Have you ever been discouraged and frustrated?

I received the following (slightly paraphrased so that it can apply to everyone) from a Brother in Christ:

I have stopped working on becoming a Millionaire For Jesus because it isn’t happening and I don’t understand why. My vision is to bring thousands and thousands of people into the Kingdom of the Lord which is why I need the money – not to put in the bank but to decrease the devil’s kingdom.

I myself have felt this same frustration, disappointment, and discouragement expressed by this Brother. If you are human, you have felt it too.

But here’s what we have to keep in mind:

Never, ever “stop working on it”!

Constantly say with your mouth and visualize in your mind, “I am used of God in a mighty way and I lead thousands and thousands of people to Christ“. (I am using what this man wanted in this example. Feel free to adjust this to be exactly what you want it to be).

Getting frustrated at not “seeing” results “when” you want to see them is the very thing that undermines your faith and causes you to lose out on the very results you want to see.

You bring “failure” into your life when you base what you say, think, feel, and believe upon external “circumstances” and “facts“.

God never said what you see or touch is TRUTH. He said His WORD is TRUTH.

Words are non-tangible things.


Christ said He is coming back – WORDS – He’s not back yet, but we know that He is coming back because He said the WORDS!

God has made things to operate in exactly the same way in your life. The TRUTH is NOT that you don’t have the money to decrease the devil’s kingdom (again, using this man’s example).

The TRUTH, as it applies to your life, is what you CHOOSE to say, think, and believe – no matter what external circumstances look like – AND GOD WILL TURN IT INTO TANGIBLE REALITY.

Your job is to see the goal / vision, hold to it with relentless faith, plant and water when and where you can, AND LET GOD BRING THE INCREASE.

In Hebrews 11:1 we read about “the evidence of things not seen”. We have to fully understand that ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE THAT YOU CAN’T HAVE OR WON’T GET WHAT YOU WANT!

God is telling you that you get to CHOOSE what you want, and that the ability to MAINTAIN a mental picture of what you want is all the EVIDENCE you need for the thing to beMANIFESTED.

You must not let the fact that something isn’t happening control your thinking. You must not let your external circumstances control you. What you MUST control is your thoughts – in terms of focusing on what you want.

You must rest assured, calmly, confidently, expectantly, that what you want is on its way – it just hasn’t yet made theTRANSFORMATION from the non-physical picture that’s in your mind to the physical reality that surrounds you.

Have you ever been surprised when you got something you wanted? That wasn’t faith because true faith is never surprised. True faith is expectant. And, when it MATERIALIZES, you are thankful and grateful – but never surprised.

Also, you bring failure into your life when you can’t see HOW and get frustrated. You don’t have to worry about the HOW. God will take care of that part. Your job is to simply hold with the WILL-POWER that God has given you to the vision / goal that youCHOOSE.

Another snare that brings failure, is trying to FORCE the solution or answer to your vision / goal to come from a certain person or in a certain way or by a certain means. Don’t do this! Again, simply hold to the vision / goal of what you want and let GodMANIFEST it how He wants to and by whatever means He chooses.

Think of this: If you were to sit down in front of a rose bud and watch it for an extended period of time, it would completely bloom and unfold right before your eyes – and you would never see it move.

The same concept applies to your vision / goal. You just keep “seeing“, “saying“, and “believing” for your vision and even though it may “look” like nothing is happening, rest assured that it is.

See, the process is “invisible” to us (He’s the “Invisible God“). We get so hung up on the “outcome” and the “end result” such that we FORFEIT the vision / goal because we get frustrated during the process and we give up.

Look at every miracle that Christ performed in the Bible. In EVERY case, Christ spoke what He wanted – not what was or used to be.

Christ is our example and we must do what He did.

Brother or Sister in Christ, God is going to use you in a mighty, powerful way to build up and expand His Kingdom. Your desire is good and right so stay encouraged. Keep the faith. Don’t let the enemy steal your dream. You can do it. I know you can do it. God is for you and if God be for you, who can be against you!

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