Make Sure You Get This – Yet Another Reprise

I still can’t get away from this vein of thought so here’s a question for you…

Why would a mere teenage boy named a David, choose to go to battle against an apparently undefeatable foe, a mighty and seasoned warrior-giant named Goliath?

Really think about the LUNACY of David going to battle against Goliath.

The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel chapter 17 that everyone else in the nation of Israel was afraid to confront Goliath in spite of his repeated insults. In fact, when Goliath appeared on the scene, the Bible tells us that all the men of Israel fled in terror.

But then, David shows up, takes one look at the situation and has an entirely different RESPONSE from every other man in the nation of Israel.

Why the different response?

Because David understood something that no one else in his nation understood. David understood that God wants to do great and mighty things through any person who will believe in Him and trust in Him.

David understood that God will channel His power and might through anyone who will let Him.

While everyone else in the nation of Israel was experiencing the situation through the five physical senses, David was experiencing the situation from a spiritual perspective that said the power of the unseen God was FAR GREATER than anything that could be seen (no matter how big it was) in the physical world.

Does the notion of being a Millionaire For Jesus – a man or woman who does great things in the Kingdom of God seem like such a GIANT IMPOSSIBILITY that you run from the very thought in terror?

Take courage in the understanding that God wants to do great things through you and that God WILL work through you to confront and defeat all that is OPPOSING you from building up and expanding His Kingdom.


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