Here’s How To Make Sure Your Business Wins…

Was God competing with some other entity when He created the Heavens and the Earth?

Of course not! If anything, He was “competing with Himself”. We see this because He looked at it and saw that “it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).

In the same vein, if you are to become Millionaires For Jesus, you must move away from “competing with others” (like the world does) and you must start focusing on “competing with yourself”.

What does this mean?

It means that as you bring your KEABA (see previous posts) to the market place:

  1. You aren’t worrying about the competition
  2. You are really focused on a deep understanding of the What, Why, When, Where, and How of people who are interested in your KEABA
  3. You are focused on how you can provide more and better products and services to those who are interested in your KEABA – the kinds of products and services that makes things better for them in their world
  4. You are focused on how you can make it easier, better, faster, cheaper, etc. for those who are interested in your KEABA to do business with you
  5. You go back to the top of this list and start all over striving to become even better than before

You see, when you are worrying about the competition and you are competing with the competition, you move into a world where everyone is playing “copy-cat”. You move into a world where everyone is playing “leap-frog”. You are in a competitive world.

In the competitive world, this week, month, or year someone else is the best. So, you go copy everything they are doing plus a little more and you “leap-frog” them for this week, month, or year. Then, they copy what you’ve done and add a little more, and they “leap-frog” you.

This week, month, or year, you have more of the customers. Next week, month, or year, they have more of the customers. And, the cycle continues.

Obviously, you can never really win in this kind of a model.

And, there’s another key problem with the competitive model – you are primarily focused on what your “competition” is doing.

But, when you DO the things listed in the bulleted list above, you step out of the world of “competing” and into the world of “creating”. This is important because when you start “creating”, you are able to create your own “game” with your own “rules” – all designed so that you and those who are interested in your KEABA win.

In the “creative” model, your focus is entirely upon those who are interested in your KEABA – and that’s where it should be. In this “creative” model, no one will ever be able to touch you – because this is “your” game and they are in a different game.


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