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God made me (Genesis 5:1)

He made me such that I can choose to have good in every part of my life (Deuteronomy 8)

The good things inside the above box are what I choose (write them in).

From this point forward, whenever I see, feel, or think something in or about myself that isn’t in this box, I hereby and forevermore decide to totally, completely, and unanimously REJECT IT and I emphatically choose to have what is inside this box!

I do not want or need justification from someone else in order to be, do, and have something great. The fact that God made me marvelously is justification enough. Further, Romans 8:33 tells me that it is “God who justifieth”.

I understand that it takes faith to be, do, and have something great and Romans 5:1 lets me know that being “justified by faith, I have peace with God through my Lord Jesus Christ”. The Bible reveals that I am a Soul, a Mind, and a Body and this Romans 5:1 verse applies to all three parts of me.


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