Your very own parade…

Sometimes people are hesitant to launch forward into their own business.

They’re not sure if what they have to offer has any value.

Imagine that you are standing to the side of a passing parade.

It looks like a lot of fun and you want to join in… but it just seems a little too scary to step in.

About that time, you see the end of the parade. You decide to go for it. You step from the side and you join the parade – at the very back.

You march with the parade for a short while when suddenly, you notice that other people are falling in behind you.

With each passing step, you gain experience. You learn what works and what doesn’t work.

And, the further you go with the parade, the more people there are behind you.

People who need your help. People who haven’t went as far as you. People who could benefit from your knowledge and experience.

You want to help those behind you. But then, you think of those who are ahead of you. They know so much more than you. They might think that what you have to offer is too elementary. Too basic. They might laugh at you or make fun of you.

Forget about those who are ahead of you. Quit speculating on what those ahead of you might think. Let go of all that.

Those people ahead of you aren’t your audience. They aren’t the ones you can help. Your focus is on those who are behind you.

In fact, you can probably help those who are behind you better than those in front of you can.

You can remember not knowing how to do basic things. You now know how to do those things and you can easily teach someone who doesn’t know.

The man or woman way up front of the parade, doesn’t even remember having to do such things. They are too advanced for the people that are behind you.

But you! You are just right to help those who are behind you.

Don’t hesitate!

Step out!

Launch forward!


Don’t worry about anything.

There are people behind you that need your help.

And then one day, you turn around and realize that you are leading your own great parade.


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