Henry Ford’s Incomplete Formula – part 3

Another key element missing from Henry Ford’s formula was –Planned Action

While we continuously work to fix and improve our belief problem, we also have to figure out how to make something happen relative to our knowledge, experience and ability. (God expects us to use the talents that we have and He isn’t concerned about talents that we don’t have.)

How do we make something happen?

Start asking yourself the following kinds of questions:

Note: to save space, I am going to use the acronym KEA to refer to knowledge, experience, and ability.

1. Who could benefit from my KEA?
2. Who wants to have my KEA for themselves?
3. Who wants my KEA but doesn’t want to get it for themselves?
4. Who wants my KEA because they don’t have enough time?
5. Who wants my KEA but doesn’t think they have the money or resources?
6. For those who have an interest in my KEA, how could I help them?
7. Who could benefit the most from my KEA?

Ask yourself these questions and write down as many answers as you can come up with.

Then, think some more and “DOUBLE” the number of answers you have written down. Once you do this, you will have really thought about you and your knowledge, experience, and

Now, look over your written answers. Which 1-3 answers looks like they hold the most potential? Ok, take these 1-3 items and write down a rough plan of how to pursue these
items or how to take them to the next level.

What questions do you need answered? Whose help do you need? What resources would be necessary?

Now, take action! Move! Pick up that phone! Write that letter! Email that person. Go see the individual that you need to see! Go ask some questions! Put together a
presentation and go present it!

Go do whatever it is that you know you need to do.


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