Make a mind-shift and make this year your best year ever…

We get so focused on what we are trying to get…that we forget about all that we have.

We get so focused on what we want…that we have no appreciation for all the good that is ours to enjoy.

We get so busy…we stay in such a rush…that we have no time to notice the smile of a child…the play of a puppy or kitten…the warmth of sunshine on our face…raindrops dancing on our skin…or the millions of other expressions of goodness and joy that surround us every day of our life.

We get so focused upon irritants…that we ignore all the good.

We loop old negative, unpleasant, unwanted incidents from the past in our mind…making the unpleasant and unwanted real to us again in the present…we give ourselves the “gift” of “enjoying” the unpleasant and unwanted again and again.

We imagine negative, unpleasant, unwanted incidents in the future…and thereby ruin the present…and create even more of that which is unpleasant and unwanted.

We have become very good at using our mind in a way that creates fear, anxiety, depression, and other unwanted feelings…and amazingly, we can create these unwanted feelings within our own self while mostly remaining unaware of how we are using our mind to do this to our own self.

This lack of awareness of what we are doing to our own self based on how we are using our own mind causes us to feel helpless and powerless…when actually, all we need to do is simply become aware of how we are using our mind…and choose and commit to using it in a better, more useful, more enjoyable way.

Thoughts ALWAYS precede feelings…feelings are the persistent after-effect of certain thought-patterns…therefore, good or bad, our feelings tell us HOW we are using our mind.

We need only select useful, enjoyable thought-patterns…and we can enjoy all the useful, empowering, pleasant, and wanted feelings we want.

Similarly, we have become very good at feeling sorry for ourselves…we have become very good at magnifying problems, inconveniences, or challenges…we REALLY know how to focus upon what we don’t have…or what we used to have…we REALLY know how to dwell upon certain disadvantages…so that we can justify ourselves in making foolish choices and decisions in the short-term…that will infallibly have painful, expensive consequences in the long-term…and we react to those self-created consequences by feeling even more sorry for ourselves….and justifying even more foolish choices and decisions…and if we don’t get hold of ourselves mentally and emotionally, we will stay stuck in this downward spiral until our life has become a total disaster.

We perpetually want our circumstances, conditions, and affairs to be different from what they are…creating great frustration and unhappiness within ourselves…and if we don’t purposely and consciously make a change, we will spend a lifetime feeling frustration and unhappiness.

Happiness really is pretty simple…

CHOOSE and COMMIT to not being offended at other people…especially your family and friends.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to ignoring the unpleasant and unwanted…and only give attention, interest, and energy to that which is pleasant and wanted.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to keeping your attention upon that which you appreciate and value…while ignoring that which you do not appreciate and do not value.

That which you give your attention, interest, and energy to GROWS in your life. That which you give no attention, interest, or energy to fades OUT of your life.

CHOOSE and COMMIT to enjoying the process of learning, working, and creating greater good…instead of foolishly wanting to skip the process and jump straight to the greater good.

Every GOOD thing you have ever wanted and obtained was the result of a certain process of RIGHT thinking, acting, operating, working, and learning. Every bad thing that has come into your life was the result of a certain process of poor thinking, poor-acting, poor-operating, non-working (or not-smart-working), and non-learning.

Similarly, everything that you ever will obtain…good or bad…will be the result of a good process…or a bad process…carried out by YOU.

And lastly…and most important of all…

CHOOSE and COMMIT to being in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. ALL happiness, contentment, peace, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaningfulness is dependent upon and stems from us keeping our soul, mind, and body right before God.


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  1. Thanks a lot for all the good things you have shared. I’m really really encouraged by your wonderful message of encouragement.
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