The Two Things That ALWAYS Precede God-Given Wealth, Riches, And Success…

Today, I hope to really encourage you…

Today, I hope to help you understand what’s really going on…

Today, I’m going to give you some of the most important advice that ANYONE could ever give you…

Let me start by quoting an email – and I get emails similar to this by the boatload which tells me that there are a lot of people struggling with this same issue. Here’s the email…

“I asked from the Lord to make me a millionaire this year.

The pastor of our church prayed on December 31st 2007 that 3 people will become potentially millionaires in the church congregation because we realized that Jesus made himself poor for us to be rich. And also because he considers us as his spouse, so a spouse can’t be poor as we are nowadays.

After this prayer I believed in my heart that this prophecy was for me. My heart beats all the time since that day. Few months after the lord showed his faithfulness and I was receiving money I never expected to get. But I realized that the money I was receiving disappeared as soon as I was using the money.

I was faithful to God and paid my tithes and offerings. The Lord connected me to business venture and I even started to get involved in a multimillionaire company. I knew it was from God, but now I feel as if it is all going astray.

I’m stuck financially and still believe that God can make a millionaire in a miraculous way by the end of the year. My faith is strong as solid stone.

I never fainted but I am always positive although the circumstances. I believe in my heart I deserve to have that amount of money because I fear the Lord with all my heart. I pray for God to keep me under his wings. I hope you have a response to my prayers.

Ms. B”

Now, the specifics of your situation are probably quite different than Ms. B’s but can you relate to things just not working out the way you want them to?

Well, if you can, here’s what you need to know…

All is well…all is right on track…the good you desire is coming – if you faint not.

All these things that are happening and then seem to not work out are God’s way of educating you, of building you up, of “trying” you to see if you’ll hold to faith.

The Bible is given to us for an example and when we study it, we learn that there’s always an “Egypt” experience followed by a “Wilderness” experience. And, it’s only after both of these experiences that we get the “Promised Land” experience.

As you well know, God came to Moses in a burning bush and personally told him to go tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go.

That’s a pretty direct calling, wouldn’t you say?

And yet, Moses shows up in Egypt, does what the Lord tells him, and EVERYTHING GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE!

Have you ever had that experience?

Well, in Moses’s case, he does what God tells him to do and NOW he has all of Egypt hating him AND all of Israel hating him.

Then, after Moses and the Children of Israel finally do get out of Egypt, they find themselves wandering in the desert…wearing the same pair of clothes and shoes way longer than they wanted to…eating the same kind of food until they were sick of it…often wondering where their next drink of water was going to come from…

That’s a pretty serious thing…go without water for a few days and you’ll soon enough be dead.

Can you relate to being in an experience where you’re not even sure how you’re going to survive?

And yet, at the same time, God was doing amazing, miraculous things for them like giving them a perfectly climate-controlled environment via a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night, their shoes never wearing out, the money and resources to build an amazing temple for God, etc.

Look around you…in spite of all the things that aren’t exactly the way you want them…what are the amazing, unbelievable, surreal things that God has done – and is doing – for you?

Well, for the children of Israel – those who stayed faithful to God – there soon enough came a day when they crossed over into the Promised Land – just as God promised they would.

It’s all the same for you. You’re on your way…

You’re on your way to your specific Promised Land…

You’ve got to take a pit-stop at your specific “Egypt” first…

Then, you’ve got to pass through your specific “Wilderness”…

And, whether you’re in your “Egypt” or your “Wilderness”…

Everything’s fine right now…

It really is…

Sure, it may even look like you’re going to lose something that’s important to you in the near future…

But, as of this very moment, everything really is ok.

And amazingly, everything’s going to work out for the very best. You’ll see.

Believe it or not, you really are going to end up in your very own God-given Promised Land – if you’ll just keep holding to the dream.

As far as the timing of things…

One of the ordinances that God has set up is a “Gestation” period.

If you plant a seed, there’s a gestation period before the seed appears visibly as a plant. Because people have planted a lot of seeds, we know what the gestation period is.

If a woman gets pregnant, we know from experience, there’s a 9-month gestation period before she gets to physically hold the baby.

We understand this from the natural side of things. But for some reason, we want to ignore this – we don’t want to accept this – on the spiritual side of things.

The fact is, there IS a gestation period for “spiritual” seeds too.

The difference is that because it’s a spiritual seed – and you’ve never “planted” this kind of seed before, you don’t have enough experience to know exactly what the gestation period is.

So, just because you don’t yet see when, where, or how the money you believe for is coming doesn’t mean it’s not coming. It just means that it’s still in its gestation period.

And, there’s nothing wrong for believing for it to happen within a period of a year. But, if it doesn’t show up in a year, that just means you “misjudged” the gestation period a bit and it’s still on its way.

Now, the question you may be asking is, “Is there some way to speed up the gestation period?”

The answer is yes. It’s by doing two things:

One, it’s getting yourself a mastermind partner. A mastermind partner gives you extra insight, wisdom, knowledge, experience, perspective, and help – which makes it possible for you to achieve your success faster, with fewer mistakes, with fewer setbacks, and fewer losses. (Check out this website:

Two, begin to serve people on a greater scale.

Prosperity is equal to serving people in a meaningful way on a large scale.

Let me repeat that…

Prosperity is equal to serving people in a meaningful way on a large scale.

The greater one serves people, the greater their prosperity.

Too often, people think becoming a millionaire is about getting lucky in some way and a bundle of money falling into their lap with little to no effort on their part.

People who think this way will NEVER become millionaires because they’re not following God’s model.

People who become millionaires are people who LEARN to serve others in a meaningful, valuable way.

Think about that word, “learn”…

Learning is often a laborious, arduous, unpleasant journey (i.e. “Egypt” and “Wilderness”).

But again, this is where a mastermind partner can help you identify ways that you can provide greater service and thereby attain prosperity faster than you can by yourself.

So, as it pertains to the good that you desire, remember these key points:

  1. In order to receive God’s blessings, you must be WILLING to first pass through “Egypt” and the “Wilderness” and only then will God bring you into your “Promised Land”.
  2. Prosperity is equal to serving people in a meaningful way on a large scale.
  3. Have a mastermind partner.

Do you fully realize the incredible value and importance in what I’ve just shared with you?

Yes, I believe you do!


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  1. The Land of Israel was not the inheritance of the Jews — 6:26 These are that Aaron and Moses to whom the LORD said: ‘Bring out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their hosts.’

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