3 Must-Use Tools

Tool #1:
Have faith in God (Mark 10:27 – “For with God all things are possible”) and combine that faith in God with belief in yourself (Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”).

Tool #2:
Look at things from a simple numbers perspective. I don’t mean an advanced calculus perspective, I mean from a basic numbers perspective. In other words, if you want $1,000,000 this year, how could you break that down into numbers that are specific and meaningful?

Well, if you had a $50 product that would mean that you need to make 20,000 sales which means that you need to make 1,667 sales each month.

If you had a $250 product, then you need to make 4,000 sales which is 333 sales per month.

Start breaking every problem you face and every opportunity or idea that comes to you down into simple and specific numbers like this.

Now, using the latter example, if you need 333 sales per month, and there are on average 22 working days per month, that means you need 15 sales per business day.

How are you going to make 15 sales per day? By using the third tool…

Tool #3:
You use words. What words can you use to make 15 sales per day? If you don’t know, put some words out into your market place and see what happens.

If you didn’t make your 15 sales, then you weren’t using the right words. Change them. Come up with better, more persuasive, more helpful words and put them back out into your marketplace and see if you get better results.

Talk to your ideal customer and listen to what words they use – and incorporate those words into your sales letters and sales talk.

Keep at it until you reach your 15 sales per day.

Bottom Line:
These are the tools that God gave each of us.

God doesn’t give out junk! I hope you recognize that these are multi-million dollar tools.

Most people aren’t using them. Are you?


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