How well is the worlds’ system working for you?

The worlds’ system is to take our KEABA (See previous articles) and shackle us down to an 8-5 job in exchange for a steady paycheck, in exchange for benefits, in exchange for a 401K plan, etc.

The world tells us that life is safer and it’s more secure if you do it their way.

Here’s a small sampling of what happens when you follow along with their lie:

  1. They tell you how much you are worth.
  2. They will give you just enough to get by. If you are extremely disciplined, you can even get a little bit ahead.
  3. They tell you what benefits you can or cannot have.
  4. They tell you when you will work – including weekends if they so choose.
  5. You spend more time with ungodly people than you do with your own family.
  6. You have no time or energy to do a work for God.
  7. After you’ve given them your life and you are ready to retire, they tell you how you can and cannot spend your retirement money. If you don’t “obey” them, then they will penalize you by taking away some of your money (i.e. fines and penalties).

I could go on and on but you get the point.

So, my question to you is, “How can you truly say you are a servant of Christ’s when you are bound to the world’s system in order to survive?”

In the world’s system, you become just a “sparrow” among many other “sparrows”.

But God’s Word says we are of more value than many “sparrows” (Matthew 10:31 and Luke 12:7). In other words, you can have the income that is equal to that of “many” people in the world’s system.

But if we are going to have this level of income, if we are to become Millionaires For Jesus, then we are going to have to get out of this world’s system and get into God’s system.

As I said in the previous post, develop and expand your KEABA and start offering your KEABA on the open market.


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