“What Is Your Purpose In Life?

First, a short story…

Paul walked into the board room fully confident that this highly-coveted position was his.  He was ready.  He was prepared.  He’d worked hard to get to this point.  His resume was full of accomplishments and achievements.  He knew that his references were well-known and influential people who had nothing but good to say about him.  Paul was certain that this was a sure and done deal.  After the normal round of introductions and pleasantries, Paul settled back in his chair, ready for whatever questions the board wanted to ask of him.

The Board had only one question for Paul.  As the chairman asked the question, it FROZE Paul to his very core!  It was like the voice of God was speaking right out of Heaven directly to him.

Here’s what the Chairman asked.  “Paul, your resume is excellent.  Your corporate accomplishments are highly respectable.  We’ve taken the time to talk with your references and they all sing your praises.  However, because this is such an important position to our company, I and the board have only one question for you – and that is, what is your real purpose in life?”

Now, if you were Paul, what would you say? 

With board members sitting around the table looking intently at you, would you be able to answer this question?

For Paul, it was a question that had nagged at his conscience through the years but with all of his corporate ladder-climbing, he hadn’t really had the time to seek out the answer and when he had tried to think about it, it was a question that was just too hard and too confusing. 

And no one else seemed to know the answer.  Through the years, Paul had broached the question to others and it was always passed off with vague and ambiguous words.  And so, he had just pushed that question away, deciding not to deal with it – at least not until that fateful day of his meeting with the Board.

One more short story…

Elaine sat beside the hospital bed with a look of shock and horror on her face.  She was speechless.  She could not believe the words that had just come from her daughter’s mouth. 

The freak accident that had landed young Julia in the hospital and resulted in the need to amputate a major portion of her left leg was bad enough.  Now this.

It had started just a few moments ago when Julia had directly asked Elaine, her Mother, what the meaning and purpose of life was.

Let me stop right here and ask you, if Julia was your daughter, how would you answer that question? 

Facing a similar situation, could you really answer that question for your son or daughter?

In Elaine’s case, she didn’t really know the answer but the urgency and despair in her daughter’s voice rallied her to point that she was able to say, “Honey, God has a purpose for everyone.  It’s just that sometimes we don’t really know or understand what that purpose is.  But, there’s a reason for everything my darling.  And someday, you’ll come to understand what it is.

After a silence that felt like an eternity, young Julia with a heart full of hurt and angry feelings over losing her leg bluntly said, “There is no purpose for my life.  I just want to die!

A Personal Question…

So, what is your purpose in life?

Do you know the real answer?

Are you fulfilling your purpose in life?

When people look at you, are they inspired by someone who’s living on purpose?

Or, do they see someone who’s a drifter on life’s highway and for who they have little respect? 

If you have a spouse or children, what do they see in you?

In fact, what do you think of people who clearly are not fulfilling their purpose in life?

The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – a waif, a nothing, a no man. – Thomas Carlyle

Obviously, none of us wants to be a nothing but there's an even more important reason to know the answer to this question of "What is your purpose in life?"...

A Pivotal Question…

Sadly, most people live their entire lives never knowing the answer to, "What is your purpose in life?"

And, this is an all-important question to ask and answer.  Actually, it’s more than that.  This is the PIVOTAL question upon which your entire life rests.  This question brings you to ‘Y’ in your life’s road. 

If you get the answer right, you take the right turn and get to enjoy all the satisfaction of living your life in harmony with your purpose. 

But get the answer wrong and you take the wrong turn which leads to a life-time of frustration, dissatisfaction, and unresolved tension all because of the imbalances in your life and lack of harmony with your purpose.

To add even more significance to this question of “What is my life’s purpose”, you understand that it is literally a life-and-death question.  You know this because at one time or another, you’ve come in contact with people who were pronounced “terminally ill” by medical authorities but yet these people lived 20, 40, even 60 years beyond what the authorities said they would live.  All because they were so busy “doing their purpose” they didn’t have time to die. 

In contrast, you’ve seen people who retire and then die within two or three years.  Similarly, you’ve seen cases where something so-called “bad” happens in a person’s life at which point they decide they no longer have any purpose, use, or value in life and they soon die.

Because you know this, wouldn’t you agree that it’s extremely important to your well-being that you get the right answer to this question?

However, there's something that may be holding you back...

A Peculiar Kind Of Fear…

Before I go any further, I need to shed some light on something that you may in fact be dealing with right now…

For many people, when the subject of purpose comes up, they associate a peculiar kind of fear with it. 

On one hand, they know that they should find out what their true purpose in life is and they should live their life accordingly.  But on the other hand, this nagging fear holds them back from truly trying to find out what their purpose in life is.

Do you sometimes feel this internal struggle too?

What is it that causes you to be afraid of finding out what your true purpose in life is?  What is it that you fear in submitting to your purpose?  Are you afraid that you’ll have to:

  • Forsake everything that’s important to you?

  • Move off to some dismal, dreary wilderness or desert?

  • Live a life of solitude or servitude without any enjoyment?

  • Serve in some capacity for which you have no interest or desire?

  • Be poverty stricken – unable to have the level of money you want?

 In relation to finding out what your purpose is, what is it that you’re afraid of?

Go ahead and acknowledge it.  Confront it.  Face up to it.  Then, let it go.

I say let it go because what you’re going to find is that you’ll love your purpose in life once you understand what it is.

Now, let me tell you how this came about...

I Remember Myself…

I am fulfilling my purpose in life.  I clearly know what my purpose in life is and I am fulfilling it.  I have to tell you that it’s an amazing experience to know that you are living your life on purpose and to see the beauty of goodness unfolding all around you.

But, it wasn’t always this way for me.  I remember myself not really knowing what my purpose was.  I remember all the feelings of guilt, anxiety, and turmoil – and the worst part was, I didn’t know how to resolve the problem.  I wanted to live my life on purpose but I didn’t know what my purpose was.

However, I believed that if a person really wanted to know something from God and if they would get serious about it, God would reveal the answer.  And that’s what I did.  I got serious about seeking and asking God what my purpose in life was.

It was 5 years before God was able to answer that question for me.  It took 5 years, not because God is slow at answering prayers but because He had to teach and show me other things first.

And then, once He had taught and shown me what I needed to learn and see, then God spoke the complete and total answer to the question of “What is your purpose in life?” to my heart.

All of a sudden, I was completely clearEverything made sense.  I knew where I was at and where I needed to go and what I needed to do.

Have you any idea how wonderful that feels – to be clear and for everything to make sense?

I still remember that night when the answer came.  I remember myself crying tears of happiness and feeling amazed at the incredible relief I felt. 

After that, I went to work fulfilling my purpose in life and I really didn’t think any more about it – until now...

I Didn’t See It The First Time…

I should have seen what I’m about to tell you the first time – but I didn’t.  You know, I really do try to pay attention.  I’m usually quick to catch on but it took me a while to catch on this time.

Here’s what happened…

Over the course of the last few months, person after person after person come up to me – young people, middle-aged people, elderly people – and guess what it was that they wanted to talk about?

They wanted to talk about the question, “What is your purpose in life?”  Every where I turned, this question popped up.

I would then share with these people just some of what God had revealed to me.  The response was always the same.  People were amazed at the simplicity and elegance of what I told them.  Some of these people would tell me, “Lane, you have an incredibly special message that people need to hear.”

Well, like I said, I should have seen it the first time, but I didn’t.  I was so busy with fulfilling my own purpose that I didn’t recognize that God had a little side project for me to do. 

So, God had to keep on sending person after person until I finally woke up to the fact that He wanted me to share with others the answer to the all-important, pivotal life-question of “What is your purpose in life?” that He had given me.

Now, I'll admit it.  I was skeptical.  I thought surely other people have already answered this question.  Well, I went searching.  I went through everything I could find.  When I was finished, I realized more than ever that people needed what God had given me because no one else was really answering this question for them.

Oh sure, there were people who were telling me that my purpose was inside of me.  Or, that I needed to get in tune with my spiritual self and my purpose would eventually become evident to me.  I could go on and on with stuff like this from my research but you get the point that no one was really answering the question in a satisfying way.

Once I realized this, I put everything I was doing aside and I went to work creating a package that had everything in it that God had given me – so that YOU could get clear and fulfill YOUR purpose in life too.

I titled this package, "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!"

Take a look at what I mean...

Pay Special Attention To This…

I’m going to be very straightforward and direct with you here; this package is for you!

Let me tell you why this is for you and why you want it:

  • This is God-inspired and is in harmony with God’s Word and God’s Laws

  • This will revolutionize and transform your life – resulting in you being the great person God intends for you to be and that you want to be.

  • This will put all the pieces of your life’s puzzle in place for you – how to solve the problem of needing money, how to be able to do things that you are interested in, and how to be in harmony with God.

Here’s another way that you can know that this is for you… 

Is there still a certain level of contentment, happiness, fulfillment, and completeness that’s missing from your life that you’ve been wanting for a very long time?  If so, this package is for you!

Now, at this point you may already recognize the importance of getting your hands on this package and just want to get it.  If so, Go Here

But, you probably want to know a little more about what you’re getting when you get it...

Here's What You'll Find Out...

See if you would like to know the answers to these important questions:

  • What is your purpose in life?  (This is the PIVOTAL question of your life.)

  • What are the three (3) components that form the foundation of your purpose?  (This is where others have failed to clearly and plainly answer the question of “What is your purpose in life?”)

  • How do you distinguish between what is important in your life and what is your purpose in life? (There are lots of things that are important but that doesn't mean they are your purpose.  Find out the difference.)

  • How do you get past the constant struggle for money and into the realm of having plenty of money while still fulfilling your purpose in life?  (By the way, you know those people you refer to as “money-magnets”?  This is what they know that you don’t.)

  • How do you move from where you are at right now to where you are fully fulfilling your purpose? (Are you currently in your own business?  In the workplace? Just starting out?  Recently divorced?  No matter where you're at now, you'll see how to get on purpose.)

Of these questions you just read, which do you most want the answer to?

Within the "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!" package you’ll also discover:

  • Finding your purpose is NOT about going on some long journey searching the “mystic unknown” for your purpose.

  • The exact three (3) questions you must ask yourself on an ongoing basis that will make almost unbelievable connections for you, link you to greater and greater opportunities, and serendipitously open doors of “good” to you.

  • The very first thing you must do to start the flow of money coming towards you so that you have the financial wherewithal to fulfill your purpose in life and to enjoy the goodness and fullness of life.  You’ll also find out about the three different ways there are that you can do it.

  • How to “open your hand” so that you can get the money you want and need to carry out your purpose and to enjoy the goodness and fullness of life.  This is critically important because people everywhere are saying they want more money but yet they never stick their hand out to take it.  I show you exactly how to do it.

  • There is a hard, limiting way and an easy, non-limiting way to fulfill your purpose.  I show you how to make sure you go with the easy, non-limiting way.

  • The four (4) aspects of your purpose and how they relate to other people.  Just knowing this will simplify your whole life.

  • How to make sense out of everything that happens in your life.  When you know this secret, it will bring amazing calmness and confidence to your life.

If you already want the answers to these questions that I reveal, then Click Here.  But, can you imagine...

What's It Like When You Are Fulfilling...

Have you ever imagined what it's like when you are fulfilling your purpose in life?  Go inside yourself and imagine it now...

You are in harmony with God, with yourself, and with the world around you.

Each day is one of joy, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and seemingly effortless accomplishment.  And tomorrow?  Well, it has even brighter prospects.

People are naturally attracted to you.  As they come in contact with you, they find you to be a most remarkable person.  They admire you and wish they were like you.

You possess poise, peace, grace, and strength.

And money troubles?  That's a thing of the past.  Even while money comes to you in greater and greater quantities, you know that you are pleasing God each step of the way.

You are a force for good.  You are a figure of greatness.  You are fulfilling your purpose in life. 

You are what God meant for you to be.

You are doing what God meant for you to be doing.

You have what God meant for you to have.

All is well and all grows better.

Can you see this?  Can you feel it?  Doesn't it sound wonderful?

When you Get This Package, you'll find yourself quickly and easily becoming the person you are now imagining yourself to be.

Now, take a look at this...

Here’s What Others Say About This Package…

“Lane's wisdom brings to life insightful and practical steps in establishing and understanding your purpose in life.  He takes it a step further showing you how money works within your purpose to bring more abundance into every area of your life. He shows you how to begin creating a purpose-filled, prosperous life today.  This is a must have self-help guide to establishing your purpose in life.”

-- Bonnie Jennings
Author of "Peace Be With Me"
Columbia, SC


"As a Christian man, there is nothing more important to me than God's will and the fulfillment of God's plan for me and my family.  Because of this, I have been on a constant search for information that would help me "fine tune" and "get deeper" into my purpose. Although I have found information that has helped, I have always had questions that have gone unanswered! Then I found Lane Fox's "What is Your Purpose In life?". His material is short, direct, Christian, and impacting! His questions are ones that lead you right into fulfilling your purpose in life...and I am excited about what God will do through me because Lane was bold enough to ask them and bold enough to challenge me to complete them!!  Thanks Lane for presenting a powerful series that will finally allow me to "fine tune" and "get deeper" into my God-given purpose!"

-- Dee Tidwell
Centennial, CO


From a Christian perspective, Lane Fox's WIYPIL represents a comprehensive inquiry into this most mysterious of subjects. Inspiring and insightful, it provokes a powerful response in the reader to explore the relationship between self-knowledge, purpose, love, faith and God. A step by step guide, it casts its net widely, covering the crucial components of alignment with God through Jesus Christ, focused attention, the story of paradox and the crucial role of prosperity. Read WIYPIL and you will find a strategy to be tested and proven through action. It is a gift of love. It is a blessing. Buy it for everyone you love and help them and yourself along this amazing journey to purpose and to God.

-- Jacqui Gilbourne
Dublin, Ireland


I found "What Is Your Purpose In Life" to be an inspiring and informative reminder of our duties to God and man.  It is too easy in the business of life to forget the important things.  But this book asks the difficult and yet all important questions that will make our lives more purposeful and fulfilled.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am inspired to do my part to love God and man more effectively.

-- Kayla Scott
Sand Springs, OK

Now, think of this...  After you Get This Program, just maybe you'll be our greatest success story yet!

Here's What's In Your Package…

Here’s what you’ll get in your "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!" package:

§         Two (2) Case-Enclosed Audio CD’s

§         A spiral-bound transcript of the entire recording

§         A spiral-bound collection of worksheets

That last bullet is especially important...

This Is The Critical Difference…

It’s easy to listen to or read something, understand it at a conceptual level, and everything stays the same in your life.

I’m not going to let that happen to you. 

After you’ve listened to the Audio CD’s and/or read through the transcript, the included worksheets will help you all the way through the process of moving from where you are right now to where you are fully fulfilling your purpose in life.

The included worksheets are the critical difference that ensures you’ll smoothly transition from where you are right now to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

You may want to Buy Now or take a look at the guarantee...

Your Guarantee…

On my end, I like to make things simple.  On your end, you’ll like how you are fully protected with this simple, no-nonsense guarantee:

"If this program doesn’t make it kindergartner clear to you what your purpose in life is better than anything else you’ve ever heard, read, or seen, simply return the whole package to me along with a note telling me what you’ve found that’s better and I will refund your full purchase price plus the cost to ship the program back to me. 


And, there's more...


Even if this program is better than anything else you've ever seen but yet I fail in some way to make it crystal clear to you what your purpose in life is, simply email or call me (my contact information is publicly available at the bottom of this page) and I will personally work with you to help you get crystal clear about what your purpose in life is."


And, just to make sure you feel safe in getting this program, there's one more thing...


If, after you purchase this program, you feel that this program falls short of your expectations in any way or if you just change your mind and decide that this wasn't a wise investment, simply send it back to me and I'll give you a 100% refund.  And, you have plenty of time to decide because you have a full 12 months - that's a full year - to decide if this program meets your expectations and whether it was indeed a wise investment.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s. 

No fine print either.

Either I show you how to fulfill your purpose in life better than anyone else or I give you your money back.  It's that simple.

Now the question is, "How much is this?"

Your Price…

How do you price something that does for you what this program does?

I asked early reviewers what they would have paid for it AFTER they had already went through the program.  Without exception, they all told me they would have gladly paid $97 to $149 for this program and it would easily be worth every penny of that.

They told me that this was NOT a “weenie program”.  They told me this was NOT a lightweight, flimsy package of fluff.  They told me that they had already went through the program several times and that they were going through it again.  They told me it was changing their lives for the better.

Well, I already new all of this because that’s exactly the same effect this God-given program had on my life.  They just had to discover it for themselves.

You have to discover it for yourself.

Anyway, back to the price.  After careful consideration of the value of this program and what it will do for you, the price for this program is $79.

Are you ready to go ahead right nowClick Here  But, there are a couple of other things to consider...

Could this help someone...

Now, ask yourself this question, “Can I justify investing $79 for this program?”  Well, consider this program is one that:

§         Will powerfully affect not only your own life but that of your entire family

§         Can bring greater unity between you and your spouse if you have a spouse

§         Is an excellent way to spend quality time with children and get them started on the right track in life.

§         Teenagers will particularly find it interesting because they are already trying to make sense out of the world and are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives

As you'll recall, the question of, "What is your purpose in life?" is the PIVOTAL question.  Could it be that "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!" is the very thing that helps someone dear to you take the "right" turn in life?

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you helped them avoid the "wrong" turn?

This program is equally as good for those you love as it is for you...

Wouldn’t you agree that these points are justification enough?

Aren’t you and the people who are most important to you worth $79?

Isn’t a lifetime of harmony with your purpose and all the blessings that come with being on purpose worth a measly, one-time $79 investment?

Say “Yes!”

I'll Take A Venture Here...

I'll venture that you've struggled in the past with knowing exactly what your purpose in life is but when you can embrace this offer right now, your life will never be the same.

Really, it's as simple and easy as this; get this program = get your life on course. 

Don't fool around.

Don't mess around.

Don't waste any more time.

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PS: It’s a proven fact.  People without a purpose often die young while people with a purpose invariably enjoy a long life.  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s extremely important to your well-being that you get the right answer to this question of “What is your purpose in life?”

PPS: Those who've started using this "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!" program are already seeing a transformation in their level of happiness, their satisfaction with life, and their financial well-being.  What can you do to make the decision to join them right now?

PPPS: You're familiar with who I am and what I'm all about.  You already know that I rarely make offers.  So, when I tell you that this program is for you, you know that I'm being straight and honest with you.  I appreciate the trust and respect that you have in me and I know that you'll trust and respect me even more once you have "What Is Your Purpose In Life?  Get the real answer!" in your possession.


If you prefer to order by mail, send your payment in the amount of $79 to:

Millionaires For Jesus
PO Box 581811
Tulsa, OK 74158

Ok, this is the "end of the road".  I'm pretty sure you personally want all that this program has for you.  I know it's right for you.  Why not go ahead and Get It!