God Will UNFAILINGLY Bless Your Future Too!

There is a lot to like about you. There is a lot about you that is impressive.

For instance, the way you live your life by the words that Christ repeated again and again…”Fear not!”

The way you do not let fear overtake or consume you…the way you give no place to fear…the way you reject fear when unwanted news, conditions, or circumstance come your way.

The way you stay relaxed and calm about the few things that are missing in your life…or that are in your life that you don’t want.

The way you just seem to continue working forward…doing your part…while trusting God for His very best blessings in your life.

And, the way you do this really has worked well for you because as you look back at certain times in your life, God has UNDENIABLY blessed you.

Even right now, there are UNDENIABLE blessings in your life…things you can look at and rejoice about.

It may be that you think of your life as a large number of “parking spots” that encircle you…

The Lord is right there in the middle with you…

There are a few “spots” that are “empty” that you would sure like for the Lord to fill up with certain blessings…

There are a few “spots” that have something in them that you don’t want in your life experience…

But, as you broaden your perspective…

As you look beyond those FEW “spots” in your life that are not as you want them to be at this time…

Then, it becomes EASY for you to notice, appreciate, and enjoy the MANY, MANY other “spots” in your life that are already filled up with God’s blessings.

Well, that must be why you don’t let fear overtake you or get you down.

That must be why you seem to always just “know” that God will UNFAILINGLY bless you in your future too.

Yes, there is a lot to like about you. Yes, you are impressive.

Past, present, and future, God’s blessings are always connected to you and your life.

God sees you every day and smiles.

He particularly likes the way you strive to live your life in a way that pleases and honors Him…and as He sees that, He can’t just smile anymore…He breaks out in Hearty laughter!

Can you imagine that? God looking down at you and laughing with pure joy over you…by the way you live your life holy, pleasing, and fearlessly before Him…by the way you maintain full faith in Him?

My friend, all I can say is that you must be some kind of wonderful…you really are amazing and incredible…the kind of person who can easily expect wonderful blessings to CONTINUE flowing into your life in a greater and greater measure.


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  1. Thank you Lane for sharing this, A friend told me the same thing justlast night, I feel like Daddy God sent this especially for me, and I’m feeling His Love as I read your Words. The way He cares for us so sweetly is mind blowing isn’t it?

    I am planning to be at the KEYS next month, will you be there? I’d love to meet you

    Dion Johnson

  2. Thank you for this blog post. I have been watching my email like a hawk with great expectation to hear from a particular employer to schedule an interview. I have wanted this job for about two years and have applied on three separate occasions. On my last attempt, I was contacted via email that my application has been approved and I will be considered for an interview whenever there is an opening. I just know God’s favor is with me and I will be contacted, interviewed and hired within days.

    Thank you again for this post. It really spoke to me, just before I opened my email, I made up my mind to meditate on Ecclesiastes 5:18-20. Again this blog post has perfect timing for me and I pray God rewards you for your obedience in sending out this message.

  3. Hi Dion,

    My schedule around the KEYS date is such that I don’t expect I’ll be able to make it. However, should plans go better than expected…such that I can take the time to attend…then I will let you know. Either way, I attended last year and it is a wonderful event that I am sure you will enjoy.


  4. Thanks Lane,

    That was totally just for me wierd. I don’t usually share, but I needed to say thanks


  5. Thanks Lane,

    Thank you for sending this blog post. As I read through this, I feel bless as nobody ever share this message with me. I feel uplifted in my spirit. It is a great blessing to me.
    Again thank you


  6. Lane,

    Yes, His unfailing Love has kept me going.

    I share this to everyone I have fellowship with. Our God is Amazing and Awesome.

    Thank you and God bless!


  7. Thanks Lane,

    This is just for me! Though there are times I just feel overwhelmed but when I remember how God has seen me through situations in the past, then I trust Him all the more. I was about to be terminated at my place of work for going to the hospital to seek medical services, but I did not sleep, I prayed and trusted God and smiled all through and God turned the tables, they called to apologize and even offered to pay for my choice of classes so as to empower myself more. God is great!! May His name be praised forever in Jesus name.

  8. Thanks for this blog Lane. It made me laugh as I was saying to a f riend just the other day. That I believe God is laughing at me. Wonderful and very timely!

  9. 1,000,000,000,000% Guaranteed !!! There’s no doubt about it !
    The Almighty God is great and so merciful !

    Thank you Mr Lane Fox for the spiritual food offered to me on a golden platter.

  10. God bless you for sharing the right word at the right time! May He bless you as you bless others.

  11. Hi Lane,

    Thank you for sharing me your word which is from God. Remind me from beginning and the past, I am not alone, God is with me and us. I see the wonders hand of God working and helping me in my daily life. He make possible in all I have been through in this life. I am crying when I read this, I feel blessed. By the grace of God, I thank and Praise Him, and believe and be faithful to the end.

    God bless you in return us you bless others.

    Fe F.

  12. God is truly an awesome wonder!! Lane, thank you for being an available vessel for the Lord. I cannot express how timely this was for me right now. He’s really an on-time God!! I needed to know that He sees and approves where I am in my walk with Him. Again, this has truly helped.

    Thank you & Be blessed,

  13. Good day Lane,
    Your message came as a wonderful manifestation of God Almighty love and blessing to His faithful people.Thanks for your efforts and may God Almighty always bless you Amen.

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