How To Allow What We Want To Manifest In Our Life – Part 9

You may find it helpful to realize that you receive from God that which you ask of Him the moment you ask for it. However, it usually takes some interval of time before it is manifested.

If you read Daniel Chapter 10, you will read how Daniel was seeking God for a certain thing. For 21 days, Daniel sought the Lord for his petition. When the Angel of the Lord brings Daniel the answer, he tells Daniel that God heard his request the very first day he sought the Lord.

And so it is with you. The moment you seriously and intentionally ask God for that which you want, God hears you – and it is INTANGIBLY yours at that very moment. Then, to turn it into the TANGIBLE, you must continue believing for it, being grateful for it, and taking action in whatever way your intuition (God speaking to you) suggests.

In other words, assuming what you want is good and Godly, it is yours the minute you ask for it and believe that you receive it. Then, you work and take action so that God can deliver it to you physically.


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