Wisdom And Life

Wisdom giveth life (everything that’s good) to them that have it.” Ecclesiastes 7:12

Right there is the secret to a successful life!

Either a person is applying this secret…or they are applying its corollary: “Foolishness…bad attitudes, bad choices, and bad decisions…giveth destruction and loss to them that have it.

Sometimes the consequences of not having wisdom aren’t that big of a deal…

Today, I saw an elderly lady today wandering around in the Sam’s parking lot trying to find her car. She had to be at least 75…and in all those years, she hadn’t figured out the simple strategy of taking a quick look behind her as she walked towards the store so that she would know what to look for on her way out.

So instead, she wasted who knows how much of the most precious resource of all…the ONE resource that can never be renewed or recovered…a resource that she definitely had a limited amount of…TIME…trying to find her car. And who knows how many hundreds of times she has done that through the years.

And besides, what if one of these days her old heart can’t take the stress of not knowing where her car is at? Well, I’m just sayin’!

But most of the time, the consequences of not having wisdom ARE a big deal…

Today, as I was filling up my truck with gasoline, an elderly man..65 to 70…pulled up to the pump beside me to get gas. He wobbled out of his truck, put the nozzle in his gas tank, set the lever-lock, and hurriedly jumped back in his truck so he could down a beer to settle his jittery, alcoholic nerves.

Absolutely, completely, totally, utterly SAD!

I’m sure there was a time he thought it was cool and fun to down a beer…but a lack of wisdom in his life has put him in a position where he is now a slave to something he wishes he could be free of.

I’m sure that when he was young, there was a crowd of “fun” people around him laughing along with him…but today, he was just a LONELY OLD MAN.

Now, neither of these examples may apply to you and I…but where are the attitudes, choices, and decisions we are SELECTING today taking us?

Are they taking us to life? Or, are they taking us to loss and destruction?

Of course, most people aren’t foolish in EVERY area of their life. In some areas, most of us are very wise. The problem is, there are only 4-7 important areas of life (depending upon how we section things out)…so if there are 1-3 areas that we are being foolish in, that has a SIGNIFICANT impact on our lives.

At the simplest level, the important areas of there life are:

* Spiritual
* Health
* Relationships
* Financial

So, if we are being foolish in just ONE of these areas, that means 25% of our life is headed towards destruction and loss. If we are being foolish in two of these areas, then 50% of our life is headed towards destruction and loss.

And even worse, when things aren’t working well in one area, it DOES impact all of the other areas.

It’s something to think about.

I say let’s choose wisdom in ALL areas of our life.


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