Three Financial Objectives…

1. Your first financial objective should be to get to a point where you operate on a cash-only basis and you are debt free.

a. Your first focus should be on increasing your earning power so that it is easier to operate on a cash-only basis and eliminate the debt.

b. Be CAREFUL to avoid a lifestyle designed to attract attention. Things designed to attract attention – gaudy things – are always expensive and are anathema to your wealth. Keep in mind, we are to bring glory to God – not ourselves.

c. Be careful that you don’t try to BUY happiness by purchasing “things” and “stuff”. Happiness is ABSOLUTELY yours as soon as you make two decisions: One, surrender your heart and life to Christ. Two, understand that happiness is a state of mind and that God has given you the power to decide what your thoughts are. Therefore, you can decide and choose to be happy by choosing the thoughts and feelings that you allow yourself to have. In contrast, spending money on something that produces short-term gratification only leads to spending money on something more expensive – so that you can have another moment of short-term gratification – further reducing your ability to accrue wealth. Before you spend money on something, ask yourself if the purchase is pleasing unto God and whether it will bring joy and enrichment to family and friend relationships.

2. Your second financial objective should be to get the point where all of your income is distributed as follows:

a. 10% goes to God

b. 30% goes towards living expenses (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.)

c. 30% goes toward enjoyment in life (travel, recreation, dining out, etc.)

d. 30% goes into your wealth-building account

3. Your third financial objective should be to reach a point where you can put a pre-determined amount of cash ($1M, $3M, $5M, etc) into guaranteed and safe bank investments.

a. Although the return will be quite low, given the level of money, you will be able to comfortably live off of the interest for the rest of your life.

b. More importantly, you will no longer be tied to a job or a business and you will gain greater time freedom to work for God and to do things in God’s Kingdom.

c. You should determine in your heart right now, and make an irrevocable commitment that all money above your predetermined amount is God’s money to be used only for the purpose of building up and expanding God’s Kingdom.

4. Warning:

a. Always, always remember that although God intends for us to enjoy all the goodness and fullness of life that He has given us, He also intends for us to “bring forth fruit” unto Him.

b. Having big money IS NOT about “totally consuming it upon the Lusts of the flesh” and living some outrageous lifestyle designed to get the attention of people.

c. Having big money IS about building up and expanding the Kingdom of God WHILE we enjoy the goodness of life that God has given us with family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ.
d. To have any other perspective will cost you your most valuable possession – your soul!


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