The SRS Formula…

In order for you to be a Millionaire For Jesus, you must be able to repeat your success over and over.

You must be able to conduct business transactions over and over where you earn a profit from each transaction. You need income coming in to you that you can repeat over and over – and that you can easily repeat.

To be a Millionaire For Jesus, you must be “worth” a million dollars because of the value that you provide to others through your products and services that you repeatedly sell on a sustainable basis.

This is a very different model from trying to be “worth” a million dollars by providing value as an employee in someone else’s business. Hopefully I made it clear in the last post that trying to get to big money as an “employee” isn’t sustainable or repeatable.

On the other hand, a Millionaire For Jesus is someone whose business and net worth is based on Sustainable and Repeatable Sales (SRS).

So, start thinking about how you are going to sell your KEABA (defined in previous posts) to others in a sustainable and repeatable pattern. Then, put the SRS Formula to work for you so that you can go to work for Jesus.


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