Elephant Watching…

Who do you give money to?

When you sit down and start writing checks…

When you pull out your debit card or credit card…

Who is it going to?

What is it that they doing?

What is it that they are providing you with that is causing you to give them money?

What is their strategy?

What tactics and techniques did they use on you that worked?

What words or numbers did they use that caused you to give them money?

How did they get you to choose them as opposed to someone else or something else?

What was the “thing” that triggered you to move from a “don’t touch my money” position to “let me give you some of my money” position? What was that “deciding” moment?

Really think about these questions. Start watching and looking for the answers.

As the old phrase goes, “Elephants leave big tracks.” Anyone can see what the people who are making money are doing if they will just start looking and watching how wealth is created.

Pay attention to how value is created and presented and marketed and sold. Look for patterns. Look for the big picture. Look for the key components that make up the big picture.

Once you start seeing “it” (how wealth is created), take your knowledge, experience, and abilities, add in your trust in God and God’s desire to do something great through you to determine how you can do the same things or similar things as those who have already figured out how to create wealth and take action to start implementing it.

Problem is, most people are so focused on spending to make themselves feel good or look good that they never think about or pay attention to how money is really made.

Little rudders turn big ships… a little shift in your thinking can have a big effect on your financial resources and what you are capable of accomplishing in God’s Kingdom…


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