Are you acting like a Lobster?

“A lobster when left high and dry among the rocks, has not instinct and energy enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him. If it does not come, he remains where he is and dies, although the slightest effort would enable him to reach the waves, which are perhaps within a yard of him. The world is full of human lobsters: Men stranded on the rocks of indecision and procrastination, who, instead of putting forth their own energies, are waiting for some grand billow of good fortune to set them afloat.” — Dr. Orrison Swett Marden.

Look at what the Lobster does… it waits.

How many people do you know who are waiting for “luck” to turn on them? Are you one of those people?

Look at the phrase, “the slightest effort would enable him”.

The lobster wouldn’t even have to do anything fantastic, grandiose, marvelous, or spectacular. It just needs to put forth a “slight” effort.

Are you putting forth even a slight effort to become a Millionaire For Jesus?

Spend some time really thinking about and meditating upon this quote. Let it really register in the very core of your being. Let God talk to your heart.


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