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The Bible is a God-given book that teaches us the way to salvation…we know that. But, it is also the greatest book ever written about success, happiness, peace, and well-being. Bizarrely, instead of being people’s most-read, first-accessed book, it is typically the book people read least and access last.

Experience and observation has proven to me that there is no faster way to improve one’s circumstances and conditions in life than to get into the Word of God and accept, absorb, embrace, and apply the truths, mindsets, strategies, tactics, beliefs, and perspectives that it reveals.

Between the things God has endowed us with innately…and His Holy Word the Bible…God has given us everything we need to succeed. And, this success…OUR success…is totally free.

In other words, God has ALREADY GIVEN success to us. All we have to do to PROGRESSIVELY RECEIVE this God-given success is study the Bible…grasp the instructions it contains…think, believe, accept, learn, and work in harmony with what it reveals…and incredible, uniquely-personalized success in every area of our life is infallibly ours…complements of God Himself.

Amazingly, too many individuals REJECT the success that God has for them. They snub, rebuff, disregard, “brush-off”, and “turn up their nose” at God’s path to success. They don’t want God’s success for them…they want SOMEONE ELSE to GIVE them success. So, these individuals go seek, push, plead, and beg for “gifts” from other people…thinking that IF they can just get a certain specific “gift” from other people, THEN they will finally be able to move into the success they want to enjoy.

But God…in His amazing love…even for individuals who reject His plan and path of success for them…will FOR A TIME actually BLOCK these individuals from receiving “gifts” from other people. These individuals seek, push, plead, and beg for “gifts” from other people…and in one way or another, God thwarts and prevents them from actually being able to receive those “gifts”. In other words, FOR A TIME, God will see to it that these individuals DO NOT get the very “gifts” they think they want…and that they are “praying” for.

Perhaps you have even experienced this yourself. Perhaps you have went asking for “gifts” from other people…all while “praying” that God would move these people to give you the “gifts” you wanted from them…but the gift never materialized. Well Hallelujah…you just got BLOCKED by God’s goodness and mercy TO YOU!

God does not want you seeking “gifts” from other people because THAT is NOT what is best for YOU! God does NOT want you seeking FALSE-SUCCESS from other people. God wants you to receive the TRUE-SUCCESS that He has for you.

Think about what I am saying to you in these terms…

Would you seek salvation from someone else…instead of from God through Jesus Christ?

Well, if you are a Christian, and if you know anything at all about God, your answer is, “Of course not!” You know that the first and greatest commandment is that you are to have no other gods before you (Exodus 20:3, Matthew 22:36-40). You know that there is no other source for salvation (Acts 4:12). You know that God wants you to work out your own salvation between you and Him (Philippians 2:12). In short, you know that God does not want you seeking salvation from anyone else except Him!

And GET THIS…it is exactly the same with your success. God does not want you seeking success and well-being from other people. God wants you seeking success and well-being from Him…namely, by being in right-relationship and by growing in right-operation with Him according to His laws, commandments, and principles.

As you move into right-relationship with God…and as you grow in right-operation with God…you will find that your success will invariably involve YOU providing certain value, benefit, and service TO OTHER people…as it naturally SHOULD…because this is God’s second great commandment (Mark 12:31) to us.

Now, why is that God specifically wants you seeking success only from Him? It is because success that has been worked out between you and God is REAL, ENDURING, SUSTAINABLE success. In contrast, false-success “gifts” received from other people merely put you in a slavish, weak, unpleasant, disagreeable position…and that is NOT the position that God wants you in. God does not want His people “being the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:43-44). God wants His people to “be the head” (Deuteronomy 28:13).

In Joshua chapter 9, we can read about a group of people (the Gibeonites) who sought their “success” from other people (the Israelites)…and verse 23 gives us the pronouncement that came as a result: “Now therefore, ye are cursed, and there shall none of you be freed from being bondmen, and hewers of wood and drawers of water“.

By seeking their success from other people instead of from God directly, these people cursed themselves to a menial life of misery…and this PRINCIPLE is just as true today as it was back in the time of Joshua.

This principle is expressed all through the Bible in a multitude of ways and through a multitude of stories. Perhaps the bluntest and plainest expression of it is where God says to us: “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:5

The preceding verse logically takes us to this verse: “For such as be blessed of [God] shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.” Psalms 37:22

What does it mean to be “cut off”? Well, there are both spiritual and natural aspects…but with regard to the natural, it means, “thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore” (Deuteronomy 28:29).

If you want to further explore the principle of seeking success from God only, I particularly recommend that you take a look at Isaiah 30:1-3 and Isaiah 31:1-3.

Now, going back to the phrase, “for a time” that I emphasized above…an individual CAN persist in ignoring the principle…an individual CAN continue rejecting God’s model…an individual CAN push forward with what they personally want…until God acquiesces to their “stubbornness and hardness of heart” and releases them…and turns them over to the misery, loss, and destruction that lies at the end of what they think they want.

Take a closer look at any person who has spent years seeking false-success “gifts” from other people…and you will see exactly what I mean…you will see someone who is clearly “the tail”. It was NEVER what God wanted or intended for them…but it is what they have “insisted” upon for their own self.

The kind of individual I am talking about here is operating under the false-belief…the illusion…that IF someone would just give them a certain-sized “gift”, THEN everything would be okay…THEN life would be good for them…THEN they could “get on their feet”…THEN they could FINALLY enjoy life…THEN they could do some particular ministry.

But, what such a person has FAILED TO LEARN FROM THEIR OWN PRIOR EXPERIENCES is that false-success “gifts” do not EVER produce true-success.

Actually, it would not matter how big of a “gift” such an individual was given…they could be given a “gift” that was 10 times bigger than what they “thought” they needed/wanted…and in a very short time, they would be in a situation that was an even worse mess with even bigger problems…than the situation they were in before they received the “gift”.

As the Bible tells us, “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Psalms 127:1). In other words, you cannot succeed by going down any other path except God’s path for you. To try to succeed on some other path that excludes God…or that is outside of God…is foolishness.  Any path except God’s path is one sure to lead to failure.

This brings us full-circle back to the importance of the Bible. Consider these prophetic words spoken by men who failed to understand their own words: “But this people who knoweth not the law are cursed.” John 7:49

Let us make sure that we are regular partakers of God’s Word…let us make sure that we accept, absorb, embrace, and apply the truths, mindsets, strategies, tactics, beliefs, and perspectives that God specifically reveals to us in His Word…so that we can be blessed rather than cursed.

Also, remember that the enemy of your soul and your life is come “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10)…so, IF satan can distract you from absorbing God’s Word to you in the Bible…IF he can convince you that the Bible is not important or relevant to you…or, IF he can get you to postpone embracing the Bible until a later time…then he has effectively defeated you and blocked you from the success that you want and that God wants you to have.

My advice is that you decide to succeed…by becoming a living expression of God’s spirit and God’s blessings…which is accomplished by you becoming a student and an implementer of God’s Word.

Also, remember that it does not matter if a person does not know the Word of God…or if they just ignore and reject it. Either way, a person gets to suffer the consequences of not receiving what is freely available to them. God’s Word is freely available to us…and therefore, we are not excused from the consequences of not living His Word. Whether there is an ignorance of God’s Word…or a rebellion against God’s Word…either way effectively produces failure spiritually and naturally.


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  1. I eat the word but I need to eat it like I’m starving. God’s word to us is easy to understand if we are open to receive. This word had my name on it. God bless you richly for being obedient in publishing this today.

  2. Thank you for your website, I helps make an often misunderstood subject in Christian circles easier to navigate. Continued success to you and your ministry.

  3. Thank you so much for your message Mr. Fox…It was very timely…I was a little concerned because it’s been so long since I’ve received a message of inspiration from you…Thank you again and please as the Lord leads you keep the messages coming.

  4. Great Word!!! I want to add the words of Abraham who is the Father of all those Accept Jesus Christ by Faith. Abraham said, I will not allow any man to say he has made Abraham RICH!!!

  5. Thank you for your concern TT. All is well and all grows better on my end. The last couple of years have been extremely busy for me…hence my absence. Things are still busy for me…my days are filled with the business of creating and doing good…but God has continued to give me messages…and it is time for me to get them out to the MFJ community so that everyone can benefit from them.

  6. Lane, So good to hear from you! I was concerned and glad to know all is well. As always a Word in season! Thank you.
    Any chance you can recommend a Bible study guide that teaches biblical principles on how to become successful God’s way for purchase?

  7. hi lane, i just read your letter, at times i can see god work like this, but he knows our hearts and at times he use’s other people to test our walk on where our hearts truly are ( he knows ) . if we are blessed by him and when a brother come’s to us in need and we can help them and don’t he see’s..( 1 JOHN 3:17). our true heart not just what we say. some time it is god’s will to help someone come out of a snare the devil layed for him.. because we own nothing here it all belongs to god..i do not put god in a box that he does it one way. our understanding falls short of his.. word’s are word’s. in the book of act’s they helped each other and no one went without. that is how we are to still be one to another. it’s not about the money, it’s about his people ( how we treat the least of his) so sometime it’s not about them it’s a test for us…. where do we really put our trust.. he did not die on that cross for us to have a big house & 3 car’s. your brother in the lord

  8. Thanks for the mail, …i was just a day behind from giving my test.. And in my head I thought all sort of things about how to impress my interviewers…I had also prayed to God to help me impress them, but now i know that i should only look to impress God , our Living Father. Kindly pray that I may abide by the Holy Bible’s principles in my tests tomorrow and do my best and leave the rest with God

  9. Thank you for your timely message, really needed it. During the time I have not got teaching letters from you, have worked with my mindsets as
    you have teached and have been seeking Jesus Christ more deeply into my life. Now waiting for the fruits. Thank you for your guidance and your obedience to God, our Father. God bless you and your family and ministry in a big way!

  10. Hello… it is so great to recieve your messages again, I have missed them dearly and actually thought that I may have been deleted from the MFJ family community… You must know that your messages are God inspired and very timely for this hour…. Stay blessed…..

  11. Hi Lane,

    Thanks for the inspiring message. Actually I was reading from Psalms 1:1 – 3 and told myself if that is what the bible is saying then I might fix my soul and mind on that word and surely I will see God bring me to my destiny. This is truly God laying our message on your heart to share with us. Be blessed

  12. got your email 7 days ago but couldn’t open it till now. supposed to do a couple of construction jobs with someone else, but now I see that God wants me to look to Him as the source for jobs……not go through someone else. I can live with that! It’s so much sweeter through Him anyway. I love Him! Thanx God!

  13. Hi Joe! My prayer is that God moves in each person’s heart and mind as they read the articles God gives me. So, I am assuming that God has in fact impressed upon your heart and mind what He wanted you to understand.

    At the same time, I want to make sure that it is clear that the success God has for us will involve us providing value, benefit, and service TO AND WITH other people 99.99% of the time…allowing for perhaps 0.01% of the time when God moves in a unique, lesson-oriented way such as He did with Peter finding money in a fish mouth (Matthew 17:27).

    Now, I know nothing of the details of your business situation or arrangement. Again, I am assuming God has impressed upon you exactly what He wanted you to understand and do. You should always honor and obey what you believe is right in your heart between you and God. So, understand that I am not trying to change anything that God has dealt with you about.

    At the same time, it can be easy for people to get off track…so I am going to use your scenario to make sure people operate with wisdom and discretion…

    IF your arrangement in doing construction jobs with another person is MUTUALLY beneficial…IF the arrangement is good for both of you…IF the arrangement provides fair value for both of you…IF you are coming to this other person from the perspective that you are a value-provider who is available to join forces with them that will result in greater shared good…then in general, there is nothing wrong with such an arrangement…as long as you recognize that God is the source of your provision and blessings…and your trust and confidence is in the Lord…instead of in this other person.

    In contrast, if you are coming to this other person from the frame of mind that they are a “blessings giver” and you are seeking a “financial favor” from them…then that is NOT what God wants you doing…that is NOT God’s plan for you…or for any of his people.

    And again, to make sure that what I am saying is clear…seeking a “financial favor” is NOT the same thing as seeking value-providing employment. There is nothing wrong with seeking value-providing employment…there is a time and a place for that…and obviously, you have to go talk to people and ask them for the opportunity to serve, benefit, and provide value to them…but again, that is different from just seeking a “financial favor” from someone you have idolized or exalted as a “blessings giver”.

    It is NEVER God’s will for us to seek value or benefit from other people without EXCHANGING an equal or greater value/benefit with them. And, it is NEVER God’s will for us to place our trust and confidence in other people.

    Other people are merely the “channel” through which God’s blessings flow to us…again, in a value/benefit EXCHANGE. These other people are NOT the “source” of our blessings…God is the source…and people are the “channel”…and God may well orchestrate and arrange things such that the “channel” changes frequently…or rarely. Any way God does it WILL be good.

  14. This was a Rhema word for me, this was truly an answer from God. I do not need to pursuit the Nonprofit. I need to wait on God to open doors in that area. Then I will know it’s a gift from God. Thank you Mr. Lane, for re-educating me in the Word of God.I received it wholeheartedly.

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