You Be The Success Coach Today…

Sometimes, a person can help themselves the most by turning their attention away from their own situation and giving thought to another person’s situation and considering what the other person could do in order to be more successful.

In doing that, it’s amazing how new ideas and new realizations come to one’s mind for their own situation.

So, with that, I present to you an email that a woman sent me and I’m asking you to consider her situation and leave a comment below based on your thoughts and suggestions.

If you’ll participate and contribute a comment, I believe this could really be educational for everyone.

Here’s her story:


“I am desperate and even more than advice my family needs money. So I would like to know what you would do in my situation.

My husband works very hard. I am a stay home wife/mom. We have four children, 13, 10, 3, and 21 months. I am home because even if I worked, most if not all of my check would go towards child care for my two toddlers.

We have done credit counseling and was advised to file bankruptcy. We don’t have enough money left from our day to day living, to pay off bills. Well we can’t even afford to file bankruptcy! We need 900 dollars for that, and don’t have it.

I have an ebay store and I blog and it seems as though everything we try, we can’t get a grip on things, and still can’t pay our bills. We don’t have credit cards and our credit is so bad we have to pay cash for everything anyway.

We have a family friend who hit a 14 million dollar lottery and gambled it all away at the Casino. Why? My husband and I just want to be debt free and be able to buy a house for our family, and not have to worry about where the rent and grocery money is going to come from.

If we were blessed with 200,000.00 dollars you can best believe we would make the most of it, including helping who we can with what we can. There are rich people who bet that much money on golf games.

Do you know of any who would help a family like mine? Where are the millionaires for Jesus that would take a family like mine and give us a chance for a brand new start?”


What are your thoughts?

What’s this lady doing right and what’s she doing wrong?

How is she thinking right and how is she thinking wrong?

Where is her focus right and where is it wrong?

Click the COMMENTS link below and give us all your perspective, insight and wisdom so that everyone can benefit from it.


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  1. I can related with this woman, However solution doesnt come from man it comes from God.
    Poverty and financial struggle is not God’s will for our life. However the decisions we make in life which includes lack of planing , listen and obey God can often result to difficulties. And sometimes diffulties is all part of the process of success.

    God is a good and everything will work out for your good if you seek God knowledge and wisdom about this situation not man.

    You have a talent, even though you are a stay at home mum. How can you use this talent to grow your family.

    You have been an amazing mother to your kids. Thus, you have spent time studying children within a safe environment. You are an experience worker who just need to refine her gift through training or practice.

    You can do some thing about it if you just look at what God has given you. Use it… it is the blessing of the Lord that brings wealth.

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