If Your Bank Account Is Empty, Here Is Why…

Genesis 1:2 tells us, “And the earth was without form, and void”.

So, what does your bank account look like? Is it “void”?

What’s your plan to increase your KEABA? Is it “without form”?

Note: if you don’t know what KEABA is, see the end of this post.

People are attracted to value. People want to give their money in exchange for value.

What is value?

Something with a low value is something that isn’t very useful, isn’t very important, isn’t worth much.

Something with a high value is very useful, very important, and worth a lot.

If your KEABA is well developed, then your value to society is going to be high. If it isn’t, then your value to society is going to be very low.

The level to which your KEABA is developed is entirely up to you. You get to decide what your value is to society.

If you are tired of a bank account that is “void” of money, then you need to decide to put “form” to your KEABA development plan.

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