How About A Prosperous Swing Upward?

Over and over in His Holy Word to us, God directs us to embrace one particular state of mind…

And yet, in our perverseness, imprudence, irrationality, silliness, and foolishness, we self-generate states of mind that are totally contrary to and opposite of what God tells us to have.

This is particularly odd considering that what we really want more than anything else is the same state of mind that God wants us to have.

When we embrace, have, and hold this God-ordained state of mind, everything in our life becomes well and promising. On the other hand, without this state of mind, we feel unsettled, disconcerted, flustered and our life becomes not-well and not-promising.

I am talking about peace!

Whether they realize it or not, what people are wanting is peace…because when people possess peace, they also have the things that go along with peace: happiness, hope, optimism, faith, courage, strength, joy, and so on.

When a person possesses peace, then no matter how bad their circumstances may actually be, they can move forward with calmness, serenity, tranquility, and optimism. Conversely, when a person does not possess peace, then no matter how good their circumstances may actually be, they stay stuck in agitation, anxiety, worry, fear, tension, distress, and frustration.

Experience and observation has proven to me that the more peace a person possesses, the more successful they will be…and that the less peace a person possesses, the less successful they will be.

Peace attracts!

NON-peace repels!

Now, I am not suggesting that peace is the only determinant of success…but I am saying that possessing peace IS a VERY important aspect of success.

But really, we sort of already knew this, didn’t we? We more or less knew this because every time we read the Gospels, it reverberates in the back of our mind that “peace” was a word that Christ used often. And now, effective immediately, let’s move the inactive concept of peace out of the back halls of our mind…let’s promote it to more than just a word that Christ stated frequently…and let’s make it a state of mind that we LIVE perpetually.

For many, this will probably be a challenge because they are IN THE HABIT of dwelling upon thoughts that produce NON-peace. Listen to people talk for a few minutes…or even a few seconds…and it becomes obvious what their underlying pattern of thought is. As some examples that I frequently hear:

  • I am all alone with nobody on my side.
  • I am not very good at [fill in the blank]. I never have been…I never will be…and that is why I cannot be successful.
  • I can never have my dream because I am unable to afford it.
  • I could never be successful like some people are.
  • I have a desperate need/problem…and nobody will take care of my need/problem for me.
  • I have a great calling for a great ministry…but nobody will give me what I need to establish it.
  • I have no way out of my troubles…and nobody to help me.
  • I just need a break…but nobody will give me a break.
  • I would like to shine for Christ…I would like to have a good ministry…but I have so many problems that are so big that I cannot even get started.

The question is, how much peace do you think a person looping and maximizing one of these thought-patterns is going to possess? The obvious answer is, little to none!

I have encountered many people who have BURIED their own self in a graveyard of THOUGHTS about what they do not have…what they cannot do…and what is wrong in their life. They are like Legion crying amongst the tombs (Mark 5, Luke 8)…they are people who have forsaken and rejected peace…the “way of peace have they not known” (Romans 3:17).

Now, I am absolutely talking about peace here…but I want to make a couple of important points relative to the above-listed thought-patterns.

The first point is this: people who think these non-Biblical kinds of thought-patterns are SENTENCING their own self to the very conditions and circumstances they do not want…confirmable by MANY, MANY scriptures including this one: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

These people are OBLIGATING God to give them what they do not want…they are OBLIGATING God to hold them in circumstances and conditions that they do not want.

Importantly, whether you realize it or not, you DO have a certain kind of faith…and YOUR faith IS PRODUCING after its kind. It is impossible to not-have faith. You DO have a faith of some kind…and that faith is RELIABLY PRODUCING in your life.

People frequently tell me that they just don’t have faith…but what they do not recognize or understand is that they have DEVOUT faith…ROCK-SOLID faith…POWERFULLY-PRODUCING faith. Lack of faith is NOT the problem. The problem is that they have the wrong kind of faith that IS producing what they do not want.

Over and over again I have encountered individuals whose belief/faith/thought-patterns was along the lines of: “I have a terrible problem…it is [fill in the blank]…and I cannot fix it.” And remarkably, these individuals had been able to support, hold on to, and maintain this same problem beyond anything that was humanly or naturally possible. In the natural, the problem would have LONG AGO dissipated or resolved itself…except these people’s faith was obligating God to hold the problem firmly in place…and yet, they were trying to convince me that they did not have any faith.

Again, the problem was NOT that they did not have faith. The problem was that they had TOO MUCH of the WRONG KIND of faith.

As it applies to you, what kind of faith is your faith?

You absolutely, infallibly have faith…it’s just a question of what TYPE of faith is it?

How are you using your faith?

What are you using your faith to produce in your life and in the lives of others?

Is your faith producing what you want?

Are you using your faith to hold on to problems…or, are you using your faith to see and manifest solutions and blessings?

As you consider these questions, is it perhaps time for you to upgrade and improve the kind of faith that you have and use…so that you can produce more desirable, more enjoyable things in your life and in the lives of others?

Okay…I am still talking about peace…and now, let’s delve into the second point I want to make…

In the list of thought-patterns above, notice how many of these people had FOOLISHLY placed the resolution of their problems, their well-being, and their success into the hands of “somebody else”. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to fix their problems. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to take care of their challenges and their issues for them. Notice how they FOOLISHLY wanted someone else to pick them up and set them onto the path of success.

But here is the thing: if these people do not care about their own problems enough to seriously get up and fix them, then why should anyone else care about them any more than they do? If a person does not care about their own issues enough to get up and constructively do something about them until they are conquered and resolved, then there is no reason for anyone else to care about that person’s issues either. The Bible certainly backs this up. For example, “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

More to the point, how much peace can a person have if they have abdicated responsibility for their own issues? How much peace can a person have if they placed their well-being into the hands of other people? How much peace can a person have if they are stuck waiting in dependency upon someone else? Well again, the obvious answer is little to none!

The Bible plainly tells us: “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil” (Proverbs 16:17). Bluntly, what that means is that IF a person is in a bad situation, then it is time for them to personally put learning, work, and perseverance into “departing” from the “evil” issues in their life.

If you want the same point in different terms, then consider this: “glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good” (Romans 2:10).

Now, we talk of “having” peace…but in reality, peace is NOT something you just “have”. In life, there are certain things that we “have”…and there are things we must “appropriate”. As I described above, faith is something you just “have”…and the only question is one of HOW you are using that faith…of whether you are using your faith for good, bad, or indifference. But, peace is different. Peace is one of those things that we must appropriate…meaning that peace is something we must consciously, purposely take, acquire, seize, and hold for our own use and benefit.

Of course, we sort of already know this because we are all familiar with the scripture that says: “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Similarly, Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “Thou [God] will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

But, are we actively doing what we know to do?

Well, that leads us to this truth: each person HAS DECIDED whether he or she wants the joys and benefits of peace…or if he or she wants to take pleasure in NON-peace.

Huh? What’s that?

That’s right…I said exactly what I meant. There are people who take pleasure in NON-peace. They like the pleasure of attention that their focus on their problems brings them. They like the pleasure of pity directed at them as a result of their troubles. They like the pleasure of emotionally working themselves up into a negative frenzy. They like the pleasure of negative drama stewed up between their self and others.

These people say they want peace…but they are unwilling to let go of their NON-peace “pleasures”.

However, when we become ready for the far-superior pleasures and benefits of peace, we each possess the God-given power to CHANGE our decision and to possess peace instead of non-peace. It is simply a matter of whether we really want to or not.

My advice is choose peace. My advice is appropriate peace. My advice is develop the habit of living in a state of peace. My advice is that in all things…in every area of your life…go for peace…go to peace…go in peace…stay with peace.

Of course, this is the same advice that the Apostle Paul gave us a long time ago: “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace” (Romans 14:19).

My peace I give you“, Jesus tells us. He continues on to say, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27) Jesus GIVES us the opportunity and possibility of possessing His gift of peace. But, we are not required or forced to accept or receive His gift of peace. Again, it is our choice to make.

In order to possess peace, diligence and discipline are required: “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)  Diligence and discipline are required…but the rewards and benefits are well worth it.

Again and again in the Gospels, we read that Jesus “held his peace“. This does NOT mean that He was sitting or standing in silence while negative thoughts ran through his mind. It means literally that He silently HELD his mind on God-thoughts…He HELD his mind on positive faith. Christ understood that He had a purpose and a direction…and He did not allow anything to sway Him from the state of mind that He needed to possess in order to fulfill his purpose and move forward in His direction.

Similarly, again and again, as we read of the miracles of Christ, we find that “peace” was a significant part of the equation. “Peace be still“, “go in peace“, and “peace be with you” were key decrees that corresponded with many miracles.

By appropriating peace…and by possessing peace as your dominant state of mind, you eliminate all possible failure from your life…and the ONLY remaining option is a prosperous swing upward. Sure, troubles and trials may arise…but with peace…you will come through those troubles and trials all the better off for having gone through them.

And, if you cannot seem to muster up the ability to appropriate and possess peace, then bluntly, that means you have given too much space within yourself to the “lusts of the flesh”…to the negative thoughts that produce negative emotions…all of which produces NON-action…and not enough space to proper, Biblically-based, Godly thoughts…which produce good-action. (Acts 10:36)

I’ll close with this…

LORD, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.” (Isaiah 26:12)

Isn’t that a marvelous, beautiful, encouraging verse?

The Lord HAS ordained peace for YOU!  God WANTS you to HAVE peace.  And, good works and good outcomes ARE within you…because God PUT them there!  That means no matter who you are…where you are at…or what you have or do not have…you DO have the ability to learn, work, create, produce, and deliver something that is good, beneficial, useful, helpful, and valuable…which means you have the ability to manifest the blessings and success in YOUR life that God has placed within you.

YOU are like the MIGHTY acorn…everything needed to become a great and MIGHTY oak tree is contained within that acorn…and everything needed to become a great and mighty person for God and for good is contained within you…and all you have to do is IMPLANT yourself with thoughts of peace…with thoughts of goodness and blessings…and start learning and working towards delivering something of value, benefit, or service to some person or group of people.

Of course, before that can happen, you will have to STOP looping NON-peaceful thoughts…you will have to let go of all your NON-peace “pleasures”.  But, the peace and blessings that start coming to you will be well worth stopping and letting go of NON-peace.  I promise you.  More importantly, God’s Word promises you!


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  1. I am a 54 y/o, 30% DAV. working 12 hr. shifts in manufacturing. want to be a business owner, but barely paying bills making $9.50 hr.
    God help me show me someone to guide me.

  2. Great words! Great work! I got it. Will try to be in peace through out my life.
    Thanks, Lane!

  3. Roy, with all due respect, did you even read this article? Your comment sounds pretty much exactly like one of the LOOPING negative thought patterns I described.

    As far as needing guidance, I just GAVE you that in this very article: “all you have to do is IMPLANT yourself with thoughts of peace…with thoughts of goodness and blessings…and start learning and working towards delivering something of value, benefit, or service to some person or group of people. Of course, before that can happen, you will have to STOP looping NON-peaceful thoughts.

    Other articles I have written in this blog go even deeper into the principles of success…but success really is as simple as being in right relationship with God, learning, working, and seeking opportunities to provide value, benefit, or service. And, AFTER you have done a sufficient level of learning and working, God will infallibly work behind the scenes on your behalf to connect your developing skill set with the appropriate opportunities.

    How hard is that?

    Well, it is NOT hard…so there must be another problem…a mindset problem. Let’s explore based on just the few words you have written…

    I am a 54 year old“. Let’s go with the U.S. legal definition that distinguishes between a child and an adult…and let’s excuse the first 18 years of your life. Now, what a child can LEARN in those first 18 years is incredible and incalculable…but, let’s excuse your first 18 years because maybe you had a bad home environment…and let’s consider just the 36 years that you have been a legal adult…36 years that you have been a grown man…36 years that YOU HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to be responsible for yourself.

    36 years…think about that…over 3.5 DECADES. In that amount of time you could have learned everything about business creation and operation. In that amount of time, you could have started and bootstrapped multiple VALUABLE businesses…and today, you could still be operating them profitably and successfully…or, you could have sold them for millions…or even billions of dollars. On top of becoming a business guru, in 36 years, you could ALSO have become a top brain or heart surgeon…or a finance expert…or a master musician…or developed any number of other important, valuable, useful, and REWARDING skills/abilities.

    But, that is the past…let’s look at the future. Here in the U.S., the average male life expectancy is approximately 76 years. Of course, you may well live much longer than this…or perhaps you will live a few years less than this. But, let’s just go with the average…which would mean you have another 22 years…over 2 DECADES of pure, awesome OPPORTUNITY to learn, work, and provide value, benefit, and service by which you will be richly rewarded.

    As I said before…in 22 years, you could become a brain/heart surgeon and save people’s lives…and earn more money in your last 10 years of life that most people earn in a life-time. Knowing that you COULD do this if you really set your mind to it, how much more could you learn and do in the realm of business?

    And, importantly, EVERYTHING you need to learn about business can be learned for FREE at your local library that is just down the street or around the corner from where you are at right now!

    I am 30% disabled“. Okay…this is an “issue” that creates certain “challenges” for you…but everybody has “issues” that create certain “challenges” for them. So, WELCOME to the club of humanity. Join the rest of us…we each have different issues that we have to deal with…so let’s deal with them…let’s stop using them for an excuse…and let’s get on with creating goodness in our life and in the lives of others.

    Stated differently, if you are 30% disabled…then that means you are 70% ABLE…and that is PLENTY of capacity for you to reach whatever level of success you want to reach. What is NOT disabled…what is 100% ABLE…is your MIND…and outside of having a right relationship with God, THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT TO SUCCESS!

    I have encountered individuals who were almost totally disabled physically…including almost full-body paralysis…but what they still had was their MIND…and they used their MIND to create success for themselves.

    How did they do that? Well, there are PLENTY of people in our world who refuse to use or develop their mind…people who will ALWAYS work CHEAPLY for someone who WILL use their mind. And so, these individuals applied themselves to LEARNING…and THINKING about how to provide benefit, value, and service…and then it was a simple matter of finding a few mindless people to do the physical part required to complete their success.

    So bluntly, haven’t you let this WEAK “disability” excuse hold you back long enough?

    I work 12 hour shifts in manufacturing making $9.50 per hour“. Excellent…this means you have awesome opportunities right now…right where you are at. First, does EVERYONE in your manufacturing facility earn $9.50 per hour? Of course not! Most likely, the top-paid person in your company is earning well over $100 per hour. Think about that…in the very same facility that you are in right now…several people are probably earning over $100 per hour…and of course, there are people that scale down in pay from there…ACCORDING TO THE VALUE THAT THEY PROVIDE AND SERVE. The point is, a shortage of MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM! The PROBLEM IS A VALUE-PROVISION PROBLEM!

    Now, depending upon the nature and structure of the company you are working in, it may not be feasible for you to LEARN from the top-paid person…but undoubtedly, there ARE people who receive higher pay than you receive…who you COULD get access to and who you COULD learn from…ON THE JOB. In other words, you could be LEARNING things that will increase your value and your pay…even while you are getting paid $9.50 an hour. How sweet is that? And, the ONLY thing you have to do is put away the excuses, put away the negativity, step forward positively, and show some interest and initiative…and that is something that you are WELL-ABLE to do…IF you want to!

    Second, if you are working 12 hour shifts…that probably means that you are working a 4-day work-week…although it is possible that you are working 5-6 days a week…and getting paid time and a half ($14.25). Let’s start with the worst-case scenario…let’s say you are working 6 days a week…12 hours a day. Well, given that there are 24 hours in a day…minus 12 hours of working time…minus 8 hours of sleeping time…leaves you with 4 hours of free time. Of course, some of that time will be spent eating, cleaning, relaxing, etc. but you COULD still devote AT LEAST an hour per day to LEARNING. Over the course of a week, that is 6 hours of LEARNING time…over the course of a month, that is something just under 30 hours of LEARNING time…and over the course of a single year…that is something just under 360 hours…or the equivalent of nine (9) 40-hour workweeks. How much could you LEARN in that much time? Well, even if you were incredibly dim-witted, you could STILL learn a LOT. And just think, you have had 36 such years (as an adult)…with ALL of this LEARNING OPPORTUNITY…nine 40-hour weeks multiplied 36 times equals 324 WEEKS of pure LEARNING OPPORTUNITY!

    Wow! Just think how much you could be worth…just think how successful you could be…IF you had only taken advantage of the wonderful LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES that God has GIVEN you…instead of wasting them and squandering them?

    Of course, the catch is that MANY people in a situation like this one do not want to devote an hour per day to LEARNING. They are tired. They just want to sit down and relax. When they are off the job, the ONLY thing they want is entertainment and recreation. And, I do understand that…after all, there have been many times in my life when I worked 12 hour days (and sometimes greater than 12 hour days). But, here is a KEY difference between successful people and unsuccessful people: successful people are willing to make sacrifices that are hard to make UP FRONT so that on the back-end, they can enjoy life on a higher level. In contrast, unsuccessful people are unwilling to make the sacrifices…the sacrifices are “too hard” they say…and consequently, they FORCE themselves into suffering for the rest of their life…or at least until they become willing to make the sacrifices.

    Curiously, unsuccessful people want successful people…the people who have been willing to make the sacrifices…to help them out…to give of the success they have earned by making sacrifices…but unsuccessful people do not want to make the sacrifices themselves. Stated differently, unsuccessful people want OTHERS to sacrifice their way into success…and then turn around and sacrifice the rewards of their success by giving it to them…they want successful people to do for them what they are not willing to do for their own self.

    Even more curious is the fact that unsuccessful people rarely seem to learn from the fact that their “wanting from successful people” is mostly in vain. Instead of LEARNING from their mostly-vain attempts to get something for nothing…instead of LEARNING from their mostly-vain attempts to get gifts from successful people who make the sacrifices necessary to attain success…they just continue sitting there in their negative, non-learning state of mind condemning successful people as “evil, selfish money-whores”.

    Now, going back to the matter of time…if the case is that you are working a 4-day work-week, then that gives you EVEN MORE time…a very substantial amount of time…to LEARN important, useful, valuable, beneficial things that you can use to render more service, value, and benefit to the world…and thereby increase the compensation that you receive into your life.

    Like I said before…there really isn’t anything “hard” about success…other than the fact that a bit of learning, INTELLIGENT working (as opposed to mindless working), and having a sincere interest in finding ways to provide increased benefit, value, and service is required.

    So Roy…and all the others who have been thinking, behaving, operating, and interacting in the same way that you have been…what is it going to be for you?

    Are you going to continue using your excuses to hold yourself down in a life that you do not like or want?

    Are you going to continue meandering through a life wherein you reject LEARNING opportunities…and you thereby BLOCK yourself from greater-income opportunities?

    Are you going to continue watching other people to make the sacrifices necessary for success while you refuse to make those sacrifices necessary for your own success?

    Roy, you say you want to be a business owner. Have you even read any books on entrepreneurship? Have you even read any books on product development? Have you even read any books on marketing and sales? Have you even read any books on finance and accounting?

    Or, is your statement about wanting to be a business owner a mere idle comment that you are throwing out as an idle wish that has no meaning?

  4. “Great word about peace yes we go through life complaining but as a believer we should not be behaving, Like God is small God is to big for any problem but as for me i will serve my Lord and that keep me and my wife Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27).

  5. Lane, where have you been all my life! Your response to Roy was so spot on. Charles Capps (my favorite podcast Bible teacher) said that the Lord told him, “my people can have what they say, but they say what they have”. Tony Robbins said, “if you’re in your head your dead”,

    Thanks for a great blog,

  6. Thank you Sir for your passion and painstaking thought, which much care and intention of helping the student (such as myself) thrive and be a more peaceful and successful individual, today I make another step into my destiny, applying many of the words which you put forth, to help (me), and did i mention w/o asking for anything monetarily (dare I say, yet!) :).
    PEACE, my brother. Sincerely.

  7. Hi Lane,

    Thank you for the wonderful peace you have share and to understand peace. I thank God for the blessing I received peace from Him. The Holy Spirit lives in me, who works in guide me in all truth, peace, that deep in my heart there is joy, hope and happiness. Whatever circumstances I face I give it all to God trusting Him and by my faith He will do everything and I choose peace. John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, But take heart I have overcome the world. Philippians 4: 6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition , with thanksgiving, present your request to God, And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and minds in Christ Jesus.

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