When God Sent Our Savior…

On that first Christmas, God sent His angels to announce the arrival of our infant Savior. At that same time, He had them remind you and me of His ever-consistent perspective towards us…

We can read it in Luke 2:14, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

All glory belongs to God.

Of course, you realize that God blessed you with all that innate talent, potential, and possibility that you have just so you could become the person, acquire the resources, and do the things that enable you to give Him glory in a way that’s unique to you – unlike what anyone else could possibly give Him.

It’s wise to always remember that.

And, God has even more He wishes to tell you…

He wants you to have peace. He wants you to have happiness. He wants you to have fulfillment. He wants you to have good relationships. He wants you to be in good health. He wants you to enjoy the goodness and fullness of life. He wants you to abound to every good work. He wants you to be in right-standing with Him through Jesus Christ. He wants all this because He wants peace for you.

It’s wise to remember that too.

There was one more especially important thing…

God wants to expressly, specifically, and directly point out that He has only good intentions for you – that His thoughts towards you and His workings in your life are all for good will towards you.

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem that way, does it?

Maybe you’ve experienced bitter disappointment in 2007. Maybe you prayed for and expected a certain thing – but you didn’t get it.

I MUST tell you…hold to your faith in God. All disappointments, setbacks, and failures are false illusions – a mirage if you will.

Yes, I know, when you’re beholding an illusion, it certainly seems real enough. But, as you go forward in faith, you’ll begin to see it disappear so that you can experience the reality and the truth of God’s goodness.

So again, go on in faith.

What if you still don’t receive it?

That’s when you let a HUGE smile break out on your face because the truth is, if you do not receive what you want, it’s because God has something so much better for you.

Sooner or later, you’ll come to see that the disappointments, setbacks, and failures were simply a prelude to a great victory or a great success in your life.

That’s why when things go awry, when things unexplainably fall apart, when it seems almost as if God Himself is working against you, do not be disappointed or upset. Do not begin to doubt God or question His goodness towards you.

Instead, give thanks to God for overriding your desires – for causing you to realize that your desires need to be bigger and grander – for His wanting a larger, more wonderful thing for you.

And then, when the goodness that God has for you shows up, you’ll be so happy that you DIDN’T get what you originally wished for.

You may not believe me right now. But, you’re about to find out for yourself that what I’m telling you is true.

One wise old gentleman looking back over the course of his life had this to say, “I thank God for every prayer He answered. I also thank Him for every prayer He DIDN’T answer because the ones He didn’t answer spared me from unforeseen trouble and grief.”

My friend, I sincerely wish you the happiest of Christmases. Also, I pray that 2008 will be your best year ever.


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