How to have a happy and satisfying life…

As much as you might think otherwise, there really is no lasting satisfaction or happiness in material possessions and wealth.

As you well know, there are many examples of people we could look at who have money but they have no real happiness or satisfaction in life.

The reason? Because as James 4:3 warns us, wealth and abundance are for much greater purposes than to just “consume it upon our own lusts”.

Let me tell you how to have a happy and satisfying life… Love people. Help people. Lead people to Christ while you are loving and helping them.

Just yesterday, my wife felt a burden to go give some clothes to a needy family that we had become aware of. So, she gets them some clothes and goes to deliver them. Upon arrival, the mother of this family describes to my wife a very urgent financial need in their family. Further, this woman had called everyone one she knew asking for some temporary help — but no one was in a position to help her.

So, my wife calls me up, tells me about the situation and we agreed that we wanted to help this family out.

As we helped this family out financially, we were able to to tell them about Christ and give them some Biblical principles and counselling. As we explained that Christ gave each of us the gift of everlasting life, we also explained that our financial help was a gift to them and that they did not have to pay us back. Their only responsibility, we explained, was that they had to help someone else out down the path of life and when they did, they had to share Christ with whoever it is that they helped out.

If you’ve never done this, you can’t imagine the impact that it has on them and the “happiness in Christ” that it brings to you.

Last night, my wife and I went to bed with grateful hearts knowing that we had made a difference in the Kingdom of God. Now that is satisfaction and happiness.

By the way, I readily acknowledge that there are people with money who give significantly to various charities. And, while this is certainly better than nothing, I believe you and I are of much greater value to the Kingdom of God when we help people on a one-on-one basis.

As a person helping another person, you can have a much, much greater impact on people’s lives when you help them directly.

I would dare say that much – and in many cases all – of the impact for Christ is lost when people end up at charities for help. Why? Because at a charity, people are just one of many. They are just someone in a line. Pretty much all personalization is gone.

When we look at the Biblical examples left by Jesus, we see that He either helped people on a direct basis, or He dispatched someone from within his inner circle to go help people. And now, as Christians, we are His inner circle dispatched to go do a work for Him. From my study of the Bible, I don’t see anywhere where Jesus tells us to delegate our work for the Lord to some charity.

Please understand, I’m not bashing charities in this post. What I am telling you is that you and I have a GREAT work to do for God. You and I have a great commission from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s get to work for the Lord!


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