How To Allow What We Want To Manifest In Our Life – Part 1

Ecclesiastes 11:4 – “He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.”

  • A person can always find reasons within themselves to not step out and try something new.
  • There will always be people who will tell you that you can’t do it or that you shouldn’t do it.
  • When you base your actions and your beliefs on external appearances and circumstances, you will always get more of what you already have. As implied, this means that you WILL NOT get that which you do want.
  • To start manifesting new, different, and better results in your life, you must start looking at something besides external circumstances.
  • That’s where your mind comes into play. You use your mind to imagine, create, and visualize the external circumstances that you really want.
  • Once you’ve used your creative imagination to build a clear mental vision of what you really want, your free-will and your faith then come into play.
  • You use the free-will that God has given you to choose to have faith in God that the “seeds” you have “planted” in your mind will start sprouting and growing into your external and physical world
  • Seed planted in your mind (positive or negative) will sprout and grow into your external world just as surely as planting a seed in the earth will sprout and grow.
  • Notice that there are dual obstacles… the obstacle of “planting” the seed and the obstacle of “harvesting” the fruit. You can fail to have what you want at either obstacle point. Many people never actually decide what they really want and then actively pursue it. But for those few who do, there is a second failure point… A person can go through all the effort of imagining, mentally creating, and visualizing what they want – sowing the seeds. But, if that same person doesn’t hold to what they’ve “planted” with their free-will and faith – regardless of what external circumstances look like – they’ll not reap the harvest.
  • Sowing and reaping in the physical sense is dirty, dusty, laborious, and time-intensive work. There’s nothing glamorous about it. In the same sense, sowing and reaping that which we want in our physical lives IS hard MENTAL and SPIRITUAL work. But, when the harvest comes rolling in, it will have been well worth all the effort.
  • The farmer knows that the effort and cost it takes to have a good harvest is far less than the cost of having a long, cold winter WITHOUT a harvest to sustain and support. Likewise, the effort and cost to have what we really want in our lives is far less than the cost of passing through life reacting negatively to all the circumstances we find confronting us in our physical world.


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