The Marketing Formula – Part 3 (A Fundamental Shift)

I want to point out something very, very powerful and important. What I am about to reveal to you SHOULD result in a fundamental and critical SHIFT in YOUR way of thinking.

Once you have put the first piece of The Marketing Formula in place, meaning that you have put forth the effort to create a MONEY-SOURCE (a customer list)…


Your MONEY-SOURCE will pay for everything you want.

Do you want something for you or your family?

Do you want to do something for the Kingdom of God?

All you have to do is create or acquire a product or service that your MONEY-SOURCE wants and make it available to them.

How much money you want determines how much or how many of a product or service you need to make available to your MONEY-SOURCE.

The more valuable your product or service is to your MONEY-SOURCE, the more money they’ll give you. The bigger the problem is that your product or service solves, the more money your MONEY-SOURCE will give you. It’s as simple as that.

If you think about it, you are a MONEY-SOURCE for others. How much of your money that you give them is based upon how much value you feel they give you. There are some who give you very little value and consequently, you give them very little of your money. But those who provide you with much value, you give them much of your money.

Obviously, the trick to getting all of this to work for you is for you to make sure you have created a MONEY-SOURCE and to make sure you come up with products and services that your MONEY-SOURCE really wants. These are subjects I’ll talk about later.


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