They Don’t Think You Can Be A


But When You Listen To This…


Dear Friend,

You have no doubt realized that it is possible for you to become a Millionaire For Jesus.  Obviously, you’ve seen and heard about others who have already joined this special club.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like when YOU become a Millionaire For Jesus?

As you continue to read each word of this page, and you think about becoming a Millionaire For Jesus, the more you feel excitement about it.  Doesn’t just the thought of being one get you energized about the possibilities of how God uses you?

Stop for a moment.  And recall a time when you were trying to improve your financial situation.  And no matter how hard you tried you were unable to make a substantial difference.  You were unable to achieve what you wanted.  Maybe it is still painful for you.  You don’t have to keep repeating your past failures.

Now, stop and consider that same event, and this time, imagine; because you now know what other Millionaires For Jesus know and because you are able to do the same things they do, it is different.  Feel what it is like.  See yourself easily, naturally, and effectively succeeding.  As you experience the satisfaction of achieving what you desire, Now.  This is what you’ve wanted for a long time and haven’t been able to achieve, yet.

Stop once more, and think about someone who is able to create increasing amounts of money and at the same time, they are used of God to accomplish great things in His Kingdom.  Experience how they are able to accomplish more in a day than most people can in a year.  You can do this…just as they can.  How wonderful to experience your money problems disappearing and know that it can happen.

Perhaps even now you realize that the more you develop your awareness of how Millionaires For Jesus think and what they do, the more you realize you are able to achieve your goals, outcomes, and desires.  And because of this, you are obviously aware that it is absolutely necessary to have this expanded awareness.

Recognize that this letter contains the answer to expanding your awareness of what Millionaires For Jesus think and do.

Here’s what happened.  I corralled a very successful Millionaire For Jesus and I grilled him – literally – for over two (2) hours.  And, I recorded the entire session.

Here are just a few of the questions that I asked:

  1. What is your success formula?

  2. What is your wealth formula?

  3. How do you become a millionaire?

  4. How do you earn enough money to get to the millionaire level?

  5. What do the rich do that the poor do not do?

  6. How do the rich think differently than the poor?

  7. How do you break away from a “poor mentality” and develop a “success consciousness”?

  8. How do you overcome limiting beliefs?

  9. How do you overcome fear and doubt?

  10. How do you get connected with the right kind of people who can help you be more successful?

  11. How do you protect your wealth?

In all, I asked nearly 50 questions and you want the answers to them all.

As you listen to these CD’s, listen carefully for:

  • The surprising insight into when you REALLY make money.

  • Becoming a millionaire the slow way or the fast way – you get to choose.

  • How to know which opportunities to take advantage of and which ones to walk away from.

  • How to make sure an opportunity pans out.

  • Why the poor continue to be poor.

  • What every successful person has learned to do and what you must learn to do if you want to be successful.

  • How to decide what you should or should not spend your time on.

  • The question your success hinges upon that you should be asking of people you interact with.

  • The one single thing you must be willing to do if you want to be successful.  If you are not willing to do this one thing, it’s impossible for you to be successful – and it may be the one thing that’s holding you back right now.

  • The life-changing lesson revealed in the “Hamburger Grill” story.

  • Where your problems will come from when your wealth starts building and how to survive them.

  • Why satisfaction is your worst enemy.

  • Insight into passive income and multiple income streams.

  • The inspiring, “don’t-miss-this” story of the “School Counselor” who took it upon herself to tell a young man that he would “never amount to anything”.

  • How to turn what other people say about you into even greater success for yourself.

  • What happens to people who don’t fail.

  • Why someone with a “bad” background has a better chance at becoming wealthy than someone with a “good” background.

  • How to maintain thoughts that lead you to the success you want.

  • The one thing you must have in your life to get to where you want to be financially.

  • What you should tell everyone you come in contact with.

  • Who it is that you should be seeking out to help you attain millionaire status

  • The five kinds of friends you must have.

  • How to overcome hurtful criticism.

  • The main component that you must have to become a millionaire.

  • How to make sure you are the person that people think of when they need what it is that you do.

  • The thing you must do every day that will catapult your success by gigantic leaps and bounds.

  • What you must be willing to do in order to become a millionaire.

  • The incredible story that will make you laugh and cry of how God performed a miracle – at the last minute.

  • How to be careful that you don’t miss out on an even bigger blessing.

  • And much, much more.

You realize for yourself how valuable and beneficial this information is to you.  You want these CD’s.  Go inside yourself and imagine all the benefits you will receive from getting the answers to these questions.

Now, if you consider just the basic value of a millionaire’s time ($500 per hour) this 2+ hour recording has a MINIMUM value of $1,000.  When you add in the additional value of the millionaire’s very best money-making wisdom and experience, this CD program becomes even more valuable.  Without a doubt, this interview is easily worth $1,500.

When I asked others what I should charge for these CD’s, several came back and said $295.  Others said $149.  The “Cheap-Skate” guy told me I should sell them for $79.

But, I decided to disregard all of their advice because I want you to be able to get your hands on these CD’s no matter what your present situation is.

I am so sure that these CD’s will help you immensely that I’ve decided to practically “give” them away at a flat $25 for US orders and $30 for international orders.  And, I’ll even pay the shipping costs to get them to you.

This is an offer you’ll find yourself looking back and feeling wonderful that you were able to act on it immediately!

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I come across something like this and think about how blessed I was to find it – because being able to listen to men and women who have already achieved Millionaire For Jesus status is one of the fastest ways for you to become one too.  And I’m so glad it’s available!

Start to imagine yourself being a Millionaire For Jesus.  Now, how wonderful that feels.  Wouldn’t it be great to be one?  You know it is possible for you to become a Millionaire For Jesus.  I know you can become one.  Many others already have.

Here’s your opportunity to move forward.  Now you can be one of the few who knows that the secrets revealed in this recording really work!

So Look:  As you imagine all the breakthroughs that will manifest for you, after listening to this recording and imagine a time in the future, glowing with the success this powerful recording will bring you, and looking back on this moment of decision as having been the start of it, recognizing that the solution is a click away...

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You can do nothing or move in a new direction… So as you think about it that way, again, the choice is yours, Now!

Peace, Love, and Blessings,

PS: Imagine it’s 10 years from now.  What kinds of things will you have already accomplished in God’s Kingdom?  What new things will you be doing?  Recognize that it all starts with having made the right choice today!


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