Funny, How We Get The Time Thing Backwards…

When we are having fun, time flies by. It all happens so fast.

If we aren’t careful, good times will be nothing more than a blur that’s over with before we know it because we didn’t slow down to savor the moment.

Then, someone will ask how it was and we’ll say something like, “It was great”. And they’ll ask back, “What was great about it?” And we can’t really tell them because we were busy flying through it and weren’t really paying attention.

But now, let’s consider the other side of this coin…

When things are bad, when we are going through hard times, when the trials and difficulties of life come our way, it’s like time stops.

We start thinking that it will always be like this. We start believing that it’s forever. We get caught up in the emotions that it will never get better, that we’re forever doomed.

And we don’t even wait for someone to ask, we just start telling everyone we can get to half-way listen how bad it is – in full detail. I mean, we can give more gory details about how bad our situation is than the listener would ever want to hear. When tough times come, it’s amazing how quickly we can develop a full, clear picture of it and how clearly we can articulate it.

Is it just me or are we all crazy for doing this?

Here’s what I suggest…

During those times of goodness and fullness of life that God has for us, let’s slow down time by paying more attention to:

  • The vibrancy of colors
  • The spectrum of sounds
  • The range of feelings
  • The vastness and depth of sights
  • The fabulous tastes of life
  • The amazing smells of renewal, growth, and refreshment

As we experience good times, let’s imagine that we will soon be required to give a complete description of our “good time” to someone who’s never experienced anything like it. Let’s capture every little nuance and every little detail. Let’s become aware and alive. Let’s get the real experience of it. And then let’s share it with someone so that they become inspired to enjoy life more fully too.

Then, when those not-so-pleasant times come, let’s just learn whatever lessons we can glean from them. Let’s grow from them in every way that we can. And, as we’re learning and growing, let’s dismiss all the negative and gory details as insignificant.

In this way, we’ll just let those bad times fly by and slow down those good times so we can fully enjoy them.

What do you think?


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