Success According To God’s Design…

I’m wondering, has it become the case that you so want things to be a certain way that you’re starting to become impatient and frustrated?

Even worse, is your over-anxiousness starting to move you towards wrong choices and decisions…in an effort to MAKE the good you want come to you faster?

My friend, you don’t “make” good come to you. Rather, you DO the right things that LET good MATERIALIZE in your life.

Maybe, after you finish reading this article, it would be a good time for you to open up your Bible to the story of Abraham and Sara and the mistakes they made…the pain they cost themselves…the trouble they caused themselves and others…trouble that’s still going on today…all because they were over-anxious to have the child God had told them He would give them.

Now, permit me to remind you of something…

God’s primary mode of operation is the Law of Sowing and Reaping…the Law of Seasons…the Law of Process…

YOUR business is sowing right thoughts and right actions so that you reap the good you desire.

And here’s the deal…there is ALWAYS an interval of time between the sowing and reaping. No person has ever planted something good and immediately harvested the fruits and rewards…never!

What is that period in the middle between planting and harvesting?

It’s the period of GROWTH, right?

It’s YOUR time for growth…it’s YOUR time to increase your capacity to provide value to mankind and your ability to bring glory to God.

So, when you ACCEPT God’s design of sowing…GROWTH…reaping, THEN life becomes much easier, happier, and enjoyable. There’s far less stress and frustration. You can just relax into knowing that your good is on its way…that it is materializing.

And besides…right now…during this period when YOU GET TO GROW…everything really is ok. Is it perfect and ideal? Probably not…but overall, you really are ok.

Now, let me make a slight shift…the sooner a person gets focused on sowing their OWN good, the sooner they can start reaping their OWN good.

Why am I saying this?

There are those people who both sow “bad stuff” in their own garden of life and they neglect taking care of it. But, when harvest time comes, they don’t want the LACK that their “LACK of good sowing” has produced.

So then, they look around and want some “neighbor” who has sowed “goodness and blessings”…one who harnessed and directed his/her mind and activities for goodness and blessings…one who put a lot of hard work into taking care of his/her garden of life…to give of his/her good harvest to them…even though they’ve done nothing to deserve or earn the good that the “neighbor” has worked so hard to produce.

In Matthew 25 we read about 10 virgins…all of them were good people…but five of them were wise ones who took care of their OWN good…and the other five were foolish because they “wanted” the wise ones to give them of their “good”…and they were instructed to go get their own good for themselves.

We each have to take care of our own harvest by first sowing and then growing into the harvest we want.

That’s the model the Bible gives us.


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