Don’t Have Your Livelihood Depending Upon A Job

Let’s pretend for just a moment that you are one of the few “lucky” people who are in a good, high-paying job. Consider these real examples …

You are a man who has fully paid medical and dental benefits, 3 weeks paid vacation every year plus an additional 1 week of paid personal time off plus many other benefits. Your work is easy. In fact, on a hard day, you might work the equivalent of 5 hours and most days you work far less – even though you are paid for a full 8 hours. For all of this, you are paid $45 per hour which is almost $94,000 a year. What do you do in this “cushy” job? You drive a fork-lift in a unionized automotive plant.

Sound like the kind of job you would like to have?

In another company, things are really “humming’! Business is good, employees are performing, and customers are happy. Business is so good in fact that every executive on the executive team has had their base salary automatically increased to $1,000,000 per year. In addition, every employee has had their salary increased to 25% – 50% over the current market rate.

Think you would like to be in a situation like this?

There is only one problem with these “ideal” situations. They aren’t sustainable nor are they repeatable.

In the case of the fork-lift driver, he worked at this job for several years – long enough for him and his family to expand (and over-extend) their lifestyle to $94,000+ per year – and then the automotive plant had a mass layoff.

10 years later, this man and his family are still trying to recover from financial ruin.

In the case of the “humming” company, everything went fine for a few years until some things happened that were outside of the control of this company and its employees and in a matter of a few months this company went from “high on the hog” to shut down.

6+ years later, these people are still trying to recover from the disaster of losing their high-paying jobs.

Again, the “perfect” job is nearly impossible to find and when you do find one, they usually don’t last very long.

Think about it. Who else is going to pay you almost $94,000 a year to drive a fork-lift? Who else is going to pay you 25% – 50% above market rate for your job?

But what if you are in an average business getting paid average wages?

Take a hard look at yourself and those around you. Are you and those around you really performing? Are you really adding value? Are you really contributing to the profits of the company?

If you are an average employee in an average company, the truth is that you and those around you are performing at about ½ to ¾ of your potential. This means that you and those around you are over-paid.

And, when you see a business that is full of under-performing and over-paid employees, you are seeing a business that is going to “pay the piper” sooner or later. It’s not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when”.

God isn’t interested in you being in a model where your livelihood is at risk and in jeopardy. As a Christian, you need to be in a different business model. That’s our next discussion…


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