The Marketing Formula – Part 1

Up to this point I have spent a lot of time writing about developing a Biblically-based mindset of wealth. And, because your mindset is 95% or more of what it takes for you to become a Millionaire For Jesus, I’ll undoubtedly write more about this in the future. At the same time, I need to start sharing with you the actual business principles and philosophies that every Millionaire For Jesus uses directly or indirectly.

Just to make sure we are together, the cycle of business generally follows this format:

  1. Product/Service Creation Or Acquisition
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Product/Service Delivery And Or Implementation
  5. Product/Service Support And Customer Care

Of these 5 business elements, Marketing is one of the more important elements and yet it is typically the least understood element.

It’s worth noting that companies that are good at marketing are typically the most successful companies and they can grow to whatever level they want to – including joining the Fortune 500 club if they so desire. Microsoft Corporation is an example of a company that is great at Marketing.

Because of the importance of Marketing, I’m going to discuss it first. This way, you can start paying attention to how other companies are Marketing and ultimately decide how you want to market whatever it is that you choose to Market.

So, starting at a high level, here is the ULTRA-SECRET Marketing Formula that so few people know about let alone understand:

  1. Create an ever-growing MONEY-SOURCE (customer list) by constantly collecting the contact information of as many customers and prospective customers as you can.
  2. Communicate with your MONEY-SOURCE (customer list) in the right way at the right time.
  3. Attract customers with Attraction Devices.
  4. Gain even more customers by using Joint Ventures.
  5. Recruit affiliates to bring you business that you would have had no way of getting on your own.
  6. Create reasons for customers to do business with you more and more frequently and at higher and higher dollar volumes.


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