The One Way To Make Your Dreams Come True

What is it that you catch yourself dreaming about from time to time?

What is it that you see yourself doing or accomplishing in your dream?

Who do you see yourself helping?

Geographically, where do you see yourself at in your dream?

What are the feelings that you feel in your dream?

What is it that makes your dream so wonderful?

If only your dream could come true…

I’ve got good news for you! Your dreams can come true.

We can find the way to make dreams a reality in Ecclesiastes 5:3 – “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business”.

The sooner you turn your KEABA (Knowledge, Experience, Ability, Belief, Action) into a business, the sooner your dreams are going to come true. (See the ‘2005-10-09’ archive for more on KEABA)

When you are working for someone else, you are helping them achieve their dreams.

How can you bring your dreams to a reality if you are busy working on someone else’s?

When you get your own business going, you can bring your own dreams to fruition.

Note: In reference to the word “multitude”, see


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