Coffee Cups, Favour, and Exalted Horns…

Let’s say you walk into a café where the dishes are pre-set on the table. You sit down and leave the coffee cup upside down. How much coffee is the server going to bring you?

That’s right, none. Even if the server were to be so foolish as to poor coffee on top of your upside down cup, you still aren’t going to get any because the coffee is going to run off the cup and onto the table.

But, if you turn that coffee cup up, now you are in a position where you can get some coffee.

Which way is your financial cup turned?

Have you got it upside down, making it impossible for the Lord to poor a blessing into your life?

In Psalms 89:17, David is talking about God and His people, “For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted”.

There are three really important points in this verse.

  1. thou art the glory of their strength” lets us know that God is to be glorified in our strength. Financial strength is a form of strength in which we can glorify God.
  2. in thy favour” tells us that God has placed his approval, support, and sanction upon His people.
  3. our horn shall be exalted” promises us that God will exalt us so that He can be glorified even more.

So, determine to glorify God in your financial life, realize that God’s favour is upon you, expect to be exalted to His Glory – and turn your financial coffee cup up where He can poor in your blessing.


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