A Common Purpose For Every Christian

Every person has a unique purpose in life. There is however, an element of our purpose that is the same for every Christian alive. That is, we are to OCCUPY the space wherein we exist…and we are to strive to expand the boundaries of the space we occupy!

Here is an important truth that we must understand: where God’s people occupy, goodness, blessings, peace, and joy prevail…and satan’s destructive work is thwarted or destroyed.

Stated in the inverse, where God’s people do not occupy…where God’s people fail to occupy…satan will infallibly move-in and set up his own evil occupation…and wickedness, evilness, loss, destruction, and death will soon prevail. Just as bad, God’s people will find themselves suffering and being persecuted as a result of not occupying their space with Godly force.

Really get this…when God’s people fail to occupy, they set themselves up for needless suffering and persecution that God never meant for them to suffer.

Whether you live in a governor’s mansion…whether you live in the middle classes of society…whether you are a homeless person living on the streets, your job as an ambassador of Jesus Christ in this present world is to occupy your space around you with leadership, influence, power, and solidity.

Now, in most developed countries, it is no longer effective to try to push or force the gospel onto people. To try to do that is to misrepresent Christ. To try to do that is to push people away from Christ rather than to draw them to Him.

But, what we can do is stand like a pillar…like a beacon…that is immovable…that is solid…that is consistent…that does not change…and that exerts a Godly force throughout the space we occupy…and be a strong resistance to anything that is ungodly or evil.

We can be that light that repels wickedness and evilness. John 3:20 tells us that, “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

Be that man or woman who occupies your space and reproves evil deeds. Let the sheer force of God’s Spirit abound in you.  Stand strong, vibrantly, effectively, powerfully, and influentially in your space. Be that pillar, that beacon, that light that repels wickedness and evilness out of your space.

Again, where God’s people occupy, goodness, blessings, peace, and joy prevail and satan’s destructive work is thwarted or destroyed.

Being a solid pillar that is a beacon of God’s Spirit in your space means you must carry God’s spiritual force and strength within you that people recognize, respect, and honor. This is one reason why being successful is so important. Even if you are currently a homeless person on the street, be the most successful homeless person on your street so that you carry the highest possible amount of influence and clout with those around you.

Likewise, be engaged and involved in the lives of people around you. The more connected you are with people around you, the more effective and powerful your influence upon them will be. In other words, occupy in the lives of people around you.

This is important! If we are the Spirit-Filled Christians that we are supposed to be, then our “presence” is a magnet that attracts goodness and Godliness…and repels evilness and ungodliness. Moreover, even if our “presence” does not draw people closer to the Lord, it can at least be a polar force-field that holds people from moving towards more evilness and ungodliness.

But, if we are not “occupying” the lives of the people around us…if we are checked out…disconnected…busy…and unavailable…then all we are doing is opening the door to satan. If we are not “occupying”, then we can count on the fact that satan will move in to “occupy” our space…satan WILL INFALLIBLY plant evil people who are an evil influence in the lives of the people around us.

Now, I am NOT suggesting that you should go around trying to control people…because that will never work…and besides, that is NOT God’s model. There will undoubtedly be people who turn to Christ as a result of the witness that your life is to them.  At the same time, it is unlikely that all of the people around you will live exactly as they should. However, your Godly presence can most definitely keep people in check. Your Godly presence can hold people back from going even farther away from God. This, combined with your good and Godly works, combined with the good and Godly works of other Christians, allows goodness and Godliness to prevail and evilness and ungodliness to be thwarted, minimized, or destroyed.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, LET US OCCUPY until our Lord’s return!  And, in whatever way you can, expand the space that you occupy…squeeze out the works of darkness even more.


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  1. This post is SO wonderful! Last year God said the word OCCUPY to me. He has consistently given me more clarity on it. This post is an answer to pray and I thank you for writing it so clearly and impactfully. I’ve got to share this on LinkedIn or at least to my email list, but first I think I will print and laminate so I can read it each morning for awhile. God bless you! Thank you.

  2. You are moving with our LION of JUDAH!
    Let it be done unto me as you have share THE WORD of HIS SPIRIT!
    Great GRACE,FULL,RICH MERCY continue to be your daily portion constantly,more than anything else,from now on,from the holy Heavens to the wholly healing of your earth!
    My perfect LOVE-Charity BE with you wholly,in our Liberator YaShua-JESUS!

  3. Yah, great! I had this email on “hold” for about a week, unread. Now that I read it – perfect timing! I’m being persecuted for years now in my neighborhood, from unsaved neighbors (and even a couple of saved neighbors). This, I believe, is for moving forward in Christ; not being complacent. This sometimes happens (persecution), when maturity and growth are being exercised. The whole neighborhood is up against me for no particular reason at all (just slander). One of the words a couple of years ago, among others, God told me to do was: “Stand Strong!” The words you mentioned above. That’s just a confirmation to FIGHT, OCCUPY! And I’ve been thinking the last few days, why do I have to allow myself to be pushed around? Fight! Occupy! In the Lord!

  4. Participating in the “Comments” section in internet articles is a form of “Occupying”. I think secular internet sites need us the most. Where else are they going to get a shining light? Stand strong!

  5. It is an absolutely correct point than Lane makes. Too many people think that asking God and then lacking in action is the conduit to receiving gods blessing. In James it is very clear, I will show you my faith by my works. Infinite possibilities are within us to manifest and create wealth, but we need ideas, wisdom, strategy, drive, motivation and immense perseverance to win.

    Keep the fire burning for the kingdom of god.


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