God’s Gift That Gives You Everything You Want

Are you aware that God has given you a special gift that has unfathomable potential?

Do you realize this gift God has given you is everything you need to get and enjoy all that you want to get and enjoy…this gift is everything you need to be able to help the people God wants you to help?

Did you know that when you accept and embrace this gift it brings you unending joy, happiness, and satisfaction?

Oddly enough, there are some people who have not accepted this gift from God…some have even went so far as to refuse this gift.

What is this gift I’m speaking of?

The gift of work…the gift of achieving and accomplishing…the gift of producing and providing.

Now, consider this…

Anything that a wealthy person does to create wealth a non-wealthy person can do too.

Anything that a person with money is doing to create money…well, a person without money could do the same thing to create money too.

But, they don’t.

It has to do with their perspective, their focus, their attention…and their willingness.

For example, wealthy people are concerned about being valuable…about creating and delivering value to other people.

That’s something that anyone can do.

But, non-wealthy people aren’t concerned about value…they’re concerned about just getting by. Or, they’re concerned about WHO is going to GIVE them what they want…and those are the people who are really suffering financially.

Wealthy people TALK to other people to FIND OUT what they would pay money for.

That’s something that anyone can do.

Wealthy people take what they LEARN from people and they creatively come up with a way to PROVIDE people with what they will pay for.

That’s something that anyone can do.

Wealthy people MARKET and SELL whatever it is that they’ve come up with that people want and will pay for.

That’s something that anyone can do.

Really, it is!

Right now, if you really put your mind to it, you could begin doing all of these things that wealthy people do. And, if you wanted to be smart about it, you could go to your local library, check out an armload of books and in a week or two, you’d have enough knowledge on these subjects to get started.

Literally, one to two weeks of study and research is all you need…the rest of what you need to learn you can learn AFTER you GET STARTED.

Getting started…that too is something that anyone can do.

But only successful, wealthy people actually do.

It’s interesting…successful, wealthy people became that way because they were willing to get started right where they were at with whatever resources they had. And, if you track back to the roots of MOST successful, wealthy people you’ll invariably find that that “where they were at” wasn’t exactly the greatest of circumstances…and the “resources they had” were quite limited…and THEY STARTED ANYWAY.

They started SMALL and through the GIFT OF WORK, their circumstances improved and their resources increased.

But strangely, non-wealthy people don’t want to start small. They want somebody to GIVE them several million dollars so they can start BIG!

Non-wealthy people want to go from a non-existent enterprise to an internationally recognized enterprise…they want to go from no resources to unlimited resources…and they want this to happen almost instantly…without any pain, embarrassment, or abasement on their part.

Thousands and thousands of people have told me that God called them to a ministry…and even though God “called” them, they are ready to give up and abandon their calling because they don’t know how to go from nothing to international…they don’t know how to go from nothing to unlimited resources…so they do little to nothing…except complain to people and God about how God called them but He won’t give them the resources they need…

But, He did! He already gave you what you needed. He gave you…

The gift of work!

STARTING HUGE is NOT God’s model of ministry or business. Go read your Bible…you’ll find that God’s model is ALWAYS about starting SMALL.

God’s model is always about YOU starting small…humbling yourself down…abasing yourself…so that God can make you great.

It’s in your Bible…from front to back!

We could use any great person from the Bible but let’s use King David. God “called” him to be King of Israel…David was literally anointed by God’s prophet to be the King of Israel and yet it was years before he actually reached that position. And, before he reached that position, the Bible recounts what a lowly, humble, and in several cases humiliating and embarrassing lifestyle David lived.

How many people do you know that are willing to humble themselves down to a small and lowly lifestyle so that God can bless and exalt them?

What about you?

There’s more…

In the case of David, the whole time he was small and lowly, he was busy WORKING, doing the best that he knew how to do before God and man.

This mindset that David had is revealed to us by his son in Ecclesiastes 2:14… “The wise man’s eyes are in his head“.

In other words, a wise person…a successful person isn’t looking around at what’s OUTSIDE of them and letting what’s OUTSIDE of them dictate what they can or cannot do. Rather, they are using their IMAGINATION to “see” good things and then they WORK accordingly to the best of their ability.

Maybe, that’s a shift in perspective that you need to make?

The gift of God…

Everything you want is dependent upon YOU embracing this gift.

All your hopes and dreams…

Ecclesiastes 5:3 says, “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business [much work]

Notice, the Bible doesn’t say your dreams will come to you through some person giving you a gift out of their bounty.

A person can continue to want someone else to give them their good…a person can keep looping on that strategy…but I don’t advise that approach because it only serves to keep your good pushed away from you. What brings your good to you is WORK.

But, don’t take my advice…take God’s…

Ecclesiastes 3:13 tells us… “that every man should…enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

What “good” is your labor producing?

Consider that question carefully because all the good that which you wish to enjoy is dependent upon YOUR labor.

Work…it’s God’s gift…it’s God’s design…it’s God’s model…

Ecclesiastes 2:24 says, “There is nothing better for a man, than…that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.


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  1. I am a witness to this reality. I am literally experiencing this truth right now. God bless eveyone.

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