My “Chicken” Story…

As a boy I was raised on a farm.

My Dad always had at least 30 – 40 chickens running around

After meals, my Mother would have me take the food scraps out to the chickens.

As soon as the chickens would see and hear me dumping the scraps out, they would come running helter skelter from all over the barnyard.

The first 3-4 chickens to reach the scrap pile would grab a morsel and go running off in the opposite direction.

And then with absolute certainty and predictability, a very odd thing would happen…

All of the remaining chickens would QUIT running towards the big pile of scraps I had just dumped.

They would TURN AWAY and start chasing after those first 3-4 chickens who had grabbed their own morsel…

And the fight was on…

Chickens fighting with each other over morsels…

And all the while, they were completely ignoring the SOURCE of abundant food that I had just dumped out for them.

Have you ever seen people act like that?

Have you ever acted like that?

Like I’ve said before, GOD is the SOURCE for all the ABUNDANCE you could want.

Quit worrying about whatever morsel other chickens have…

Quit chasing other chickens trying to compete for their small morsel…

Instead, start looking to God as your SOURCE of ABUNDANCE.

I think you’ll like what you get from God a lot better than what you’ve got from man up to this point.


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