An Important Truth Known by the Wealthy…

There’s an important truth that wealthy people understand…

Not only do they understand it, they’ve done everything that’s necessary to make sure they are on the RIGHT side of this truth…

This truth is easy to understand. Here it is:

Those who do not promote, market, and sell both the value they themselves possess along with some useful product or service will ALWAYS be at the mercy of those who do.

Like I said, it’s easy to understand but only wealthy people have implemented this truth in their lives.

Notice the requirements: promotion, marketing, selling, possessing value, salable product or service.

To be truly wealthy (meaning that you can generate significant income in spite of other people, the economy, the stock market, or any other outside “tyrant”), you’ve got to meet ALL the requirements!

For example, if you’re working in a job, you obviously possess some value or your employer wouldn’t keep you on the payroll. But, because you aren’t meeting ALL the requirements, YOU’RE AT THE MERCY OF YOUR EMPLOYER!

Your employer decides what they’re going to pay you – not you. Your employer decides when you can get a raise – not you. Your employer decides if you’re eligible for a promotion – not you. Your employer decides what work you’re going to do – not you. Your employer decides where you’re going to work – not you. Your employer decides when you have to be at work and when you can leave work – not you.

No doubt, you could continue on with a lot of other things that your employer decides for you but the obvious point is that YOU are at the mercy of your employer.

In contrast, wealthy people DO NOT allow themselves to stay in a position where someone else makes their choices for them. Rather, they are ALWAYS working towards gaining more control over their choices so that they may ENJOY GREATER FREEDOM.

Plus, wealthy people have something exciting to get out of bed for…they get to “go to work” in an environment where they can give AND receive – where they can give value and receive just compensation for that value.

And, in the event that an unpleasant relationship crops up, wealthy people just FIRE that person – they eliminate them from their dealings – because there are simply too many good people to do business with to mess around with users, takers, trouble-makers, slackers, negativists, or any other kind of problem-person.

Now, let’s consider a couple of erroneous ideas that many people have…

Fallacy #1: To become more successful, a person must get an advanced education and obtain a higher degree.

The truth is that while a degree will usually open the way up to better opportunities (because you have increased your “value” to some extent) you are still yet at the mercy of others. In contrast, the person who has no university degree whatsoever but has developed a “street smart business savvy” by interacting with lots of people to find out what products or services they would readily pay for and developing the corresponding promotion, marketing, and sales skills to be able to pull it off will soon enough gain both personal and financial independence.

Fallacy #2: To become wealthy, a person has to invent something.

The truth is that being just an inventor will never make you wealthy. In fact, right now, there are thousands of people who’ve invented all sorts of interesting and useful things – and they’ll never get beyond poverty level. Why? It’s because money comes from other people – not from a product.

A product without an interested audience is worthless. In contrast, an audience of people who like you and trust you to bring them the products or services they want is worth millions or even billions.

That’s why wealthy people are always building and developing a network – an audience – of people that they have a positive relationship with – and that’s why they’re always asking questions of those people – seeking to find out what’s important to them – seeking to find out what they want. Then, they go find someone who has what their audience wants and resells it to them for a profit – or if they can’t find it, then they create it for their audience.

Ok, let’s look at this truth one more time…

Those who do not promote, market, and sell both the value they themselves possess along with some useful product or service will ALWAYS be at the mercy of those who do.

Maybe, as you consider this truth against your own situation, you realize that you’re on the WRONG side of this truth. Maybe, you realize that it’s now time to begin the transition over onto the RIGHT side. If so, right where you’re at, begin to learn what you need to learn, begin to develop the skills you need to develop, begin to build an audience of people who like and trust you. As you develop this audience, seek for product and or service ideas. Soon enough, you’ll move away from being at the mercy of other people and towards having independence and freedom – both personally and financially.


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