Secret Verse #3

If you haven’t read them yet, read Secret Verse #1 and Secret Verse #2

We find the third secret verse to becoming a Millionaire For Jesus in Proverbs 11:26, “Blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth.”

If you are going to become a Millionaire For Jesus, you must become a SELLER.

Being a seller doesn’t mean that you have to become an unethical, greasy, “slick-Willy”, car-salesman type of seller who is out to cheat and beat everyone he or she can.

Being a seller means bringing your KEABA (see previous posts) to the marketplace and helping those people who are interested in your KEABA in positive and beneficial ways. Being a seller means presenting win-win products and services to other people.

If you are uncomfortable with the word “seller”, you might think of yourself as becoming a purveyor. A purveyor is someone who supplies and furnishes people with provisions (products) and services.

Of the 6,500,000,000+ people in the world today, there are plenty of people who could benefit and profit from you supplying and furnishing them with your KEABA.

So now you need to be thinking about having your own business and what products and services your business is going to be selling.


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