When You Find Yourself…

When you find yourself not taking action or taking steps towards your goal of becoming a Millionaire For Jesus, you’ve allowed fear and doubt to stop you.

When you find yourself procrastinating on what you really need to be doing – you’re letting fear and doubt stop you.

When you find yourself wasting time on “minor” issues and tasks instead of focusing on the single most important thing you should be doing – you are letting fear and doubt stop you.

When you find yourself starting new things without finishing previously started things that could be finished, you’re letting fear and doubt stop you.

Unsuccessful people rarely even bother to try to get important, meaningful things done. But, when they do start something good, they don’t stick with it.

They are looking for the path of least resistance.

They are looking for what’s easy right now.

Why bother with all the worry, the effort, the frustrations, the setbacks, the disappointments, and the failures. Yes it would be nice to be a Millionaire For Jesus BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT…

Besides the unknown is too scary. Grab a history book off the shelf and look at a few maps that are 500 years and older. Notice that the unknown is always represented by dragons. Like I said, the unknown is too scary.

In contrast, Millionaires For Jesus focus and act on what’s important. They stay the course. They are disciplined. They persist. They don’t quit. They face up to their fears and doubts – and then step into them in faith believing. They keep focused on building up the Kingdom of God no matter what obstacles or setbacks may crop up.

Starting a race doesn’t count. Running the race and finishing the race is what counts. “Ye did run well; who did hinder you?” (Galations 5:7) All too often, the “who” that hinders us is our own selves.

When you allow fear and doubt to stop you, not only do you rob yourself but you also rob God from the Glory He would get from working through you. Will a man rob God?


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