Where Are They Going?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you and your family decide that you are going to take a little 4-day weekend get-away trip. Further, let’s imagine that you are already a Millionaire For Jesus and so money is not a problem.

What is the first thing that you and your family would start thinking about?

If you are like most people, you would start by asking yourselves “where do we want to go?”

Now, let’s imagine that as you and your family are trying to decide where you want to go, some salesperson barges in and starts trying to sell you a car by telling you all about the wheels, the engine, the interior, the dimensions, the specifications, etc.

Do you care about a car at this point? Of course not! And, you sure don’t care about all of the details of this car.

You don’t care because you are trying to figure out and decide where you are going for your weekend get-away – not how you are going to get there. And in fact, even when you do start thinking about how you are going to get there, the details about the car (or whatever form of transportation you choose to use) really does not matter to you.

The fact is, you are focused on where you are going and the enjoyment you are going to experience when you get there.

Guess what. Those people to whom you want to sell your KEABA are going somewhere. And, they are focused on what it’s going to be like when they get there. They are not focused on the details of the vehicle that is going to take them there.

Now, this fabricated example may seem a bit absurd but it is exactly what so many salespeople do day in and day out. They barge into their marketplace touting all of their details and specifications and they never even think about where it is that their marketplace is really trying to get to. And they wonder why doors get slammed in their face and why they have such a hard time selling.

You want to take a different approach – a much easier approach. When you go to offer your KEABA to your marketplace, start by asking them questions about where they are going and what they are looking for when they get there. Then, you will be able to position your KEABA in terms that relate to them and that are important to them.

Can you see how your sales success will be much higher?

But let’s not forget about the SRS Formula we talked about in the previous post.

Here’s a question for you… Would one weekend get-away be enough to last you for the rest of your life?

If you are like most people, the answer is emphatically NO!

Is it possible that even as our imaginary family was planning their weekend get-away that we could together start sketching some rough plans for the next get-away? Of course it is.

So, all the while you are talking with your marketplace about where they are going, you should also be planting the seeds of them using you to help them get to where they are going after they get to where they are going right now.

On an ongoing basis, your marketplace is going somewhere. Use your KEABA to help them get there – again and again!


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