The Thinking Formula – A Reprise

If you haven’t already read The Thinking Formula, go read it first and then come back to this post.

I believe it’s important to come back to this subject of thinking and elaborate on a few things.

First, I stated that “people think they think but they really aren’t”. Here’s what I mean by this. What most people call “thinking” is actually doing one of two things:

  1. Replaying old “movies” and seeing old “pictures” of events that have happened in the past.
  2. Creating negative movies and pictures based on worry, fear, and doubt. Often, a person will start out with a momentary picture of something they would really like to have but it quickly turns into a fabricated mental movie of bad things happening to them, plans falling through, people laughing at them and making fun of them, losing everything they have, family and friends disowning them, maybe even so far as picturing themselves dieing. Don’t laugh because you’ve done it and I’ve done it.

Either one of these types of thinking is totally counterproductive.

There’s a better way to “think”.

First, when you catch yourself playing negative mental movies, consciously tell yourself out loud that you totally reject all negative movies and pictures and then deliberately envision yourself in a very positive movie with great things happening to you and you accomplishing great things. The bigger and grander you can make it, the better. (Did not the Bible tell us to “Girt up the loins of your mind”?)

Second, start really thinking by asking questions and searching for answers.

What you do is ask yourself the question, “What is it exactly and precisely that I want to do, be, or have?” Apply The Thinking Formula to this question.

Whatever it is that you come up with, DECIDE and CHOOSE to do, be, or have it.

Then, start writing questions down of how to remove or overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Next, start writing down as many ways or means to remove or overcome the obstacle as you can come up with.

Keep doing this ever-narrowing sequence of questioning and answering until you either have a complete plan or you have went as far as you can.

At this point, you have done the hardest part. You have done what so few people will ever do. Now, it’s simply a matter of taking action and doing all of the things that you know to do to remove or overcome the obstacles.

It’s with this kind of thinking that you transition from being a reactive person into a proactive person. This is how you take responsibility for making your life all that God wants it to be.

Do you know people who react to everything that happens in their life as if they are helpless victims? Those are the people who aren’t thinking properly.

But what if you have a question that you don’t know the answer to?

You say this prayer:

Lord God, all wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment comes from You. Here is my question that I ask You to bring me an answer to: . Lord, I turn this question over to You in faith believing that through whatever means you choose, You will cause me to fully comprehend the very best answer to this question. Thank You in advance Lord for giving me the answer.

Now, you simply file the question away in your mind and KNOW that God’s answer to your question WILL appear. Sometimes it’s almost instantaneously and sometimes it can take years. But the answer will come.


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