A Gratitude Offering…

Lord God, You are my Lord and I am Your Servant. I thank you for Your mercy, grace, forgiveness, and salvation unto me.

All that I have, You have given unto me and I thank You for it.

All that I am, You have made me and I praise You for it.

All that I do is to bring glory, honor, praise, thanksgiving, and increase unto You. Thank you for using me in Your will and Your way.

Lord God, You are in charge of my affairs and my business. You are in charge and I report to You. I take my direction from You.Because You are in charge and because You cannot fail, and because I take my direction from You, I cannot fail.

When I feel nervous or scared, that’s when I know I have stepped out of my position and tried to take control away from You.When I feel afraid or upset, that is your signal to me that I need to give control back to You and follow Your direction with full confidence and trust.

In You Lord do I move, breath, and have my being. In You Lord, I am a Millionaire For Jesus abounding unto every good work.

Thank You Lord for the great and wonderful things that You are doing through me.



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