If all the money in the world was divided up…

According to the World Gold Council, there is the equivalent of 4,000 Billion US Dollars in reserves backing up the “money” that is floating around the world.

On the other hand, the International Programs Center tells us that there are just under 6.5 Billion people in the world.

So, if we divide 4,000 by 6.5, we see that there is enough gold in the world for every man, woman, boy, and girl to have $615 Billion dollars each.

If we were to throw in just a few more of the many assets our world contains, such as silver and oil our $615 Billion could easily triple or quadruple.

The fact is, God has created unfathomable wealth.

Do you think it’s any problem for Him to give you a few million of it?

I don’t think so!


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