the unjust…which means good and bad things happen to EVERYBODY…no matter who you are, what you have, or where you live. But, people with a poverty / failure mentality are “able” to draw TWICE the “bad experiences” into their life as prosperous / successful people.

How do they do that?

It’s easy…they dwell upon…focus upon…and concentrate upon everything “bad” that really HAS happened…and then, they IMAGINE…they FABRICATE IN THEIR MIND…even more “bad” experiences, situations, or events happening to them…which means they get to FEEL the feelings of even more “bad experiences” happening to them…even though it has not (YET) happened in the realm of reality.

Some people are so good at this that they are even “able” to draw THREE TIMES the “bad experiences” into their life by going back into past memories of good experiences, conditions, circumstances or events…and recasting what really happened…so that (in their mind) their situation turned out badly for them instead of good…which means again, they get to FEEL the feelings of even more “bad experiences” happening to them.

What these people don’t realize is that they are literally re-mapping their future to be filled with “bad experiences”. They are “telling” God that they want all the “bad experiences” that they really do not want.

Prosperous / successful people DO NOT use their mind in these negative ways. If something bad REALLY happens in their experience, then they “take their hits” as they continue on learning wisely, working wisely, and using their resources wisely…which means they are mapping a future of greater good to enjoy.

If you are driving on a snow and ice covered road, you KNOW that once you are moving, you better not slow down or stop or you are LIKELY to get STUCK! And that’s how it is in life too…if you slow down or stop when something “bad” happens, well then, you are LIKELY to get STUCK right there where you can spend a LONG TIME dealing with that “bad” thing.

That is why prosperous / successful people keep themselves focused on moving forward, onward, upward, and creating greater good…so they maintain enough “traction” that they never end up STUCK somewhere on the side of life’s road going NOWHERE.

Prosperous / successful people DO NOT spend their money on IMMEDIATE fleshly pleasure and gratification UNLESS they can TRULY afford the luxury of doing so. Instead, they USE money for the greatest LONG-TERM increase and enjoyment — which soon enough puts them in a position where they CAN afford personal luxuries from time to time.

This is why prosperous / successful people are able to enjoy life MORE. IF they DIRECT money into something, it WILL BE money WELL DIRECTED because they KNOW it will produce a POSITIVE RETURN for them in some way that is significant, meaningful, and important to them.

Prosperous / successful people are NOT frivolous with their time, money, or resources. But, people who have the poverty / lack / failure mentality…the people who can LEAST afford it…are the MOST frivolous with their time, money, and resources.

Prosperous / successful people DO NOT operate from a place of FEAR. They KNOW that God WILL supply ALL their need…they KNOW that God WILL provide the opportunities for them to receive THEIR blessings AS THEY DO THEIR PART OF LEARNING WISELY, WORKING WISELY, AND USING THEIR RESOURCES WISELY.

This leads to the next major difference between those who have the poverty / failure mentality and those who have the prosperity / success mentality…

This could be one of the most important concepts I have ever shared with you…

Prosperous / successful people understand that there are DEEP, multi-level impacts, effects, consequences, and reverberations in relation to money and how it is used.

Allow me to illustrate…

People who research such things tell us that the typical American has between $3,000 and $8,000 of credit card debt. These are people who are ALREADY living paycheck to paycheck…they are ALREADY living to the maximum extent of their means…and yet, they have spent THOUSANDS of dollars BEYOND what they can afford.

This raises an important question; what were these THOUSANDS of dollars spent on?

Well, SOME of this money was for some “emergency”…maybe a vehicle needed some major work…or maybe some health problems cropped up…and because these people did not have a RESERVE in place for such an emergency, they were FORCED to BORROW from somebody who DID have a reserve…and they get to pay PAINFULLY for the right to borrow against somebody else’s reserve.

Now, if an unexpected / unplanned emergency arises, and you don’t have the reserve to handle it, then you just do what you’ve got to do.  But having said this, EVERYBODY “knows” that from time to time, “emergency” issues of one kind or another WILL arise in life.  So, would it not be WISE to prepare a reserve or get the insurances so that a person has the means to handle an “emergency” should one arise?

You may not be able to change your position during an emergency — but you certainly can before and after one.  The interesting thing is, the MORE prepared you are for an emergency, the LESS likely they are to happen to you.

But, here is the part that’s most important: MUCH of these thousands of dollars were not needed for some emergency. Rather, they were just spent on “stuff”. Most of these people could NOT give you an account of how the money was SPENT even if their life depended upon it. (In contrast, prosperous / successful people CAN give you an account of how they USED their money.)

They ate out…they bought something that was “on sale”…they took a little trip they couldn’t afford…they bought a relative a gift…and then a friend a gift…they found a special “deal” or “knick-knack” they just had to have…and the next thing they know, they have THOUSANDS of dollars racked up on their credit card.

And now, for the most part, the “stuff” is UNUSED or long gone. The clothes are collecting dust in a closet somewhere…or they have been given away to a charity. The toys are crammed in a box somewhere…or they have already been broken and trashed. For MOST everything that those THOUSANDS of dollars were SPENT on, there is NOTHING left that provides any meaningful value, joy, or satisfaction.

It was money spent for a fleeting moment’s pleasure and gratification…and the moment of pleasure is long gone…but the pain of debt grows worse with each passing month.

Now, if the story ended here, then this would not be such a big deal…but it doesn’t end here. THERE ARE ONGOING REVERBERATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES.

Let’s say a person has $5,000 of debt on their credit card:

  1. Their quality of living is going to go DOWN because now a portion of their “living” money MUST be diverted to covering the INTEREST cost of their $5,000 debt.
  2. The OLD $5,000 is long gone and now a NEW $5,000 must be generated in order repay the OLD $5,000 that is long gone.
  3. Because the NEW $5,000 MUST be used to repay the OLD $5,000 that is long gone, the NEW $5,000 CANNOT be used to create a better, more enjoyable, richer present or future.
  4. And, because the NEW $5,000 dollars could not be used to create a positive return of some kind, the person then loses out on THAT benefit and/or money as well.


A dollar spent on a moment’s worth of gratification can end up costing a person two, three, four, or more dollars by the time the effects, consequences, and reverberations are over with from spending that one dollar.

To illustrate in a simplistic, generalized way, that old $5,000 of credit card debt needed a new $5,000 to pay it off — and we are now at $10,000 — and because that new $5,000 could not be invested in some way to produce a return, we lost out on an additional $5,000 of gain — and what was a mere $5,000 has now become $15,000.  And, it doesn’t end here.  There ARE reverberations that extend well beyond these three levels.

People with a poverty / lack / failure mentality don’t understand this…they aren’t aware of it…and they don’t care to know any differently…they aren’t interested in knowing the consequences of their choices and actions.  They just want to make “feel-good-now” choices and they don’t want to have to deal with consequences.

In contrast, people who have a prosperity / success mentality CLEARLY understand the ongoing effects, consequences, and reverberations of using money and they operate and make decisions accordingly.

This is why the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer.

The poverty / failure mentality says, “It’s ONLY a dollar! What’s the big deal? Lighten up and live a little! Have some fun in life! You only get to live once!

The prosperity / success mentality says, “It’s a dollar…and dollars add up quickly. How I use this IS important because if I use it for ‘A’, then that means I cannot use it for ‘B’ or ‘C’. If I use it for ‘B’ that means I can’t use it for ‘A’ or ‘C’. If I use it for ‘C’, that means I can’t use it for ‘A’ or ‘B’. And, if I use it for ‘A’, what is the long-term cost or gain likely to be? If I use it for ‘B’, what is the long-term cost or gain likely to be? If I use it for ‘C’, what is the long-term cost or gain likely to be?

And, because people with the prosperity / success mentality think this way, they are actually able to experience a much more enjoyable, pleasurable, and satisfying life.


It’s because they have REALLY thought through how they are going to use their money, time, and resources…and the effects, consequences, and reverberations of using their money, time, and resources…which means when they USE their money, time, and resources, it IS going to be in a meaningful, significant, valuable, and important way that REALLY matters over the long-term.

There is plenty more that can be said about what a prosperity / success mentality is and how to have it.  I encourage you to share your thoughts about having a prosperity / success mentality by submitting a comment below.


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God Will UNFAILINGLY Bless Your Future Too!

There is a lot to like about you. There is a lot about you that is impressive.

For instance, the way you live your life by the words that Christ repeated again and again…”Fear not!”

The way you do not let fear overtake or consume you…the way you give no place to fear…the way you reject fear when unwanted news, conditions, or circumstance come your way.

The way you stay relaxed and calm about the few things that are missing in your life…or that are in your life that you don’t want.

The way you just seem to continue working forward…doing your part…while trusting God for His very best blessings in your life.

And, the way you do this really has worked well for you because as you look back at certain times in your life, God has UNDENIABLY blessed you.

Even right now, there are UNDENIABLE blessings in your life…things you can look at and rejoice about.

It may be that you think of your life as a large number of “parking spots” that encircle you…

The Lord is right there in the middle with you…

There are a few “spots” that are “empty” that you would sure like for the Lord to fill up with certain blessings…

There are a few “spots” that have something in them that you don’t want in your life experience…

But, as you broaden your perspective…

As you look beyond those FEW “spots” in your life that are not as you want them to be at this time…

Then, it becomes EASY for you to notice, appreciate, and enjoy the MANY, MANY other “spots” in your life that are already filled up with God’s blessings.

Well, that must be why you don’t let fear overtake you or get you down.

That must be why you seem to always just “know” that God will UNFAILINGLY bless you in your future too.

Yes, there is a lot to like about you. Yes, you are impressive.

Past, present, and future, God’s blessings are always connected to you and your life.

God sees you every day and smiles.

He particularly likes the way you strive to live your life in a way that pleases and honors Him…and as He sees that, He can’t just smile anymore…He breaks out in Hearty laughter!

Can you imagine that? God looking down at you and laughing with pure joy over you…by the way you live your life holy, pleasing, and fearlessly before Him…by the way you maintain full faith in Him?

My friend, all I can say is that you must be some kind of wonderful…you really are amazing and incredible…the kind of person who can easily expect wonderful blessings to CONTINUE flowing into your life in a greater and greater measure.


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How To Become Great

God has a certain wisdom that’s been stirring in your heart for a while…

Allow me to confirm that wisdom for you…

It’s NOT how much you have that makes you happy. And yet, so many people spend huge amounts of time and energy wishing they had more.

It’s NOT how much you get that satisfies. And yet, so many people spend huge amounts of time and energy wishing they could get more.

It’s NOT status and notoriety that fulfills. And yet, so many people spend huge amounts of time and energy wishing they were at a higher level and that more people’s attention was upon them.

It’s NOT having people look up to you with envy that brings joy. And yet, so many people spend huge amounts of time and energy wishing they were in a place of success that other people would envy.

And,  God’s wisdom stirring in your heart tells you plainly that all this “wishing” does you no good…and is in fact a block to you receiving your good.

So you ask: “What is it that does delight my soul?

And again, God’s wisdom in your heart reveals the answer…

It’s what you DO…that in some way makes the world a better place for certain people…and that in some way points those people to Jesus Christ.

You “know” all of this…because it’s God’s wisdom that’s stirring in your heart.

And in your desire to do good, you create much frustration for yourself that really is unnecessary.  Your carnal self rises up…overriding your spiritual self…

…and wants to do your good at a HUGE level…at a level where you have much…where you get much…where you have much status and notoriety…where people look at you with envy…

…and because you are at a level that seems to you to be rather humble and perhaps even meager…you feel very unhappy and frustrated.

But God, in His love and care for you…stirs again His wisdom in your heart…and reminds you…

All is well and all grows better.

Everything is right on time and right on pace with God’s perfect plan for YOUR life.

While it may be true that certain things don’t “feel” all that great right now…”faith” lets you know that God is creating and orchestrating great good RIGHT NOW out of your PRESENT circumstances and conditions.  Time will inevitably prove that your “faith” was the REAL truth.

God’s wisdom in your heart reminds you of Christ’s words in Matthew 25:  “thou hast been faithful over a FEW things,  I WILL MAKE THEE ruler over many things“.

And as you think about these words from Christ to you…you can realize that there’s nothing for you to be fretting about…there’s nothing to be worried about…there’s nothing to be upset or frustrated about.

All you have to do is this: DO whatever you can…right where you are at…with whatever resources you have…to make the world a better place for just one person…and while you are doing that, find some way point to point that person to Jesus Christ…and then do that again for another person…and another…

Soon enough, you WILL look around and find that GOD HAS MADE THEE a RULER over MANY THINGS!

Isn’t it a RELIEF to know that God will do the “heavy lifting” of “making” you great in His Kingdom?

And so, you can just relax now into this new year with complete peace in your heart, total faith and trust in God, and the full confidence to go DO your part.

As you do your part, God WILL do His part.


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Satan’s Oldest, Most Common, Most Reliable Trick…

This trick was first performed in a place you’re familiar with…The Garden of Eden.

This trick is still being performed in a place you’re very familiar with…INSIDE YOUR MIND!

Here are Satan’s specific steps:

1. Bring to your awareness what you DON’T have
2. Suggest that others are AGAINST you

That’s it. Those two little steps don’t look like much, do they? And yet, they work with almost unbelievable effectiveness.

They work so well because IF a person ALLOWS these two notions into their mind, then that person will also LET their mental faculties – faculties such as the imagination and selective recall – work against them…often until it literally destroys them.

Let me make this personal for you…

Specifically, if you permit these two notions to lodge in your mind (rather than outright rejecting them) then YOU will tend to blank out all the blessings and goodness they already have and possess to the point YOU start feeling as if YOU have been deprived of everything that’s good…that others have all the good but YOU’VE been cheated, short-changed, and treated unfairly.

Then, combine that with YOUR ability to “prove” whatever it is that YOU are thinking about…

So, if you are wondering if others really are against you…well, if you walk into a room and people look at you with a smile on their face, then “obviously”, they were talking “bad” about you and you “caught” them…

Or, if they don’t look up at you, then “obviously” they don’t care enough about you to even bother acknowledging you…”clearly”, to these people, not only are you unimportant to them, but they really don’t like you.

Do you see how this trick of Satan’s works?

Satan makes a couple of suggestions and if you aren’t actively managing, disciplining, and keeping your mind spiritual, YOU will begin to distort, generalize, and delete information…and it will eat on you and eat on you…and if you don’t get a grip on yourself, YOU will walk out of relationship and fellowship with God and YOU will destroy YOURSELF.

Let’s consider the Garden of Eden example… (you can read the full account in Genesis chapter 3)

First, Satan merely points out to Eve that she doesn’t get to eat of EVERY tree in the garden…

And with that one point, it doesn’t matter that they are living in a perfect paradise, it doesn’t matter that God himself comes to visit them every evening, it doesn’t even matter how many trees she has to eat from…

There’s that ONE tree that she doesn’t have!

And now, Satan ramps the NEGATIVE BENT that Eve is already on by pointing out something else that she doesn’t have…

She doesn’t have the same position, the same knowledge, the same power, the same wealth as God has…

Now, that just isn’t fair, is it?

And then Satan introduces the second element of his trick…

God is against you Eve…

God doesn’t want you to have everything that He has…

He doesn’t want you to have the benefits and privileges that He as…

He doesn’t want you to have the same glory that He has…

That’s why He doesn’t want you to eat from that ONE tree, Eve.

Eve, God isn’t being fair to you. He’s withholding good from you…

Now, we know good and well that God wasn’t thinking any such thing. We know that God wanted only the very best for Adam and Eve. We know for a fact that God GREATLY loved Adam and Eve. But that didn’t matter because in Eve’s mind, the ONE tree obviously “proved” that God was against her – that God was withholding the very best from her.

And with these suggestions firmly implanted in her mind, Eve did everything else necessary to destroy HERSELF. Unfortunately, she was persuasive enough to also destroy her family.

By accepting, dwelling upon, and ultimately acting upon these two suggestions from Satan – that there was something good she didn’t have and that others were against her – Eve moved herself OUT OF RELATIONSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD and brought great pain, hardship, and harm to herself.

Brother or Sister in Christ, Satan seeks to kill, steal, and destroy in YOUR life.

He seeks to give you these same suggestions too – so that YOU too will move YOURSELF out of relationship and fellowship with God and bring pain, hardship, and harm to yourself.

And so, I admonish you…don’t fall for Satan’s oldest, most common, most reliable trick.

Sure there are things you wish were different right now…

Sure there are things you’d like to have in your possession right now…

And at the same time, right now, at this very moment, you really are ok.

Any problems that you’re facing, God really WILL help you…things really will work out ok…even if you can’t see any possible way right now.

So, whatever you do, don’t let these things you desire come between you and God such that you end up moving out of relationship and fellowship with Him.

God IS for you!

God IS leading you in the way that you should go to profit!

Your good WILL come to you with perfect timing!


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If You’ve Been Feeling A Little Down Lately…

It may be that you have times when you forget all that you have on your side…

And all that you have going for you…

And you start thinking you’re all alone…

That you’re trying to do all this good stuff by yourself…

And nobody is helping you…

Let alone caring about you.

If you’ve found yourself thinking these kinds of thoughts lately, let me remind you; the enemy of all good wants to distract you and get you off course so that you’ll miss out on your good.

Let me also remind you of the REAL TRUTH:

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.” Psalms 18:32

When I was a young man, there was one summer where I worked for an outfit operating heavy equipment – large tractors and bulldozer’s. I can remember being amazed at the incredible power these machines possessed.

All I had to do was wrap my hand around the throttle and give it a small forward movement and whatever was behind my tractor or in front of my dozer was moving – whether it wanted to or not.

And yet, as powerful as that equipment was, it was nothing compared to the power of God and the strength that He ENVELOPES you with, RIGHT NOW.

So implant this firmly in your mind, “It is God that girdeth me with strength”.

And, when you feel like nothing is working, when you feel like you’ve messed everything up, when it feels like everything is wrong and nothing is right…

That’s the absolute BEST time to remind yourself, “[God] maketh my way perfect”.

There’s more I want you to recall…

Thou [God] shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.” Psalms 71:21

Brother or sister, do you realize that God has put GREATNESS in YOU? He installed it in you and now – NO MATTER WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE TO YOU – HE IS INCREASING YOUR GREATNESS.

He just asks that you keep doing your best, that you keep moving forward, that you keep the faith.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself being amazed at all the great things that God is doing through you. And, you’ll enjoy God’s comfort all around you as well as the comfort of wonderful people all around you.

Be encouraged. Things really are better than what you realize.


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When This Happens, Which Way Do You Go?

It can be one of the hardest changes you’ll ever make in yourself…

…the ability to consistently focus on and be grateful for what you do have and what you can do…

…in the midst of so many things that you don’t have, don’t want, and can’t do.

And yet, it’s one of the most critically-important personal changes you’ll ever make.

Let a problem in some area of your life crop up – one that’s big enough to generate emotions within you – be it a financial problem, a relationship problem, a health problem, or any other kind of problem…

And what do you do?

Really, what do you do?

Unsuccessful people tend to promptly forget about all the so many things that ARE good and right in their life and they put all of their focus and energy into feeling bad about the problem that has arisen. And, they tend to stay in this state as long as they possibly can.

You do realize that what you focus on is what you’re believing for more of, don’t you?

That’s why, when a problem crops up in successful people’s lives, they CONSCIOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY begin to focus all of their attention and energy into being grateful for all the things that are right and that are good.

Then, they begin to express their gratefulness for all the options they have. Or, if they can’t yet see any options, then they begin to express their gratefulness for the excellent options that are sure to show up and the wonderful goodness that is certain to come out of this situation…

…which leads them on to curiously imagining and wondering just how many good things could possibly arise from this circumstance they find themselves in and exactly what those good things might be.

Do you see the difference?

One “goes” to the bad and the other “goes” to the good.

Doesn’t that make it blatantly obvious why successful people get far better outcomes in life than do unsuccessful people?

More importantly, can you make the shift in your thinking-focus? Even when it looks bad? Even when emotionally, it hurts?

It’ll make a hugely positive difference in your entire life if you can.


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When you consider the whole, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for…

You know, most people generally categorize their lives into 5 categories:

  1. Financial
  2. Health
  3. Intellectual
  4. Relationships
  5. Spiritual

Now, consider this. If you are like the majority of people, you would like for things to be different in 1 or 2 of these categories…

…and it’s so easy to place a lot of NEGATIVE emphasis on these 1 or 2 areas…

…and totally forget how GOOD things are in the other 3 or 4 categories of your life.

But, if you think about it:

  1. No matter what your financial status is right now, you HAVE the ability to CREATE new money or more money as you go forward.
  2. Related to health, you HAVE a body that God has designed to repair, restore, regenerate, and renew itself – so that you can HAVE complete health as you go forward.
  3. Regardless of who you are, you HAVE certain knowledge and understanding and you HAVE the ability to experience the joy of learning as you go forward.
  4. Whether you have the best or the worst relationships, you HAVE the ability to CREATE wonderful, loving, happy relationships of harmony, unity, respect, and helpfulness as you go forward.
  5. Even if your spiritual life is in shambles, you HAVE forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ so that the spiritual part of you can be happy, content, satisfied, and at peace as you go forward.

As you look at all of the things that you HAVE and that you can CREATE as you go forward, do you realize that you have a lot to be thankful for?

So, going back to those 1 or 2 areas that you wish were different, just remember that they are temporary situations and that soon, they too will be much, much better.


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Funny, How We Get The Time Thing Backwards…

When we are having fun, time flies by. It all happens so fast.

If we aren’t careful, good times will be nothing more than a blur that’s over with before we know it because we didn’t slow down to savor the moment.

Then, someone will ask how it was and we’ll say something like, “It was great”. And they’ll ask back, “What was great about it?” And we can’t really tell them because we were busy flying through it and weren’t really paying attention.

But now, let’s consider the other side of this coin…

When things are bad, when we are going through hard times, when the trials and difficulties of life come our way, it’s like time stops.

We start thinking that it will always be like this. We start believing that it’s forever. We get caught up in the emotions that it will never get better, that we’re forever doomed.

And we don’t even wait for someone to ask, we just start telling everyone we can get to half-way listen how bad it is – in full detail. I mean, we can give more gory details about how bad our situation is than the listener would ever want to hear. When tough times come, it’s amazing how quickly we can develop a full, clear picture of it and how clearly we can articulate it.

Is it just me or are we all crazy for doing this?

Here’s what I suggest…

During those times of goodness and fullness of life that God has for us, let’s slow down time by paying more attention to:

  • The vibrancy of colors
  • The spectrum of sounds
  • The range of feelings
  • The vastness and depth of sights
  • The fabulous tastes of life
  • The amazing smells of renewal, growth, and refreshment

As we experience good times, let’s imagine that we will soon be required to give a complete description of our “good time” to someone who’s never experienced anything like it. Let’s capture every little nuance and every little detail. Let’s become aware and alive. Let’s get the real experience of it. And then let’s share it with someone so that they become inspired to enjoy life more fully too.

Then, when those not-so-pleasant times come, let’s just learn whatever lessons we can glean from them. Let’s grow from them in every way that we can. And, as we’re learning and growing, let’s dismiss all the negative and gory details as insignificant.

In this way, we’ll just let those bad times fly by and slow down those good times so we can fully enjoy them.

What do you think?


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YOU Must Be A Pretty Special Person…

I was thinking of you…

It takes courage to continue walking forward in faith in the face of disappointments and setbacks. You worked so hard. You put so much into it. You gave it all your emotional and physical energy. And then, right before your very eyes, your hopes and dreams were dashed.

It’s at this point that other people develop a strong case of “NOSTALGIA” – but not you. Others start thinking BACKWARDS to what they remember as “good” times when everything was “ok” – but not you.

These other people let their memory build a beautiful picture of the past that becomes irresistible to them – but not you.

“Besides,” they say, “my hopes and dreams didn’t work out anyway, right? Why fight it? It’s too much. It’s too hard. It wears on the nerves.”

And they gave up. They forsook their dreams and went BACKWARDS – but not you.

Only problem was, their memory served them WRONG! Their memory fabricated a false picture of the past. The past wasn’t nearly as great as they remembered it. Even if it was “ok”, God isn’t interested in sitting still. God’s interested in moving forward, onward, upward, to bigger, better, greater, grander, more wonderful things in YOUR life and His Kingdom.

You kept in mind the story found in Numbers chapter 11 where the Children of Israel started talking about how great Egypt was. How they remembered the vegetables but forgot about the slavery, the abuse, and the killing of their children. They started looking BACKWARDS and “the anger of the LORD was greatly kindled” against them.

But you didn’t let yourself do this, did you.

I’m glad you realize that God doesn’t want you looking BACKWARDS.

I’m glad you realize that God has something better for you as you go FORWARD in faith.

Those hopes and dreams that you have? That’s God wanting to express Himself through YOU.

Even in the face of disappointments and setbacks, you realize that God is making you. When those hopes and dreams were dashed, that wasn’t failure. That was God teaching you and making you. You saw that, didn’t you?

For others, when events don’t match up with what they WANT to happen, they tend to start thinking of them in a negative way. They tend to view them as failures – and then they allow their emotions and feelings to take over – and then they start going BACKWARDS.

But you didn’t.

You remembered that God commands us to “walk by faith” and not by our emotions and feelings.

I see that you realize, believe, and accept that everything that is happening in your life is working together for your good.

That’s absolutely amazing! There’s not very many people like you.

I hear you remembering God’s words found in Isaiah 48:17 – “Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”

And as you remember these words, you threw away your disappointment and discouragement. You said that, “No matter how it may seem or feel, everything in my life is right on plan and on target. It’s all good! God has great things that He’s leading me TOWARDS.”

And now, you’re letting that beautiful smile of yours break out on your face as you realize that it is going to be PROFITABLE for you AND for God.

And, as you think of this, God is looking at you with a heart full of love, with tears of happiness and excitement in His eyes as HE sees ALL the GOOD that HE IS PERFORMING and is going to PERFORM in YOUR life.

I mean WOW! The Almighty God of Heaven and Earth with all His power, might, and creation – and His eye and focus is on making GOOD in YOUR LIFE!

You know, in a lot of ways, you remind me of a man in the Bible… A man named Joseph who went from dreamer, to slave, to convict, to GOVERNOR.

Yes, you must be a pretty special person.


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My “Chicken” Story…

As a boy I was raised on a farm.

My Dad always had at least 30 – 40 chickens running around

After meals, my Mother would have me take the food scraps out to the chickens.

As soon as the chickens would see and hear me dumping the scraps out, they would come running helter skelter from all over the barnyard.

The first 3-4 chickens to reach the scrap pile would grab a morsel and go running off in the opposite direction.

And then with absolute certainty and predictability, a very odd thing would happen…

All of the remaining chickens would QUIT running towards the big pile of scraps I had just dumped.

They would TURN AWAY and start chasing after those first 3-4 chickens who had grabbed their own morsel…

And the fight was on…

Chickens fighting with each other over morsels…

And all the while, they were completely ignoring the SOURCE of abundant food that I had just dumped out for them.

Have you ever seen people act like that?

Have you ever acted like that?

Like I’ve said before, GOD is the SOURCE for all the ABUNDANCE you could want.

Quit worrying about whatever morsel other chickens have…

Quit chasing other chickens trying to compete for their small morsel…

Instead, start looking to God as your SOURCE of ABUNDANCE.

I think you’ll like what you get from God a lot better than what you’ve got from man up to this point.


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A Warning For Men

Stay with me to the end now because the following may be having a huge LIMITING impact on your ability to grow and increase your WEALTH

Matthew 5:28 – “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Jesus did not tell us not to lust after other women just because He didn’t want us to have any fun. He told us this because He wanted the BEST for you and I and because He understood the severe consequences of lust.

What are the consequences?

Well, there are actually quite a few consequences described in the Bible. However, we are only going to concern ourselves in this setting with the one that pertains to MONEY.

Let’s take a look…

Job 31:1 – “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?
Job 31:9 – “If mine heart have been deceived by a woman, or if I have laid wait at my neighbour’s door;
Job 31:11 – “For this is an heinous crime; yea, it is an iniquity to be punished by the judges.
Job 31:12 – “For it is a fire that consumeth to destruction, and would ROOT OUT ALL MINE INCREASE.

These scriptures make it clear what we are to refrain from:

  • Sexual fantasies about some person you aren’t married to
  • The advances of a whorish woman
  • Seeking a sexual relationship with someone you aren’t married to

Why? Because the consequences are two-fold:

  1. To do so becomes a mental wildfire that eats away at you until eventually you will start trying to act it out in reality and it completely destroys you, your home, your career, your life, and everything that is important to you.
  2. God’s curses your financial situation and removes your ability to achieve financial increase.

Am I talking to you?

Can you now see why your success has consistently been just out of reach and why you’ve never been able to get ahead?

Here’s the three-part solution…

Part one of the solution can be found in 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Get on your knees and confess your sin to Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive you and cleanse you and to give you the power to overcome this sin.

Part two of the solution was in Job 31:1, “I made a covenant with mine eyes”. You must determine in your heart – you must make up your mind – that you are going to control what your physical eyes are going to look at and what your “mental” eyes are going to dwell upon.

Part three of the solution is to continuously quote to yourself Psalms 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.

PUT AWAY the pornography.

PUT AWAY the TV and the movies with nudity, sexual themes and sexual innuendos.

I know that in our society, this can be a challenge but you can do it – you MUST do it – if you want your FORTUNE to INCREASE.

Instead, put your focus, your attention, and your attraction upon the companion you are married to and let God bless your LIFEand your FINANCIAL SITUATION.

Bottom line, don’t let your eyes and your imagination take away your fortune and destroy your life and everything that is really important to you. Rather, choose to be a Millionaire For Jesus.


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How to have a happy and satisfying life…

As much as you might think otherwise, there really is no lasting satisfaction or happiness in material possessions and wealth.

As you well know, there are many examples of people we could look at who have money but they have no real happiness or satisfaction in life.

The reason? Because as James 4:3 warns us, wealth and abundance are for much greater purposes than to just “consume it upon our own lusts”.

Let me tell you how to have a happy and satisfying life… Love people. Help people. Lead people to Christ while you are loving and helping them.

Just yesterday, my wife felt a burden to go give some clothes to a needy family that we had become aware of. So, she gets them some clothes and goes to deliver them. Upon arrival, the mother of this family describes to my wife a very urgent financial need in their family. Further, this woman had called everyone one she knew asking for some temporary help — but no one was in a position to help her.

So, my wife calls me up, tells me about the situation and we agreed that we wanted to help this family out.

As we helped this family out financially, we were able to to tell them about Christ and give them some Biblical principles and counselling. As we explained that Christ gave each of us the gift of everlasting life, we also explained that our financial help was a gift to them and that they did not have to pay us back. Their only responsibility, we explained, was that they had to help someone else out down the path of life and when they did, they had to share Christ with whoever it is that they helped out.

If you’ve never done this, you can’t imagine the impact that it has on them and the “happiness in Christ” that it brings to you.

Last night, my wife and I went to bed with grateful hearts knowing that we had made a difference in the Kingdom of God. Now that is satisfaction and happiness.

By the way, I readily acknowledge that there are people with money who give significantly to various charities. And, while this is certainly better than nothing, I believe you and I are of much greater value to the Kingdom of God when we help people on a one-on-one basis.

As a person helping another person, you can have a much, much greater impact on people’s lives when you help them directly.

I would dare say that much – and in many cases all – of the impact for Christ is lost when people end up at charities for help. Why? Because at a charity, people are just one of many. They are just someone in a line. Pretty much all personalization is gone.

When we look at the Biblical examples left by Jesus, we see that He either helped people on a direct basis, or He dispatched someone from within his inner circle to go help people. And now, as Christians, we are His inner circle dispatched to go do a work for Him. From my study of the Bible, I don’t see anywhere where Jesus tells us to delegate our work for the Lord to some charity.

Please understand, I’m not bashing charities in this post. What I am telling you is that you and I have a GREAT work to do for God. You and I have a great commission from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s get to work for the Lord!


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