How to increase your income…

Ultimately, you want to reach that position where dollars are working for you instead of you working and trading your time for dollars.

Trading time for dollars is not very leverageable.

There just isn’t enough time for you to get to the scale and level where there is big money. Even if you do get to the point where you are earning big money for your time, you will find that your time is so consumed that you can’t enjoy the fullness and goodness of life.

In the meantime, while you are transitioning away from trading time for dollars, it helps if you can increase the number of dollars you can get for your time.

Becoming an expert is how you get more dollars for your time.

Here’s how you can become an expert in as little as two (2) days:

Day 1

Step 1

  1. Go to your Central Library
  2. Go to the department that has the Periodicals Back-Issues
  3. Find the periodicals that pertain to whatever topic you want to become an expert in
  4. Scan through the periodicals and find articles that pertain to the specific subject you want to become the expert in. Don’t read them. If an article looks promising, write the title and the author down and keep scanning through the rest of your periodicals.

Step 2

  1. Now, go to the Research Department
  2. Find the computers with the Research Databases and log on
  3. Go to the EBSCO Database (which is a database of scanned articles from thousands and thousands of periodicals) and select the categories that pertain to your area of interest
  4. Search for the title of each article
  5. Click on the article title. Don’t read the article. Instead, click the email link and email it to your home email address.
  6. Do this for all of the articles that you found in the periodical back-issues that looked promising.
  7. Now, do a more general search for ANY articles that pertain to your area of interest.
  8. Email all of the articles that look promising to your home email address.

Go home and get rested up for Day 2

Day 2

Step 1

  1. Read through all of the emails that you emailed yourself on day 1.
  2. Apply the rules from these posts: How To ThinkMore On How To ThinkThinking Patterns

Step 2

  1. You now know more than most of the people who have been involved for years in the area of your topic.
  2. Go market yourself as an expert using the marketing formula: The Marketing Formula – Part 1The Marketing Formula Part 2The Marketing Formula – Part 3The Marketing Formula – Part 4
  3. Increase your wealth using the wealth formula


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